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    Hey, girls! Check out a new selection of ideas that you will love to try! Today we share clever life hacks that will make your hair removal much easier! Most girls don’t like this procedure as it is very irritating and less painful. Always wipe the blade with a cotton pad with baby oil and razor will last longer.
    If you have accidentally dropped your lipstick, don’t worry. There is an easy way to solve this problem. Melt broken part and pour it into an empty lipstick container. Let cool and enjoy! Also, you can make homemade lip gloss using your old lipstick.
    If your mascara has become dry, add a few drops of lens solution. And your mascara is new again! :) Moreover, you can add a few drops of aloe vera gel to your dry eyeliner. If your cream tube is almost empty, check out how to easily get the leftovers.
    Drinking straws pollute the ocean and a lot of animals die. That’s why it’s important to reuse drinking straws and there are a hundred ways to make useful crafts from them. You can even decorate your t-shirt. You will need drinking straws, fabric coloring, and soap. You can protect razor blades using a drinking straw. Find out how to hull a strawberry using a straw.
    00:09 Clever beauty ideas
    00:23 Broken lipstick?
    02:24 DIY Lip gloss
    03:55 How to reuse plastic
    07:14 Bubble painting technique
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  • natalie rodriguez
    natalie rodriguez Prije dan

    Also the lipstick was not that full

  • natalie rodriguez
    natalie rodriguez Prije dan

    That mascara was not dry! Lol

  • Rayanna Tellez
    Rayanna Tellez Prije 2 dana

    3:39 ummmmm the cream came out of the middle of the tube so I don't think you should try this ;-;

  • Janet Dimova
    Janet Dimova Prije 7 dana


  • Kelly Beisker
    Kelly Beisker Prije 8 dana

    Your killing the turtles slowly

    GIRL SQUAD Prije 10 dana


  • Bert N Ernie
    Bert N Ernie Prije 11 dana +1

    3:40 lotion is coming out of the top cover... 🙄😒🤭

  • Miguel Valdez
    Miguel Valdez Prije 11 dana

    Lo love 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Ambrose Vlogs
    Ambrose Vlogs Prije 12 dana +1

    *lipstick exists*
    Me: *drops it*
    Me again: WhAt dO yA eXpEcT iM a NeRvOuS wReCk..

  • Kauser Perveen
    Kauser Perveen Prije 13 dana

    Give me winter hack of face

  • Stef V.O.
    Stef V.O. Prije 15 dana

    4.44 minutes......the house is haunted women, get out!
    I have never seen a broom standing like that and falling on it's own like that 👻

  • Sana Tabassum
    Sana Tabassum Prije 15 dana

    Why she cut all the wax strips one is enough to remove the hair if you agree then👇

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    Interesting Things Prije 17 dana

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    THE PRO PEDALERS Prije 17 dana

    hrclip.net/video/ffERhocg4Zg/video.html please do watch

  • Abby Faith
    Abby Faith Prije 18 dana +4

    "How can we reuse plastic at home?" *completly wastes plastic cup*

  • Genesis Lopez
    Genesis Lopez Prije 18 dana

    Cómo pueden hablar inglés porque yo no puedo

  • Fredbro5673
    Fredbro5673 Prije 18 dana

    This is just...Terrible

  • Lil' Cookies
    Lil' Cookies Prije 18 dana

    I came to the video as soon as I was notified

  • Sara Webster
    Sara Webster Prije 19 dana

    Ahhhh it’s plastic

    And I oop and I oop sksksksksksksk
    Save The Turtles

  • That One Girl
    That One Girl Prije 20 dana +1

    0:46: they pour more than god can handle. (because they clearly squeezed it to hard)
    3:05: they take the lid off and it's "easier to control" because that makes sense

  • Audrey Raney
    Audrey Raney Prije 20 dana

    Who is that broke to do this

  • Annabelle Dieter
    Annabelle Dieter Prije 20 dana +1

    do they even make money? if they do they shouldn’t bc their just putting the same clips in different videos to give them length

  • Kerry Partlow
    Kerry Partlow Prije 20 dana

    omg did anyone see the mistake with the loition

  • Rigby Murray
    Rigby Murray Prije 20 dana

    The second hack looks very unsanitary

  • Gacha Cassie_Playz
    Gacha Cassie_Playz Prije 20 dana

    6:58 save the sea turtles please thank u.

