A Transparent Caterpillar

  • Datum objavljivanja: 11. Lip 2019.
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  • ZabavaZabava

Komentari • 9 003

  • L00PdeL00P's Channel
    L00PdeL00P's Channel Prije 14 dana +18459

    That caterpillar hated having acne so when a genie appeared, he wished for clear skin.

    Meanie genie

    • SuperNovaHeights
      SuperNovaHeights Prije 2 dana

      L00PdeL00P's Channel I doubt that somehow🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    • Capt. Pablo The Spinosaurus
      Capt. Pablo The Spinosaurus Prije 9 dana

      L00PdeL00P's Channel there is a lot of gray area in that.

    • King Skull
      King Skull Prije 10 dana

      Ah fuck yout genie thats why you never trust a genie

    • Pulsjax
      Pulsjax Prije 10 dana

      @100 Subs with no videos challenge
      Firstly, humor is subjective. Secondly, it was clever with the plot twist tieing into what we see here.
      And lastly it's the type of comment that gets a smile out of you, so it got pinned and well deserved too.

    • 100 Subs with no videos challenge
      100 Subs with no videos challenge Prije 10 dana

      Why the hell does this have 17k likes. Wasnt even funny

  • David Everly
    David Everly Prije sat

    1:39 my instincts tell me there's a pokemon in that tree

  • thebopper x
    thebopper x Prije 5 sati

    I thought the rays looked like swiming pillows lol

  • i want to leave
    i want to leave Prije 6 sati

    Minecraft leafs everybody

  • //V O I D H O L E\\
    //V O I D H O L E\\ Prije 10 sati

    Anyone else notice how this sun looks like a resengan? 2:10

  • Sans Van
    Sans Van Prije 10 sati

    Wired bad video

  • Candidly Krissy
    Candidly Krissy Prije 11 sati

    3:04 thought they were post it notes

  • Dgreenmissile
    Dgreenmissile Prije 13 sati

    1:40 anyone who's played pokemon sun moon or ultra sun ultra moon will get that reference

  • Billy Russo
    Billy Russo Prije 15 sati

    The Rays In The Ocean Look Like Some Cheezit's You Dropped On A Boat And Your Are Now Watching Them Sink To The Bottom.

  • VA MoneyMan
    VA MoneyMan Prije 16 sati

    3:07 swimming hot pockets 😂

  • Sekomaru
    Sekomaru Prije 20 sati

    3:01 looking like the minecraft grass block texture

  • Eurmandund
    Eurmandund Prije 20 sati

    caterpiller to God:
    ''So no skin?''

  • Indigo
    Indigo Prije 21 sat

    Isn’t the motorised treadmill just regular running...

  • Sai Does things
    Sai Does things Prije 22 sati +1

    Mouse: Yes Food!
    Mouse: I Wasted my whole life and did this......

  • Sergeant Oxygen
    Sergeant Oxygen Prije 23 sati

    poor palm tree, being bullied by the dust devil

  • dom person people no
    dom person people no Prije dan +1

    That squirrel looks like as he/she is saying "Wow"

  • AgentSavage
    AgentSavage Prije dan

    3:14 someone said that dogs looks like lil uzi vert

  • I like Dank Memes
    I like Dank Memes Prije dan

    I wasn’t expecting to see Ross creations on hear 😂

  • Andrés Toro
    Andrés Toro Prije dan

    2:28 omg this was sooo unsettling... I think it gave me the strangest sensation I've ever gotten from a video.

  • super sOpHiA
    super sOpHiA Prije dan

    It looked like the squirrel was just saying wow over and over again

  • J P
    J P Prije dan

    2:30 somebody needs WD40

  • Chex
    Chex Prije dan

    ross creations 0:56

  • Lourdes Baterna
    Lourdes Baterna Prije dan

    Next on daily dose of internet:
    Transparent butterfly

  • Ella Allik
    Ella Allik Prije dan

    The little squirl looks like it's saying wow wow wow wow

    So cute.

  • ace
    ace Prije dan

    3:00 cheddar migration

  • Jiren
    Jiren Prije dan +1

    Sneak 100

  • Eric Swansboro
    Eric Swansboro Prije dan

    Ok so does that dog have downs or something or they just weird looking pups?

  • Scorpion OCE
    Scorpion OCE Prije dan

    1:53 if that was Australia like 50 crocs would come down and like 70 bottles of beer

  • WereWolf
    WereWolf Prije 2 dana

    I first thought that the ray-simulator creatures were pillows😂😂😂😂

  • Harut
    Harut Prije 2 dana +1

    Comment sections are getting so cringeworthy with all the kids trying to be funny with the "nobody: " type of comments...

