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Komentari • 12 096

  • Robert Terrell
    Robert Terrell Prije 7 sati

    Always go there for every of your videos

  • Robert Terrell
    Robert Terrell Prije 7 sati

    That's that's my favorite place to go Dusty divot

  • Jonah Sopan
    Jonah Sopan Prije 8 sati

    You shut up lazier beam nerd

  • Lego Life 383
    Lego Life 383 Prije 16 sati

    Literally Nobody
    Not a soul:
    Lannan: I want five of em!

  • Bazzer Bazzington
    Bazzer Bazzington Prije 17 sati +1

    Epic broke double pump now we can’t even do single pump

  • riley furmage
    riley furmage Prije dan

    There's 6 stone's not 5 get it right

  • Abd296 Mousa
    Abd296 Mousa Prije dan

    You Fuckyou

  • ABDALLAH  Ayad
    ABDALLAH Ayad Prije dan

    Is no one gonna comment the fact tha u need 6 infinity stones not 5

  • Amazing Plays
    Amazing Plays Prije dan

    Oh fuck

  • Mae Angelique Caluma

    hey lazarbeam can you beat ssundee?

  • Megan Sorensen
    Megan Sorensen Prije 2 dana

    the fight at 6:15 you killed my brother

  • Oddsox1
    Oddsox1 Prije 2 dana +2

    LazarBam: I want five of 'em!
    Me: I don't know if you can get five o--
    LazarBeam: We got five of 'em!
    Me: Uh... Ok, mate

  • Liam Rawcliffe
    Liam Rawcliffe Prije 2 dana

    Suppressed pistol meta

  • Runic Raider
    Runic Raider Prije 2 dana

    twine peaks: i'm the best clickbaiter
    Ali-A: Hold my beer

  • Ali Peker
    Ali Peker Prije 2 dana

    İm not first

    im not last

    But when it comes to Code lazar


  • KnottyOstrich
    KnottyOstrich Prije 3 dana +1

    The combat is disgusting

  • Marcus Chavis
    Marcus Chavis Prije 3 dana

    Lazar beam I want 5 uf uh fresh the one who gets the job done

    KIRAN STUART Prije 3 dana


  • yay ヅyay ヅ
    yay ヅyay ヅ Prije 3 dana

    HRclip: *comments have been disabled due to bad word. :/ sorry about that*

  • Beaver Man Animations
    Beaver Man Animations Prije 4 dana

    It’s funny how everyone use to think the Combat was really bad but now it’s like the best gun in the game

  • Hassan Ibrahim
    Hassan Ibrahim Prije 5 dana

    Lazerbeam your such a bot seriously

  • harlen hatfield
    harlen hatfield Prije 5 dana

    Yes I am a nerd thar is 6 stones

  • Gaming Channel
    Gaming Channel Prije 5 dana +5

    Normal person: I’m going to snipe him
    Lazarbeam: I’m going to snipe him (with a combat)

  • Levi martinez
    Levi martinez Prije 6 dana

    Hi lazaer beam

  • Lil_ SupremeYT
    Lil_ SupremeYT Prije 6 dana


  • XxMasterIbsxX
    XxMasterIbsxX Prije 6 dana +1

    **pump gets vaulted and combat comes**
    Lots of people now:*The combat is awesomeee and it’s better than the pump*

  • Jaclyn Dunmore
    Jaclyn Dunmore Prije 6 dana

    Who is older Lazarbeam or fresh

  • Sue Kaur
    Sue Kaur Prije 6 dana

    Or there is fresh

  • Sue Kaur
    Sue Kaur Prije 6 dana +1

    No fresh?

  • James Gregg
    James Gregg Prije 7 dana

    Lazarbeam are you gay

    I_DON'T_KNOW Prije 7 dana

    Lannans key binds are spooky

  • moodude
    moodude Prije 8 dana

    by the way there is 6 infinite stones

  • Infinity Playz
    Infinity Playz Prije 9 dana

    In thumbnail u had only 4 shotguns

  • G Trip
    G Trip Prije 9 dana

    You are a bot laser beam

  • Lin Yan
    Lin Yan Prije 9 dana


  • Ghost Max
    Ghost Max Prije 10 dana

    Do 5 snipers

  • Gael Uzi
    Gael Uzi Prije 10 dana

    He had a blue combat and now he has a golden one

  • Lj stevens
    Lj stevens Prije 10 dana +1

    Ceeday want be

  • Caye Vlogs
    Caye Vlogs Prije 11 dana

    Lmao = L-mayo 10:04

  • Dark Aso
    Dark Aso Prije 12 dana +1

    Lazarbeam: I never watch Ali a
    Also lazarbeam: I saw Ali a do this

  • Garrett Hull
    Garrett Hull Prije 12 dana

    In the first game i saw 3 combat shotguns that you past

    FROSTY SNIPER Prije 13 dana

    Who else noticed how many times lannan says freshy boy?

