Game of Thrones | Season 8 Episode 4 | Preview (HBO)

  • Datum objavljivanja: 29. Tra 2019.
  • Now we will win the Last War.
    The final season of Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9PM on HBO.

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  • JocaHD
    JocaHD Prije 8 dana +1

    We will rip her out root and stem.

  • YannyYummy PORN HUB
    YannyYummy PORN HUB Prije 12 dana +2

    I starred as Daenerys on P ornHub. Find me YannyYummy. Have fun

  • madhura bambarawana
    madhura bambarawana Prije 13 dana

    This for game of thrones lovers

  • Jannelle Ann Matlock
    Jannelle Ann Matlock Prije 19 dana

    wow! I'm a fan :D I'm so excited!!!! well well check this out guys (how to cook crispy pata) you can have this while watching !! enjoy!!!

  • Emil Wharton
    Emil Wharton Prije 22 dana

    hollywood junk bullshit. Good for the dumb masses. Product of white crap. Lmfao

  • Raymundo Hernandez
    Raymundo Hernandez Prije 24 dana


  • Subhaan Ullah
    Subhaan Ullah Prije 29 dana

    To be honest the directing of the last episode was immaculate fair play to that but the story and the writing was shocking. After 8 years of build up man

  • Josiah Baughman
    Josiah Baughman Prije 29 dana

    Shit season.

  • Alexey Baal
    Alexey Baal Prije mjesec


  • Bobby Caldwell
    Bobby Caldwell Prije mjesec

    This was the episode that made me quit.

  • abdallha gad"""::::::"""عبدالله جاد

  • Niemand
    Niemand Prije mjesec

    I liked everything, I don’t get the haters. I loved the end.
    For me it is the greatest story ever..

  • Roaring Lion
    Roaring Lion Prije mjesec +1

    Eat a dick HBO. Eat a sick dick. 🙃

  • Iseng yang terpendam
    Iseng yang terpendam Prije mjesec

    i cried when the first dragon dies , the 2nd one is totally ridiculous death !

  • P P
    P P Prije mjesec +1

    Does anybody know the name of this soundtrack? I could not find it anywhere

  • yomi williams
    yomi williams Prije mjesec

    What they should have done after reading the script for season 8 is...
    “Burnt it all”

  • Kiri Curly
    Kiri Curly Prije mjesec

    Hey guys I just found out who will sit on the Throne!!! check this link out hahaha

  • Ameeruddin Syed
    Ameeruddin Syed Prije mjesec +1

    Dumb & Dumber: "We will not have our writing talent questioned by a fanboy!"
    Fan: "I'm not questioning your writing talent. I'm denying its existence."

  • Nico Targaryen
    Nico Targaryen Prije mjesec

    Remake Game of Thrones Season 8 with competent writers.

  • John Caldwell
    John Caldwell Prije mjesec

    As soon as the last episode is done,I am ending my HBO subscription. I’m shocked that the powers that be there at HBO allowed this to happen to such a great show. Haven’t felt this much disgust since The Last Jedi.

  • Global Trend
    Global Trend Prije mjesec

    it's just amazing

  • violet markey
    violet markey Prije mjesec +1

    Fan 1:drogon is female..she has baby dragons who will come to destroy kings landing!
    Fan 2:rhaegal will emerge as sea dragon to destroy euron fleet!
    Fan 3:sheepstealer is still alive in the woods!
    Fan 4:Daenerys is the fourth dragon!

    DROGON: hold my starbucks assholes🐉

  • houdini abracadabra
    houdini abracadabra Prije mjesec

    This was bullshit

  • Lady Ayumi
    Lady Ayumi Prije mjesec

    Sansa is annoying... Dracarys! 🔥🐉🔥🐉🔥🐉

  • Lady Ayumi
    Lady Ayumi Prije mjesec

    OMG... The title is Game of Thrones...
    So, it’s not all about the Night King... So, shut up already if the NK died in the easy way from the right hand of Arya... Jon Snow couldn't beat NK... They need the sneaky one to kill the hardest one... 😅

  • Mārtiņš Bošs
    Mārtiņš Bošs Prije mjesec

    memes from GoT season 8 are more enjoyable than the actual season.

  • Hamad Khan
    Hamad Khan Prije mjesec +2

    HIT LIKE if you Was waiting JOHN SNOW was going to kill the night king 🥺

  • hoob_1
    hoob_1 Prije mjesec

    8/6-ra és 8/5-re írtam már, de asszem még ide meg a 8/3-ra is írok. Mekkora egy hulladék lehet már agyilag az az ember aki ezt írta????????????????????????? Pláne, hogy a 8/6-ban nem találják el a sárkányt egy kib.szott nyíllal se. Ebben a részben, meg mint valami nyílzápor eső, elpusztítják az egyik sárkányt + elpusztítják az egész hajóhadat!!!! Aki ezt leírta, kérem soha többé ne írjon semmit, egyszerűen alkalmatlan történetek kitalálására. Kár volt a sok kidobott pénzért, kár volt az első 7 évadért. Minden befektetett pénz és idő felesleges volt. Jobb lett volna, ha bevárjátok Martint, lehet, hogy lassabban, de tisztességesen meg lett volna írva a történet! HBO! Az egész gárdát a színészeken kívül rúgjátok ki és forgassátok újra az utolsó 4 rész. Köszi.