  • Cathy Fitzpatrick
    Cathy Fitzpatrick Prije 20 dana

    just brilliant thanks will really try some of these at hardly any cost

  • Angie Smithers
    Angie Smithers Prije 20 dana

    10:32 in the video the broken chair DO NOT TRY IT DOES NOT WORK I TRIED IT. It breaks as soon as you get back in it

  • Supratim Banik
    Supratim Banik Prije 20 dana

    plz support me with my gaming channel

  • Naveena Nunna
    Naveena Nunna Prije 20 dana

    5 44

  • Naveena Nunna
    Naveena Nunna Prije 20 dana

    How do you cut that can

  • Rahnaz World
    Rahnaz World Prije 20 dana

    Chicken sandwich cake: hrclip.net/video/vj8Zl4EOGzE/video.html

  • Grace Lee
    Grace Lee Prije 21 dan +1

    Why do they put beauty hacks on their main channel and then put cooking hacks on their girly channel????

  • mixed up angel
    mixed up angel Prije 21 dan

    Skssks and i ooop 5 minute crafts stop using so many straws save the turtles also 13:23 yes we all break our toilet paper holders yes

  • Aiden Ayuso
    Aiden Ayuso Prije 21 dan

    Life hack for soap power bags:don’t cut the hole too big!

  • Aiden Ayuso
    Aiden Ayuso Prije 21 dan

    Note:the chair hack is only temporary

  • Lily B •
    Lily B • Prije 21 dan

    Holy grail hacks

  • Lily B •
    Lily B • Prije 21 dan

    Ha the title

  • unicorn girl 9
    unicorn girl 9 Prije 21 dan

    All these hacks don't work for me

  • pastel emo
    pastel emo Prije 21 dan +1

    5-minute crafts the amount of plastic you used is unsanitary 😶

  • Iourdes Reyes
    Iourdes Reyes Prije 21 dan +1

    For the tea ☕️ you should have Herbalife

  • Aarushi biswas
    Aarushi biswas Prije 21 dan +2

    Honestly how does a WOOD chair break so easily
    Also the second time they showed the clothes it was obviously less clothes

  • Kylee Jones
    Kylee Jones Prije 21 dan

    Do you ever have to much excess????

  • ßrΘ
    ßrΘ Prije 21 dan


  • Ivaila Peshterska
    Ivaila Peshterska Prije 21 dan


  • Ivaila Peshterska
    Ivaila Peshterska Prije 21 dan


  • Cambrie Pepper
    Cambrie Pepper Prije 21 dan

    During the clog in the drain she used her foot fingers (toesies)

  • Antwanetta Paige
    Antwanetta Paige Prije 21 dan +12

    Me: mom I'm not ready for the pain
    Mom:here's Jonny
    Me:ahhhhhh my hair is gone you did it wrong
    Yay I got 4 likes please like

    FRENCY NAMJOON Prije 21 dan


  • Fyrdaws
    Fyrdaws Prije 21 dan

    Your Like me ok
    Me Like 5 minuts very ok😜

  • Hiba Ghanem
    Hiba Ghanem Prije 21 dan +1

    *vsco girls left the chat *

  • neha verma
    neha verma Prije 21 dan

    Save water from waste

  • The Unicorn show
    The Unicorn show Prije 21 dan

    Here are all times of this video 0:01 0:02 0:03 0:04 0:05 0:06 i couldn’t have enough time to complete that

  • The Unicorn show
    The Unicorn show Prije 21 dan

    So first spend all the money you were serpost to save

  • Krysta Petropoulou
    Krysta Petropoulou Prije 21 dan


  • Liam Nolan
    Liam Nolan Prije 21 dan

    Legitimately the worst channel I've ever seen. It's a miracle they got past 1k subs.

    (Shitposting channel for useless tips that help you in no way or that you could figure out on your own if you had a brain.)

  • Lolo Goma
    Lolo Goma Prije 22 dana +3

    In 3:38 no one looked at her hand there is cream going out

  • Parmjit Kaur
    Parmjit Kaur Prije 22 dana

    Where do you get these small containers ? Plz tell

  • asher Orford
    asher Orford Prije 22 dana

    ok so this is not related to this video at all but I couldn't stop thinking about my boyfriend!!!! he is just so cute and kind yesterday when I was crying he saw me (I saw hiding at school because I didn't want people to see me cry) came up to me didn't say anything sat next to me, hugged me and kissed my cheek. we sat there for like thirteen minutes :)

  • sameena sam
    sameena sam Prije 22 dana

    This nail polish hack I have tried before .It really works....

  • lavanya Singhania
    lavanya Singhania Prije 22 dana +5

    Who is better?
    Comment : 5 minutes craft
    Like : 123 Go

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      Justice League Prije 21 dan +1

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      Liam Nolan Prije 21 dan

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