A Transparent Caterpillar

  • Datum objavljivanja: 11. Lip 2019.
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  • ZabavaZabava

Komentari • 9 259

  • L00PdeL00P
    L00PdeL00P Prije 3 mjeseci +20148

    That caterpillar hated having acne so when a genie appeared, he wished for clear skin.

    Meanie genie

    • Kevlar Canuck
      Kevlar Canuck Prije 7 dana

      That caterpillar is the creepiest nope I never want to see in person 😜 lol

    • Sunshine Wolfie
      Sunshine Wolfie Prije 17 dana +1

      *A N D I O O P*

    • Icedwarf M
      Icedwarf M Prije 24 dana

      @EnochPlays mi bahd

    • EnochPlays
      EnochPlays Prije 24 dana

      @Icedwarf M apologies*

    • Icedwarf M
      Icedwarf M Prije 25 dana

      @EnochPlays yes my opolgees

  • Cesar Lozano
    Cesar Lozano Prije 58 minuta

    I know people who look exactly like the last dog....

  • Cam Brady
    Cam Brady Prije 16 sati


  • Carl0s
    Carl0s Prije dan

    That catapiller is venom 🙀

  • Khair Chicago
    Khair Chicago Prije dan


  • some uh ting
    some uh ting Prije 2 dana

    how can they tell that the caterpillar cheats on its wife?

  • socialcockroach
    socialcockroach Prije 3 dana

    2:56 Migrating yellow sticky notes.

  • Bin G
    Bin G Prije 3 dana

    1:31 a magician trying a new spell

  • Pahari Rajpoot
    Pahari Rajpoot Prije 3 dana

    This whale is not returning bucket but .
    She is clearly saying ..please do not pollute our home .

  • Suraj RK
    Suraj RK Prije 3 dana

    That squirrel saying wow...

  • Mr Hippo
    Mr Hippo Prije 3 dana

    What if Daily Dose made a click bait to prank his fans?

  • Vivianna
    Vivianna Prije 4 dana

    My friends: "Your crush is coming !! Act normal ."
    Me: 1:40

  • muonwant
    muonwant Prije 4 dana

    Imagine seeing a person with clear skin. Aaaahhhh

  • ᴀʟᴍɪɢʜᴛʏ
    ᴀʟᴍɪɢʜᴛʏ Prije 6 dana

    The Palm tree was practicing the Around Town emote.

  • Ashster !
    Ashster ! Prije 6 dana

    3:23. My niggas looks the same . Protruding jaws, big eyes,big forehead, ugly

  • LeakyButt 89
    LeakyButt 89 Prije 7 dana

    The puppy at the end looks like my black friend.

  • Peppa Pig
    Peppa Pig Prije 7 dana +1


  • Gacha_Anabell Gudino
    Gacha_Anabell Gudino Prije 7 dana

    Baby squirrel: wow wow oh oh wow wow oh oh

  • Huw Witts
    Huw Witts Prije 8 dana

    3:20 that dog looks like the fish from megamind

  • Abby Bee
    Abby Bee Prije 8 dana

    Thats what an endermite looks like

  • Corporal Rng
    Corporal Rng Prije 8 dana

    It's actually translucent NOT transparent its semi transparent

  • Maggie Chapman
    Maggie Chapman Prije 9 dana +1

    Catapillar rave, booshabooshaboosh

  • Mythic Dragon
    Mythic Dragon Prije 9 dana

    alolan exgacute 1:35

  • Chad Coley
    Chad Coley Prije 9 dana

    That motorized treadmill is actually amazing and I want one

  • 117tiko
    117tiko Prije 9 dana

    This mans videos while getting ready for work pog

  • ThisNameHasNoSense
    ThisNameHasNoSense Prije 9 dana

    The milk trance thing the baby squirrels did looked like they were saying wow

  • Jay Dee
    Jay Dee Prije 9 dana

    The Japanese will figure out a way to harvest those "Ray's" to eat them, just like all the Whales they kill illegally.