  • THEGR8143VER
    THEGR8143VER Prije mjesec +1

    In other news, An underage girl manages to slip unnoticed through hundreds if not thousands of undead spawns, and 12 white walker commanders then lunges at the show's most powerful character slaying him in one move.
    The night king desreved a better epic ending with all the build up since season 4 and the whole winter is coming meme.

  • D Z
    D Z Prije mjesec +1

    Thank you for ruining 8 years of Game of Thrones. I hope our feedback will haunt you till the end of your days.

  • Lâm. Trần
    Lâm. Trần Prije mjesec

    Worst Season

  • Ali G
    Ali G Prije mjesec

    Probably the worst episode sad...

  • mattpianto
    mattpianto Prije mjesec

    They do not care about our mouth there: In fact it's too simple TO KILL A DRAGON !!! A big crossbow, we shoot and presto it's done. Why be so afraid! A little pulls the pigeon and it's over! Pathetic!

  • Fun2Hell Official
    Fun2Hell Official Prije mjesec

    Full Episode link

  • Bingo the dingo
    Bingo the dingo Prije mjesec +1

    Why so many likes for the video?

  • kakashi *
    kakashi * Prije mjesec

    Brienne defeated the hound
    Lyanna Mormont killed a giant
    Arya stark killed night king
    Waiting for sansa to kill the mountain

  • forevr caustic
    forevr caustic Prije mjesec

    I want arya to be on the iron throne. Tyrion as her hand,

  • Nagurbasha 8
    Nagurbasha 8 Prije mjesec

  • Sam Baker
    Sam Baker Prije mjesec +1

    Words cannot describe how mad i am at HBO for letting the incompetence and bad writing of David Benioff and Dan Weiss, to completely destroy this once amazing show. Shame on you HBO, shame, shame, shame!

  • Sam Baker
    Sam Baker Prije mjesec +1

    David Benioff and Dan Weiss = WORST WRITERS EVER and enemies of all Game of Thrones fans, they have destroyed this great show, with their incompetence and terrible writing!

  • Sam Baker
    Sam Baker Prije mjesec +1

    Such a let down for Game of Thrones fans. Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 and 4 are the worst writing and story line i have ever seen, how HBO allowed this crap to be produced without firing David Benioff and Dan Weiss is such a mystery to me. These two idiots are the worst writers in the whole world, incompetence at the highest level!

  • Sam Baker
    Sam Baker Prije mjesec +1

    Game of Thrones writers, David Benioff and Dan Weiss are enemies of all Game of Thrones fans, forget about the Night King, who knew the BIGGEST threat to everyone would be David Benioff and Dan Weiss??????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Sam Baker
    Sam Baker Prije mjesec +1

    Yes, I came here today and turned my turned my like to a dislike after watching episode 4. Horrible writing. D&D butchered my favorite greatest TV show. How can two people David Benioff and Dan Weiss destroy it with their super terrible writing? These two should be BANNED from TV and movies writing for ever!

  • Mohamad Jad Salloukh
    Mohamad Jad Salloukh Prije mjesec
    Check out my game of thrones shot glasses.
    Very nice looking and good quality

  • CarmenQueen
    CarmenQueen Prije mjesec

    What about the babies the white walkers were taking???🤔🤔 is it another dead end story in GOT?

    • CarmenQueen
      CarmenQueen Prije mjesec

      @HostessMoses I'm surprised they grew up so fast.

    • HostessMoses
      HostessMoses Prije mjesec

      CarmenQueen the babies are the white walkers, they are the ones who guard the Night King and are the ones on the horses

  • timkjazz
    timkjazz Prije mjesec +1

    D & D insisted on the last 2 seasons as having only 13 episodes because they were worn out from doing the show so instead of the great story telling we've grown used to everything is forced and ludicrous and they should have given way to someone that could have shepherded this once classic show to its rightful end instead of the utter nonsense we've been stuck with by these two. If your heart isn't in it, you should have passed the torch, instead you've ruined the ending of a show people have invested years with, how utterly contemptible, what a betrayal of our time and our hearts.

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  • seleriemanga
    seleriemanga Prije mjesec

    S8E4 here:

  • MowapTv
    MowapTv Prije mjesec +5

    Thanks for ruining the fucking show.. well at least millions will want to read the books now..

    • Jazz Newman
      Jazz Newman Prije mjesec +3

      Agree 1000%, destroyed this Great Show with bad writing!

