Belgium - LIVE - Eliot - Wake Up - First Semi-Final - Eurovision 2019

  • Datum objavljivanja: 14. Svi 2019.
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    Eliot represented Belgium at the first Semi-Final of the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest with the song Wake Up. Read more about Eliot here:
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  • Eurovision Song Contest
    Eurovision Song Contest  Prije mjesec +55

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    • Maria Martin
      Maria Martin Prije mjesec +1

      Shame on you Eurovision. You are Crap eurovision.👉💰💰💰💰💰💰

    • Yannick Stek
      Yannick Stek Prije mjesec +1

      Don't think anyone would like to download this version though.

  • Aleksandr S
    Aleksandr S Prije 10 sati

    Drums! There has to be drums! (c) Petra

  • RᴀɪɴDᴇᴠᴏᴜʀ

    The song is boring, the performance is lack-luster, and his voice isn't that good.

  • Bondii B
    Bondii B Prije 2 dana

    Aw so nervous :s too bad

  • TheLuckyCat
    TheLuckyCat Prije 3 dana

    This is a great song but the live performance was bad because eliot was excited and he's voice wasn't connect to the type of the song and the second reason is that there is no staging.
    Great song and a big hug from isreal🐱😊

  • Mari Corn
    Mari Corn Prije 6 dana


  • Blackblock Ritw
    Blackblock Ritw Prije 6 dana


  • Griet Van Craenenbroeck
    Griet Van Craenenbroeck Prije 7 dana +1

    eliot is gayyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lucas Casters
    Lucas Casters Prije 7 dana

    I'm from belgium and this act was really bad

  • MrsKikinka13
    MrsKikinka13 Prije 7 dana +1

    He deserved to be in the final, if he sang well...

  • Lotje Vanderharst
    Lotje Vanderharst Prije 9 dana

    Enzo knol lleding😂

  • Μάρκος Tube
    Μάρκος Tube Prije 10 dana

    Eliot should marry Blanche 😍

  • Семен Шамаев
    Семен Шамаев Prije 10 dana


  • Ane & Cristina
    Ane & Cristina Prije 10 dana

    Wors staging in Eurovision ever but he just had a bad day

  • VanRysseghem Fe
    VanRysseghem Fe Prije 11 dana +1

    kei goe

  • KIVI
    KIVI Prije 11 dana +4

    1:12 The Song is good and he has a good Voice with 18 Years, i know he is nervous. I dont wanna know how nervous i would be, i think i would just run off Stage again before the Song starts. But the Face and Movements and his Handraise just was so bad and cringey.

  • Sam Galea
    Sam Galea Prije 11 dana +1

    2:43 lmao

  • Leentje22
    Leentje22 Prije 13 dana +1

    And btw. Eliot is a young person with a good heart he did his best. He was really nervous. I heard him last week on the radio and it sounds sooooo good it was just because he was nervous that he didn't qualify.

  • Leentje22
    Leentje22 Prije 13 dana

    The public was clapping out of the beat, I think he was just distracted by the noise that the public made. When the public stopped clapping he sounds better and more in the beat. Love for Belgium ❤

  • Nico Playz
    Nico Playz Prije 13 dana

    Its strange that the Voice van vlaanderen(Belgian singers)have better songs than this and others

  • TIAviation
    TIAviation Prije 14 dana

    2:43 That timing is so painful 😭

  • Sydra
    Sydra Prije 14 dana +1

    The song was good, lyrics are catchy, his vocals were weak, and bad staging, overall the song was one of the best this year but if the staging was better maybe they would have won

  • Veta Voloshanca
    Veta Voloshanca Prije 14 dana

    Totally amazing graphics on the background! 😍

  • M Gouw
    M Gouw Prije 14 dana +1

    He deserved a place in the grand final instead of shitty san Marino!

  • Katerina hantz
    Katerina hantz Prije 14 dana

    Bad staging But Eliot is wonderful✌️

  • Abrahán Sáez Sánchez
    Abrahán Sáez Sánchez Prije 14 dana

    No está mal la canción,quizá mucha competencia ya que había algunas parecidas a este estilo musical.

  • la tulipe noire
    la tulipe noire Prije 15 dana


  • E L
    E L Prije 15 dana

    I actually really like the song. The performance however is not the best.
    He seems uncomfartable doing those dance moves, like it made him shut down a bit. They should have created a stage performance more suited for him.
    At 02:18 he finally show some emotion when he does not need to worry about doing those silly dance moves. And right there he is belivable for a moment.
    But then they go back to the dancing and its like he cant commit to it or feel uncomfortable.
    Also the camera angles are so bad.
    They zoom out way too much, its impossible to feel any connection to whats happening on the stage.
    I dont think there was anything wrong with his voice though, sounds lovely.

