The Cast Remembers: Rory McCann on Playing The Hound | Game of Thrones: Season 8 (HBO)

  • Datum objavljivanja: 8. Tra 2019.
  • The actor opens up about his initial reaction to the Red Wedding, fighting Brienne of Tarth and the one thing he won’t miss about working on Game of Thrones.
    Game of Thrones returns for its final season on April 14.

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  • Lucas Peng
    Lucas Peng Prije 16 sati

    Lots of people hated the hound.

    Lots of cunts.

  • Sizifus
    Sizifus Prije 22 sati

    "Anyone dies with a clean sword, I'll rape his fuckin' corpse!"

  • Activated Complex
    Activated Complex Prije dan

    Great character, and such a great actor. Also, remember when GoT made us love the characters we once hated, rather than hate the characters we once loved? (Because they started acting so stupid and out of character)

  • Tom Tom
    Tom Tom Prije 2 dana

    Hound and Brienne fight was crap. He's the best character on the show.

  • Brady Migel
    Brady Migel Prije 2 dana

    They should do a: The Cast remembers season 8

  • Underdestruction
    Underdestruction Prije 2 dana

    Rory "Ya dumb cunt" McCann to be precise

  • Krisztián Kovács
    Krisztián Kovács Prije 2 dana

    Brienne *FOOKIN* Tarth

  • fw1421
    fw1421 Prije 4 dana

    What a great character and really interesting guy. 👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • bw 1506
    bw 1506 Prije 4 dana

    I really hated his end, he was just turned into a vengeful, idk, person

  • Brandon Prentice
    Brandon Prentice Prije 4 dana

    "the script's fantastic" that's acting

  • tnflyguy
    tnflyguy Prije 4 dana

    I started reading the books after this show and I am consistently blown away with how well they cast his character.

  • winslow wong
    winslow wong Prije 5 dana

    No divas and no cunts on set

  • J. Huff Humble
    J. Huff Humble Prije 5 dana

    Amazing actor

  • Suiram82
    Suiram82 Prije 5 dana

    It's so great that the actors enjoyed making this as much as we did watching it.

  • b2uty4DW
    b2uty4DW Prije 5 dana

    قسم بالله عسسسسسل أحلى واحد فيهم أروح لك فدوة يا هاوند

  • Kabir Horseman
    Kabir Horseman Prije 5 dana

    Back in the day I never thought I will like him one day

  • Kowabunga
    Kowabunga Prije 5 dana

    He is absolutely one of my favorite parts of the series, the episode when his village gets slaughtered and he grabs the axe out of the tree trunk, I get chills every time. Thanks Rory for your fantastic performance!!

  • Art Dent
    Art Dent Prije 6 dana +2

    Cheers, Rory, from your invitation to Sansa to run away on, you were the equal of any story arc in that brilliant madness. And just because the last episode wasn't as great as the rest of it, doesn't mean it was bad, it just wasn't brilliant. Look at Lost, GoT beat the hell out their final season. The bar was so high that a merely OK ending was seen as a disaster, the big internet freak out was subjective as hell: "how DARE you put on the best show ever seen on a television for 8 years, and have a merely OK ending." As the Hound would say: FUCK OFF.

  • HanDrumsolo
    HanDrumsolo Prije 6 dana

    The chicken scene is one of the best of all time

  • Kealoha Braceros
    Kealoha Braceros Prije 7 dana

    Seemed like one of the only brown-eyed actors in GoT

  • Sumedh Anna
    Sumedh Anna Prije 7 dana

    “My favorite part was the fight between the Hound and-” “Brienne of fuckin Tarth”

  • Drrakw
    Drrakw Prije 7 dana

    Rory McCan the legend.

  • isawicame
    isawicame Prije 8 dana

    Everyone had so much hope for the show that they now put into the books

  • broken Link
    broken Link Prije 8 dana

    the cast remembers? seems like he is the only one here...

  • Garbage Reviews
    Garbage Reviews Prije 9 dana

    The hound vs Brianne was one of the few fights that wasn't spoiled for me

  • Reggie J
    Reggie J Prije 9 dana

    definitely my most favourite character.

    LKNANML Prije 9 dana

    Just another big bad guy that hates the world I thought in the beginning. Turned out to be my favorite character by the end and in my opinion Clegane was one of the few characters to have a solid story arc right up till the end. Solid acting from start to finish. I would have liked to see more of him and Arya during their travels and see him take her under his wing a bit as a no nonsense this is how the world works little girl and this is how you beat it. Arya always managed to find good people to learn from. She could have ended up as even more of a badass. A long fighting scene with the both of them helping each other right up till he found his brother would have been EPIC. Having just missed Cersei she would have then went on her run through the city looking for her continuing to cut people down. Having Arya run around frightened and somewhat fake killed a few times was EXTREMELY disappointing but I guess that was the theme at the end with just about every character. However I think they did a good job with the end of his story arc. His frustration and actions were made believable with a solid casting choice who never failed to deliver during all his I'm good now, I'm bad again development. Brothers hating each other started with fire and ended with fire. Circle complete. Really wish the other characters were given the same respect instead of the absolutely chaotic nonsensical motivation and arc conclusions they received.

  • WaheedQc
    WaheedQc Prije 9 dana

    ''Favorite day was the fight between the Hound and Brienne of fucking TARTH!'' Hahah loved the editing.