  • Parker Rushing
    Parker Rushing Prije 2 dana

    the guy who made the motorized treadmill is a jerk

  • Kayla Jones
    Kayla Jones Prije 2 dana

    What the point of a motorized treadmill

  • Carelessdog2800
    Carelessdog2800 Prije 2 dana

    3:15 is that a Chug?

  • Aundre Nate
    Aundre Nate Prije 2 dana

    the palm tree
    it was all a misunderstood guys
    it was actually the palm who's producing the dustwind

  • Hazel wolf
    Hazel wolf Prije 2 dana +1

    Okay but what's the point of the treadmill???? Hes literally defying its purpose 😂😂

  • Alertunic
    Alertunic Prije 2 dana +1

    That dog looks like the leviathan from fortnite lol

  • あらSoul Fox’s dad
    あらSoul Fox’s dad Prije 2 dana

    I can just imagine the squirrel yelling

  • BB in the house Summer
    BB in the house Summer Prije 2 dana

    The jogger: I would have ran but this is better 😂
    The people in there heads are thinking: WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT!!!!

  • BB in the house Summer
    BB in the house Summer Prije 2 dana

    2:47 the b whale was HMPF like save the earth / us animals / sea animals I love that whale

  • BingeFest1
    BingeFest1 Prije 2 dana

    Sun: I’m the biggest and baddest bitch around

    UY Scuti: Am I joke to you

  • Cp6Z
    Cp6Z Prije 2 dana

    When are we getting the transparent human ?

  • Not Bill Gates
    Not Bill Gates Prije 2 dana


  • Vaibhav Satish
    Vaibhav Satish Prije 2 dana +1

    the caterpillar isn't transparent....it's skin is transparent.

  • Doomer
    Doomer Prije 2 dana

    Love how he just lets a random clip play without saying anything

  • Doomer
    Doomer Prije 2 dana


  • Jack Lawler
    Jack Lawler Prije 2 dana

    that’s Ross creations

  • NoticeableNick
    NoticeableNick Prije 2 dana

    3:00 they look like floating pillows

  • Matthew Plays
    Matthew Plays Prije 2 dana

    3:11 those look like pizza rolls

  • Nikkolas Ruff
    Nikkolas Ruff Prije 2 dana

    You can tell that it’s a trance because the squirrel is mouthing “wow”

  • Jackson Carrico
    Jackson Carrico Prije 2 dana

    3:05 a bunch of post-its have been let loose

  • Silenced Ward
    Silenced Ward Prije 2 dana

    I Love that he doesn’t clickbait his vids

  • Kyrlics
    Kyrlics Prije 2 dana

    That caterpillar has the best camouflage... Evolution did a great job at making it -detectable- *Undetectable*

  • TomLeo
    TomLeo Prije 2 dana

    0:04 é Brasilera

  • AcDrippz
    AcDrippz Prije 2 dana

    What kind of dog was that at the end, does anyone know ?

  • Electro luke
    Electro luke Prije 2 dana

    My squirell had that and I got scared 0:40

  • Luke Green
    Luke Green Prije 3 dana

    Transparent forsenCD

  • Humayuan Parvez
    Humayuan Parvez Prije 3 dana

    The whale does not want any more human garbage in the ocean.

  • Secret Potato
    Secret Potato Prije 3 dana +1

    Steve: On your left.

  • Leaf The Koala
    Leaf The Koala Prije 3 dana

    *Casually brings treadmill to gas station*

  • Noah Wright
    Noah Wright Prije 3 dana

    2:56 Post-It notes in their natural environment.

  • Dr Pepper0330
    Dr Pepper0330 Prije 3 dana

    Shoutout Ross at :57

  • Robin Voigt
    Robin Voigt Prije 3 dana

    The dog looked like it had its head popped off and back on the wrong way

  • Teemx死
    Teemx死 Prije 3 dana

    0:55 Shoutout vlog creations

  • The Omnipotent God Of Isekai

    0:57 This guy is from 3019

  • bAtMaN
    bAtMaN Prije 3 dana

    Finally a transparent ding dong

  • ghoulunathics
    ghoulunathics Prije 3 dana

    1:34 Me: so that's how young palm trees look alike ^_^

    1:43 Oh...