  • seb tingz
    seb tingz Prije 9 dana +1

    *bucket drops in the ocean*

  • NhatAnh0475
    NhatAnh0475 Prije 9 dana

    Riding bycle? LAME!!
    Be like this 1:00

  • Jesitt Willemse
    Jesitt Willemse Prije 10 dana


  • Myron Serrano
    Myron Serrano Prije 10 dana

    The beluga whale was nice like the elephant

  • dark light
    dark light Prije 11 dana

    thats a penis

  • Adrian Levinski
    Adrian Levinski Prije 11 dana +1

    "Our sun compared to other suns"

  • Digital Painting Wolf
    Digital Painting Wolf Prije 12 dana +3

    Is it just me, or did those rays look like post it notes floating in the water

  • deltaZabrze1980 [ POLAND - Central Europe ]

    The last puppy looks like Samuel L. Jackson :D

  • Khobb
    Khobb Prije 12 dana

    0:16 we all know you started breathing along with it

  • cisco catalyst
    cisco catalyst Prije 14 dana

    That moving treadmill is such an oxymoron I love it

  • Roger Dai
    Roger Dai Prije 14 dana +1

    If I watched too many of these, would it be an overdose of internet?

  • policewannabe
    policewannabe Prije 14 dana

    *When Minecraft gets too real*

  • Josue Garcia
    Josue Garcia Prije 14 dana

    3:14 big brain

  • Peter Piper
    Peter Piper Prije 15 dana

    It should be called the Lightning Caterpillar 🐛

  • MrDarkTails V.2.0
    MrDarkTails V.2.0 Prije 15 dana

    Friend: Why your hands are shaking?
    Me: Because I just *facepalmed* a tree.
    Friend: *Facepalmed his head*

  • KritiQ
    KritiQ Prije 15 dana +1

    Just a normal day with Ross, nothing much.

  • Shepherd the BeatBoMooseMan

    Damn did Calvin from Life get murdered while trying to get that caterpillar, and the caterpillar LIVED?

  • It's Candy Time Boys and Girls

    Could this be considered caterpillar soft porn?

  • BigREZ
    BigREZ Prije 15 dana +1

    That last dog looks like teanna taylor

  • AJ Robloxer
    AJ Robloxer Prije 15 dana


  • Mr Furn
    Mr Furn Prije 15 dana +1

    I would walk into that guys door all the time if I lived there

  • Avengers Assemble please
    Avengers Assemble please Prije 15 dana

    That puppy at the end kinda looks like Dwight 😂

  • I_LuvPxssy Gaming
    I_LuvPxssy Gaming Prije 16 dana

    Lmao they put Ross in here

  • Mighty Matt73
    Mighty Matt73 Prije 16 dana

    OmFG The dog at the very end looks like Kevin Heart

  • iman amir-rudin
    iman amir-rudin Prije 16 dana +7

    1980: i bet there will be flying cars in the future
    2019: *Motorized treadmill*

  • Alien EH BABO DEE
    Alien EH BABO DEE Prije 16 dana

    Looks like a bunch of sticky notes in the water

  • R3dFreddy
    R3dFreddy Prije 17 dana +1

    Hey, thats ross😄😄😄

  • Hello this is a really long name isn't it?

    that palm tree was just an alolan exeggutor trying to shake off a pinsir don't worry

  • Sabrina's YouTube
    Sabrina's YouTube Prije 18 dana +2

    Naw fam he isn't in a milk trance
    *my boy is trying to beat box*

  • AA cloud
    AA cloud Prije 18 dana +1

    2:55 “get this this thing killed my parents keep it out of my waters”

  • Tim Smith
    Tim Smith Prije 18 dana

    Mamby pamby voice

  • DopeBangin Junt
    DopeBangin Junt Prije 18 dana

    God is amazing

  • Elijah Perry
    Elijah Perry Prije 18 dana

    3:16 big brain