  • Dinho
    Dinho Prije 9 dana

    “Fuck the king”

  • Vishal Dabholkar
    Vishal Dabholkar Prije 9 dana

    My fav❤

  • Finlay A
    Finlay A Prije 10 dana

    I love fat Bob now

  • Yakuu Hawj
    Yakuu Hawj Prije 10 dana

    He made everyone else look like cunts especially Jofreys greasy cunt.

  • Richard Andrews
    Richard Andrews Prije 10 dana

    Dang he died?

  • Elyer Daniel
    Elyer Daniel Prije 12 dana

    We like him

  • Tim Taylor
    Tim Taylor Prije 12 dana


  • Ronin Editor
    Ronin Editor Prije 12 dana +1

    1:58 - I liked her character a lot but her screaming was beyond annoying.

  • D P
    D P Prije 12 dana +1


  • Rob Chalmers
    Rob Chalmers Prije 13 dana


  • Rob Chalmers
    Rob Chalmers Prije 13 dana

    wow what an absolute ! humble HERO !!!!!!

  • England _Bae
    England _Bae Prije 13 dana +2

    Those white walkers legs in the beginning crack me up every time I see them
    *hE sO sKiNnY*

  • ryan eka
    ryan eka Prije 13 dana

    Hound vs Mountain still a great fight even season 8 was shit

  • Charzan Boo
    Charzan Boo Prije 14 dana +2

    No disrespect to Brienne, but the Hound losing to Brienne is so stupid. He beat Zombie Mountain!!

  • Toyaa Ikem
    Toyaa Ikem Prije 15 dana

    Fat Bob❤😏👌🏾

  • _XEM Ajax_
    _XEM Ajax_ Prije 15 dana

    4:28 that soldiers hilarious

  • spicecrop
    spicecrop Prije 16 dana +1

    "Lots of people name their swords".

    "Lots of cunts"!

  • Scott Pepper
    Scott Pepper Prije 17 dana

    Fuck the king.

  • Daiveon Mallery
    Daiveon Mallery Prije 17 dana

    As shite as season 8 was his battle with the halfthor was was greatness

  • Rinny Chu
    Rinny Chu Prije 17 dana

    i loved the hound he really grew on me when he saved sansa and cared for arya...even if she was only with him so he could sell her to her aunt he still took care of her and treated her pretty well as well can get for him XD am i sad how it ended? yes. i wish arya and hound had a final good farewell ;w; i know why arya did/acted the way she did but...i dunno uwu the hound grew on me

  • Robert Francis
    Robert Francis Prije 18 dana

    I love the hound so much, when he died in the film, my
    parents just didn't care, when I watched it with my friends....?
    we burst into tears *NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!*

  • Syklone
    Syklone Prije 19 dana

    He has that blunt Scottish wit and oodles of charm. I wish he had just used his natural accent for the hound though. The one he had in the show was sort of half Scottish and half English, but his full Scottish accent sounds much better.

  • Harithulasidalam Appo
    Harithulasidalam Appo Prije 20 dana


  • FurryWulfz
    FurryWulfz Prije 21 dan

    Theon and Hound best characters/actors at the end IMO

    Rest got absolutely massacred by bad writing, like Tyrion.

  • Dan
    Dan Prije 21 dan

    1st episode and the Red wedding were probably my 2 favorite episodes.

  • Torgo1969
    Torgo1969 Prije 21 dan

    In this video, he's a talker...

  • Nicholas Hansen
    Nicholas Hansen Prije 21 dan

    hound is my second favorite got character

  • Nequeo
    Nequeo Prije 21 dan

    What's the song's name that is played at the end of the video?

    • Nequeo
      Nequeo Prije 20 dana

      never mind, i found it... ;)

  • MR K
    MR K Prije 21 dan

    I can't think of a better actor to play the hound

  • L̶a̶d̶y̶ Fox Wolfae
    L̶a̶d̶y̶ Fox Wolfae Prije 21 dan +1

    Sandor thank you for saving Arya, and Rory, thank you for being Sandor / The Hound.

  • Dana Walter
    Dana Walter Prije 21 dan

    please marry me rory mccann ^^ :-) grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • A Cosmic Castaway
    A Cosmic Castaway Prije 22 dana

    A lot of people just disliked this video. *LOTS.OF.CUNTS*

  • RandellSy IslandAquatics
    RandellSy IslandAquatics Prije 22 dana

    Brienne of fucking tarth , it is my fucking favorite line all time :) who's with me?

  • Payehn
    Payehn Prije 22 dana

    My favorite character by far. One of the only characters that got the ending they deserved

  • PhantomMatrix
    PhantomMatrix Prije 22 dana +1

    Wait....The Hound was Black Panther back then? lol 3:43

  • greenbeagle13
    greenbeagle13 Prije 23 dana

    The Hound and Tyrion are my favorite characters, the two writers who wrote the horrible and illogical ending, not so much. But, the actors were brilliant throughout the series.

  • FergalCanada
    FergalCanada Prije 23 dana

    At the end, he really should have said; "it looks like a cunt".

  • nahtanish
    nahtanish Prije 24 dana

    "Ya dumb bitch..."
    The best line of the whole show

  • Mike Ward
    Mike Ward Prije 24 dana

    Favourite GOT character hands down!

  • Jack Ryan
    Jack Ryan Prije 24 dana

    Keanu Reeves uncle

  • Lee H
    Lee H Prije 25 dana +2

    The Hound and Arya story line was my favorite....

  • Queen RA TV
    Queen RA TV Prije 25 dana

    I always wanted to give you s big hug Hound