  • Loo Poh Mei
    Loo Poh Mei Prije 4 dana

    A transparent shit

  • Jayden Hogan
    Jayden Hogan Prije 4 dana

    They look like sticky note

  • Skilluhdelphia
    Skilluhdelphia Prije 4 dana

    The only way to properly appreciate the matching door and room is to hit the arrow keys to skip back and forth five seconds

  • Phil My names not phil
    Phil My names not phil Prije 4 dana +1

    Rat: mm, bread, you’re gonna be my dinner tonite!
    Bread: *No!* I had enough >:1

  • Ryan Gamer Guy
    Ryan Gamer Guy Prije 4 dana

    2:28 You thought YOU THOUGHT

  • Ghost Trevenant
    Ghost Trevenant Prije 4 dana

    Can anybody else imagine at 0:34 Owen Wilson just going "WoW" over and over again

  • Happy Doggo
    Happy Doggo Prije 4 dana


  • Inspector Steve
    Inspector Steve Prije 4 dana

    I saw a video where a beluga whale dove down and brought back someone's dropped cellphone.

  • U dead bich
    U dead bich Prije 4 dana

    I thought it was trees...

  • Pigeotto
    Pigeotto Prije 4 dana

    That Beluga whale has had enough of plastic in the ocean

  • sum succ
    sum succ Prije 4 dana +3

    2:59 they look like floating pillows.

  • Nupen
    Nupen Prije 4 dana

    the dog at the end is the cutest ive ever seen

  • Natalti Fettuccine
    Natalti Fettuccine Prije 4 dana

    The rays look like slices of cheese

  • HeLoMan Gaming
    HeLoMan Gaming Prije 4 dana +1

    Friend: Do you have a bad luck?
    Me: 1:30

  • Gaming Gab
    Gaming Gab Prije 5 dana

    It be aggressive on tree

  • Rosalie Nguyen
    Rosalie Nguyen Prije 5 dana

    That dog at 3:14 kinda looks like Samuel L. Jackson

  • Meh Meh
    Meh Meh Prije 5 dana

    That the sting Ray's where a whole bunch of sticky notes in the ocean

  • Mr Jackass
    Mr Jackass Prije 5 dana

    Who names a sun pistol

  • TheLoneCabbage
    TheLoneCabbage Prije 5 dana

    That beluga was just sick us throwing our shit in the ocean.

  • Bleach with a Clorox topping


    *uNdEr tHE dEEP eNd , wATch aS I DiVe In , I’lL nEvEr MeEt ThE gRoUnd*

  • GeT_DuCkT
    GeT_DuCkT Prije 5 dana

    The squirrel is saying wow wow wow wow wow
    They're not in a trance they just love the Milk. And says WOW!

  • Frost PG3D Modz
    Frost PG3D Modz Prije 5 dana

    Vlog Creations aka Ross 0:58

    AYA ORAIKAT Prije 5 dana

    Too bad these beautiful animals will go extinct>.

  • Incepting
    Incepting Prije 5 dana

    “wow wow wow wow wow!!!!!!”

  • FactoryOldFork
    FactoryOldFork Prije 5 dana

    3:17 Hey it's Rihanna

  • Yoshidex WGY
    Yoshidex WGY Prije 5 dana

    Woman:I ned exercise
    Guy: *I'm AbOuT tO eNd ThIs MaNs WhOlE cArEeR*

  • Peter Batty
    Peter Batty Prije 5 dana

    L o o k a t t h a t p a l m t r e e

  • robrit
    robrit Prije 5 dana

    Cini minis in ocean

  • Klaus
    Klaus Prije 6 dana

    3:14 Oskar

  • X Lightcameradeath
    X Lightcameradeath Prije 6 dana

    Not that I want to rain on anyone's parade, but the puppy at 0:27 is calling for his mother. Someone decided that he should have a new family, so now he's all alone with people he've never seen before, and he's afraid. The sound you hear is what the loss of family sounds like, when it's coming from dogs...

  • Dolls& Pokemon
    Dolls& Pokemon Prije 6 dana

    The guy who made a motorized treadmill just ended up making a weird bike 😂

  • Even TL
    Even TL Prije 6 dana

    Thats alot of spungebob squarepants

  • Neocasko
    Neocasko Prije 6 dana

    2:20 Betelgeuse: "Nice fucking model!"

  • SirCrazyLion YT
    SirCrazyLion YT Prije 6 dana +1

    My man catipiller is growing trees in his body... bet he eats acorns

    • Anuj sharma
      Anuj sharma Prije 5 dana

      Your mom will get fucked very very soon, later.