  • Nastase Hartman
    Nastase Hartman Prije 15 dana


  • fhiczo gikfzkb
    fhiczo gikfzkb Prije 16 dana


  • MARИASHKA for you
    MARИASHKA for you Prije 18 dana

    I’m cry 😭,Belgium-most lovely song and voice in competition!❤️. I love Belgium 🇧🇪,from Russia 🇷🇺

  • deborah vansteenkiste
    deborah vansteenkiste Prije 18 dana

    Het stoere vestje past niet bij de jongen of zijn zachte stem past niet bij zijn vestje

  • crunchy yogurt
    crunchy yogurt Prije 20 dana

    this song is so good tho im still sad it didnt go thru

  • Luka Mohar
    Luka Mohar Prije 20 dana

    Love the jacket tho.

  • Cas Van Ramshorst
    Cas Van Ramshorst Prije 20 dana

    This was Bad but San Marino

  • noah Schrott
    noah Schrott Prije 21 dan +1

    Still dont know why it didnt qualify

  • nzkid25
    nzkid25 Prije 21 dan

    oh dear. oh dear! what a weak vocal! so sorry kid :(

  • christo1
    christo1 Prije 21 dan +1

    Again, he is so seriously NOT a performer. If he stays in music, he will work behind the scenes, not on the stage.

  • Tasha Ray
    Tasha Ray Prije 22 dana

    Как его зал поддерживал👍👍👍😍😍

  • Tim Blanks
    Tim Blanks Prije 22 dana +2

    Big drums in a song in which you don't any big drums.

  • Arinexus
    Arinexus Prije 22 dana +1

    He sounds and looks so nervous, I kinda feel bad for him

  • Aviation Music
    Aviation Music Prije 22 dana +3

    AM Review: Well the song is amazing!! Reminds me of Blanche but he totally sang off key.. and that is very dissapointing and also his English isnt that good..

  • luka king
    luka king Prije 22 dana


  • jelle machiels
    jelle machiels Prije 22 dana

    I am from Belgium and every single time we have a very good song but the performance is always bad....🇧🇪

  • ClashWithMilan 75
    ClashWithMilan 75 Prije 23 dana +2

    Im from Belgium and i think that this song desearved final!🇧🇪🇧🇪

    • Iben Ghyselen
      Iben Ghyselen Prije 17 dana +1

      ClashWithMilan 75 ja ik kom ook uit België hij moest door gaan😞😞🇧🇪🇧🇪

  • Olivier Speel Games
    Olivier Speel Games Prije 23 dana +2

    There was no real show...

  • noobgamer_2007
    noobgamer_2007 Prije 23 dana +1

    Dit is gewoon fucking vals

  • Dds Ddl
    Dds Ddl Prije 24 dana +1

    An ugly voice

  • Dds Ddl
    Dds Ddl Prije 24 dana +1

    This man was here without preselection and even without internal selection. He was here via acquaintances. Well I am glad that even with such a low level that was at this Eurovision, this man did not make it to the final.

  • Lil Bitch
    Lil Bitch Prije 24 dana +1

    This song is brilliant except chorus

  • Veronique Ambroos
    Veronique Ambroos Prije 24 dana

    It is always preformnace!!

  • londondonner
    londondonner Prije 25 dana

    He is really cute :) And the song is good, so why didn't he qualify for the final??? :-/

  • Todor
    Todor Prije 25 dana +7

    Damn boy, you missed the tone and when you say "Thank you Tel Aviv!!!" at the end to everyone

  • Frankie Cottrell
    Frankie Cottrell Prije 26 dana +1

    Too off

  • W ellem
    W ellem Prije 26 dana



    The best song

    ΛTOMIC Prije 27 dana +5

    Loved everything but Eliot needs a little bit more experience. Good luck

  • Frechtler D.
    Frechtler D. Prije 27 dana +1


  • Elias Ilonen
    Elias Ilonen Prije 27 dana +4

    An awesome song ruined by: 1. Horrible staging 2. Lacking vocals ;(

  • niv arad
    niv arad Prije 27 dana +1

    The vocals are so weak

  • David Hargreaves
    David Hargreaves Prije 27 dana

    He sang it really well i think it was the sound at fault it should of got through

  • Miran Herceg
    Miran Herceg Prije 28 dana +1

    Solid song but staging was horrible.

  • On' naku
    On' naku Prije 28 dana

    Aimes-tu le Japon Eliot?

  • Temo Dzamanashvili
    Temo Dzamanashvili Prije 28 dana

    Very good❤

  • Leo Leo
    Leo Leo Prije 29 dana +2

    Can be real with ourselves for ones?
    The staging was awful.
    But the song was good.

  • marina_13_25
    marina_13_25 Prije mjesec +3

    The song is actually really good, I love it. But I think we all know the staging was the reason why it didn't qualify. Also, Eliot was a little bit neevous, which is totally normal.