  • SD SsnoopyDog
    SD SsnoopyDog Prije 13 dana

    combat shotgun is alot better than pump for alot of players because not everybody has world cup aim.

  • Benjamin Salvador
    Benjamin Salvador Prije 13 dana

    Include some Kpop into your vids

  • 8_GEN_ToXiC
    8_GEN_ToXiC Prije 14 dana

    This is how many people noticed in the thumbnail their is only 4 combat shotguns


  • Jack DeBlasi
    Jack DeBlasi Prije 14 dana

    I want five of em

  • REXツ
    REXツ Prije 15 dana

    LAZERBEAM:I've never watched an Ali a vedio ever I don't even know what he does in his vids.
    ALSO LAZARBEAM:Uses Ali a face cam and thumbnail.

  • Konstantinos Valsamidis
    Konstantinos Valsamidis Prije 16 dana

    I only watched this for the snap

  • Xavier Wolfe
    Xavier Wolfe Prije 17 dana +1

    Roses are red ketchup is too I just got a like wait why is it blue? Subscribe to Xavier Wolfe/me please and LazarBeam thanks have a great day.

  • Eldridge Scott
    Eldridge Scott Prije 19 dana

    I’m pretty sure that there is six stones

  • Erin Ritchie
    Erin Ritchie Prije 19 dana

    Lazerbeam- “ I only have two shotguns I need my full load out to not take fall damage.
    Later I saw him with a full load out but he said he needs to use a launchpad to not take fall damage.

    SIDDHARTH PILLAI Prije 19 dana +1

    12:30 aaaaand the award for the neatest inventory goes to


  • Tory Michaels
    Tory Michaels Prije 20 dana +1

    Theres six infinity stones

  • Nate Berkhimer
    Nate Berkhimer Prije 21 dan


  • Nate Berkhimer
    Nate Berkhimer Prije 21 dan

    There are six infinity stones

  • Hugo Rusinque
    Hugo Rusinque Prije 22 dana +1

    Lazarbeam: ill collect all 5 shotguns like infinty war
    Sixth stone:am i a joke to you?

  • tyler doutis
    tyler doutis Prije 23 dana +1

    my friend said if lazar was optimus prime he would be called gingy prime

  • DylanReviews
    DylanReviews Prije 24 dana


  • Bat Elijah
    Bat Elijah Prije 24 dana

    The combat shotgun is like a double pump was one shotgun

  • Count von Snuffleupagus
    Count von Snuffleupagus Prije 25 dana

    At 11:23 he has all blue, even the pickaxe.

  • CAPz mot
    CAPz mot Prije 25 dana

    U are geting caried agen

  • Aidenrudd 123
    Aidenrudd 123 Prije 25 dana +2

    Season 8 bring double pump back
    Season 9 bring pump back
    Season 10 bring shotguns back
    Season 11 bring pickaxes back
    Season 12 bring health back
    Season 13 bring guns back
    Season 14 bring back foRtnIte

    Credit to Alendeos Moreno’s

    LHJS LHJS Prije 25 dana +1

    make sure you subscribe and leave a like for double pump to come back.

  • cryogenic sign
    cryogenic sign Prije 26 dana

    can you do pump meta beacause they unvaulted pump

  • ProjectZorgo606YT Gamer
    ProjectZorgo606YT Gamer Prije 26 dana

    Pump is back

  • Phantom Fish
    Phantom Fish Prije 27 dana

    Every time there’s a new gun
    Lazarbeam: LETS GET FIVE OF ‘EM

  • LiamHano 8
    LiamHano 8 Prije 27 dana

    2:42 pause

  • Jonah Bush
    Jonah Bush Prije 27 dana

    In this video, Lazarbeam's FPS is terrible for three monitors and a PC.