  • rockodromo89
    rockodromo89 Prije mjesec +2

    one of the best entries this year. good song, bad staging. should have qualified for the final.

  • Алексей Пешков

    Спасибо за песню!👍🇺🇦🇧🇪

  • Mima Lebanese
    Mima Lebanese Prije mjesec

    YOU ARE NOT LOÏC. That's why.

  • Jaroldinho
    Jaroldinho Prije mjesec +1


  • ädriän
    ädriän Prije mjesec +1

    what happened to his voice? he had the top 5 potential...

    • Black Sparrow
      Black Sparrow Prije 29 dana +2

      He never had a good voice in his live surprise

  • sfc5tv
    sfc5tv Prije mjesec +1

    My ears are bleeding... The biggest flop of ESC 2019

  • Abhragreat Zz
    Abhragreat Zz Prije mjesec +2

    The performance was subpar but the song was really good, breaks my heart🙎🙎

  • Eetu Hartikainen
    Eetu Hartikainen Prije mjesec +1

    While the semi-finlas I think all mics were too silent and he was probably nervous than in rehearsals and that's why his vocals weren't good

  • Jenny Pedersen
    Jenny Pedersen Prije mjesec +1

    Great song … Singer not to strong though cute, maybe needs a few years more working on the voice.

  • SiPe
    SiPe Prije mjesec

    Very good song. It's unbelievable that didn't get the final. From 🇮🇹

  • Bernardette Camilleri
    Bernardette Camilleri Prije mjesec

    Soo difficult to choose!!...beautiful songs .. Norway Malta Swiserland Iceland slovenja azerbajan ...netherlans sweeden Australia ...and more all give nice emotions ..all winners for me..

  • JustEmma X
    JustEmma X Prije mjesec +1

    I’m from belgium and most of the people don’t like iT so..

  • Carlos Gómez Muñoz
    Carlos Gómez Muñoz Prije mjesec +2

    Beautiful song

  • emilik82
    emilik82 Prije mjesec

    Песня была в моем топ 5 первого полуфинала. Но первый полуфинал был богат на хорошие выступления, потому она не прорвалась. Во втором полуфинале было бы легче, там вообще не было примечательных песен.

  • Wenzhe Chen
    Wenzhe Chen Prije mjesec +2

    my fave song of the contest, now an earworm. Cant believe this didnt make it

  • F S
    F S Prije mjesec +1

    Interesting lyrics in a state of crimes and violation of human rights. Also interesting that they didnt 'qualify' for the finals.

  • Patrick Delrue
    Patrick Delrue Prije mjesec +1

    Good song but bad voice

  • Hasz
    Hasz Prije mjesec +2

    And golden macedonia order goes to...

  • MaDi8219
    MaDi8219 Prije mjesec +4

    one of my favourite songs on this Eurovision, but let's be honest - the performance itself was awful... maybe he was overworrying, young, not experienced, got sick - any reason could be. However the performance wasn't enough for the Final. Pity, because the song itself is amazing

    • TheDebater
      TheDebater Prije mjesec +1

      i feel the same, the song has such a huge potential.

  • Babeczka 77
    Babeczka 77 Prije mjesec

    Why just why😢

  • teo yolo
    teo yolo Prije mjesec

    The best song in the world 🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪

  • kobe cabus
    kobe cabus Prije mjesec

    2:40 here you can see that is was the stress that cleared his notes after a while he realized he just needed so sing

  • Maxance Christian
    Maxance Christian Prije mjesec +1

    frankly it's not what I like but I do not really like it .

  • hakuna mataetae
    hakuna mataetae Prije mjesec

    Waarom lijkt hij zo depressief? Komaan lach is toch!

  • Abrahán Sáez Sánchez

    Gran canción a pesar de no pasar a la Final.

  • De kapoen Vlogger
    De kapoen Vlogger Prije mjesec +2

    Goed gedaan eliot

  • Pieter Keemink
    Pieter Keemink Prije mjesec

    erg matige optreden

  • RicciPlayz
    RicciPlayz Prije mjesec

    The song is pretty good... but the refrain is just not cathing

  • Малика Гаджиева

    Where is Loic????

  • Mllex_ Julie
    Mllex_ Julie Prije mjesec

    On s’est bien défendu bravo eliot !

  • Yoda Van flurkenstijn de Wilde

    This Guy is bringing shame to belgium

  • Béryl Nguyên
    Béryl Nguyên Prije mjesec +3

    Maybe the performance was weak but sorry, some others songs who went to final weren't good as Belgium...

  • diggy dignity
    diggy dignity Prije mjesec +1

    Sorry Belgium. It was unconvincing. One almost kid singing "I came to fight over you", simply, he is too young and too weak to win that fight, and no one took him seriously... (this is just an explanation how "the rest of the world" perceived the song, nothing personally)

  • ThyGreek
    ThyGreek Prije mjesec +1

    It sucks.