  • Elisa Flores
    Elisa Flores Prije 27 dana +1

    Who thinks he should do another one but get one of every color

  • Mark Cavazos
    Mark Cavazos Prije 28 dana +1

    2:57 lol

  • Ben Ndoole
    Ben Ndoole Prije 29 dana

    I like when he dies and say that he didn’t have enough shotgun

  • Joe Campbell
    Joe Campbell Prije 29 dana

    James Charles just kissed you like to undo or comment to undo

  • Tashil Barath
    Tashil Barath Prije 29 dana

    7:26 But bro there's 6 Infinity Stones😢

  • Yoyogamer 122
    Yoyogamer 122 Prije 29 dana

    The closest thing to a victory i have had was when i was in top 2 in season 5

  • Nunya Business
    Nunya Business Prije mjesec +1

  • Odd West
    Odd West Prije mjesec

    Instead of a new normal shotgun they added a new sniper/shotgun.
    P.s. I hate the gun

  • Pigeon Cam
    Pigeon Cam Prije mjesec

    Title: 5 combats
    Thumbnail: 4 combats

  • Ibrihim Moore
    Ibrihim Moore Prije mjesec

    you bot

  • Ibu aI Rohayati
    Ibu aI Rohayati Prije mjesec

    Srry bout the bad spelling my fingerss are soo slippry

  • Ibu aI Rohayati
    Ibu aI Rohayati Prije mjesec

    Yo lazar be losing to slia sorry you nooob lazar beam or shoulf i say lazer ween being carried by another noob like fress hor bout you lach dachy if you really wanna be carried u bot -_-

  • Eden Wood
    Eden Wood Prije mjesec

    Get oofed

  • Noah Colosimo
    Noah Colosimo Prije mjesec

    2019 lazarbeam quote:be gone thot

  • John Mentor
    John Mentor Prije mjesec +1

    "he can edit and shit i dont like it"

  • Golden Fnaf
    Golden Fnaf Prije mjesec

    Dud there r 6 stone's

  • Alexandros Morfonios
    Alexandros Morfonios Prije mjesec +8

    Season 8: Bring double pump back
    Season 9: Bring pump back

    • Aidenrudd 123
      Aidenrudd 123 Prije 25 dana

      Alexandros Morfonios yo I gave you credit in my comment so please go like it

  • The purple eye
    The purple eye Prije mjesec +11

    No one:
    Literally no one :
    Lazarbeam : I wANt FiVE oF Em

  • Gmd Domas
    Gmd Domas Prije mjesec

    1:21 lip bite mode

  • shred
    shred Prije mjesec

    Watching old laser beam videos to entertain me


  • PaulPlaszROBLOX Pabblo
    PaulPlaszROBLOX Pabblo Prije mjesec


  • Anthony Wojtasiuk
    Anthony Wojtasiuk Prije mjesec

    He said I'm getting peppered. Polish translation I'm being f*cked

    • Kartofelek
      Kartofelek Prije mjesec

      W sumie nie wazne zle to zrozumialem

    • Kartofelek
      Kartofelek Prije mjesec

      Nie to tak nie dziala

  • Antonio Torres-Soto
    Antonio Torres-Soto Prije mjesec

    best video eve i can see a white sceen all video best video ever

  • Dravin Morgan
    Dravin Morgan Prije mjesec

    I have a challenge for you lazarbeam the only Sniper Challenge

  • SuperGirl717
    SuperGirl717 Prije mjesec +1

    Anyone else realize the in the thumbnail there was only “4” combats?

  • Hean Hwa Chu
    Hean Hwa Chu Prije mjesec +1


    DEMONIC GAMING Prije mjesec

    U said 5 shotguns but in your thumbnail u have 4??????

  • Don't fear adrenaline.
    Don't fear adrenaline. Prije mjesec

    I love u no homo

  • Janessa Valentine
    Janessa Valentine Prije mjesec

    John my pretty

  • shock_streem_68 norris
    shock_streem_68 norris Prije mjesec

    Will you friend me my names get_rekt_09

  • MFG Cuber
    MFG Cuber Prije mjesec +2

    I feel like they need to buff the damage and nerf the range.

    Like a normal shotgun

    • The purple eye
      The purple eye Prije mjesec

      MFG Cuber yeah like replace it with a pump

  • Sirus Rafiy
    Sirus Rafiy Prije mjesec

    How long does it take Lazer beam to complete a challenge without fresh Carrieng him 🤔