  • Jazz Newman
    Jazz Newman Prije mjesec +1

    HBO do us all a favour and sell Game of Thrones to Fox Studios or Disney as you people at HBO don't give a crap about Game of Thrones fans, as no one who cared would have approved such a super bad script, you have allowed David Benioff and Dan Weiss super bad writing to destroy a once great show! That is the TRUTH as we fans see it and we are not happy with HBO and Game of Thrones!

    • HostessMoses
      HostessMoses Prije mjesec

      Jazz Newman I guess now is a bad time to tell you D&D will also be doing the new Star Wars

  • Jazz Newman
    Jazz Newman Prije mjesec +1

    The have destroyed Game of Thrones with David Benioff and Dan Weiss super bad writing, such a waste of time and effort!

  • Jazz Newman
    Jazz Newman Prije mjesec +1

    Very bad Season 8, how could any company like HBO with such smart people in management ever approve such a super bad writing script and the approve it's production, why is it only Game of Throne fans can see that Season 8 is turning out to be a disaster, yet no one at HBO thought of maybe doing a script test or getting outside opinion, why was David Benioff and Dan Weiss allowed to have anything to do with the show after they screwed up Season 7.............why HBO???????

  • Jon Thunder
    Jon Thunder Prije mjesec +1


  • the legend of Algeria
    the legend of Algeria Prije mjesec +2

    The worst season of game of Thrones 😢🙁😧😦

  • Mauricio Rojo
    Mauricio Rojo Prije mjesec

    Is that Alys Karstark next to Ser Royce on 0:16?

  • Zoltan Gyongyossy
    Zoltan Gyongyossy Prije mjesec +1

    Seems the Producers, Thanos Snapped only half of daenerys armies

  • Ragul R
    Ragul R Prije mjesec +2

    The worst episode of the entire series. This is no story telling..

  • mojorochi
    mojorochi Prije mjesec +1

    How this doesn't have more dislikes

  • the gloomy kid
    the gloomy kid Prije mjesec +1

    Boring though

  • Yahya Baker
    Yahya Baker Prije mjesec +1

    Don't read the comment section.....
    You will die of laughter

  • Patricia Dugan
    Patricia Dugan Prije mjesec

    I just realized this morning and double checked. Tyrion told Jaime, just before Bronn appears, that he hasn't had sex in years. The man has been honoring his wedding vows! He stopped having sex with Shae after marrying Sansa. And he's had ample opportunity to have sexual partners. I'm even more certain that if he betrays Daenerys, it will be for SANSA.

    POSİTİVE ENERGY Prije mjesec

    5 gəlsinnnnnnn

  • Sergio Caballero
    Sergio Caballero Prije mjesec

    lord varys filtrará a la compañía Dorada que Jon Snow es Aegon Targaryen = Rey, amo y señor absoluto de la Compañía Dorada ( no podrán atacar a su Rey).-

  • Alin Meleandra
    Alin Meleandra Prije mjesec

    S8E4 Spoiler: Those scorpions... Man, I wish modern military had weapons like that? AAA guns that fire fast and accurate to take down a flying living creature and stealth enough not to be seen until they fire?
    I wonder if the US DOD is taking notes because with scorpions like Cersei's they can easily create a missile defense system...

    • Dziki Delfin1969
      Dziki Delfin1969 Prije mjesec

      They managed to kill the dragon only bacause Dany wasn't expecting their attack imo

  • Emrah Baran Işık
    Emrah Baran Işık Prije mjesec +4

    İdiots,How can you read this shit.I cant believe this terrible season

  • bella Feliciano
    bella Feliciano Prije mjesec

    dracarys 😢

  • tnsfmj15
    tnsfmj15 Prije mjesec +5

    I dont get why the writters have to ruin Khaleesi character in this episode. they dont do her justice! she's as much of hero as jon "stupid" snow! she lost and sacrifice the most yet people dont acknowledge it just because she's not from the north?! is the writters wants to show negative patriotism?
    i am also angry on how the show try to pitch the female leaders in this show. they made sansa, unnecessarily hate dany to the point she ignored what dany's had done to the north by saying "arya is the one who killed the night king". yes arya killed the night king but dany also help with the dragons and army. at least dany fight during the war! what did sansa do other than hiding and talked to tyrion? also. the writter show how sansa is so determined to take dany down out of jealousy when she asked tyrion "why her?" which led sansa to tell tyrion about jon snow knowing that tyrion would told varys and the world. i think the writter could show how women can be so powerful when they help each other!
    i am really dissappointed with this episode. i feel like the writter wants to erase all of the good thing/characters of dany in this one episode by showing all of her vulnerablility and flaws. i am not blaming her if she burn the kings landing down. she might as well burn the north for being ungrateful!

  • Mohamed Ameri
    Mohamed Ameri Prije mjesec +5

    We deserve an apology from D&D.

  • Nguyen Ngoc
    Nguyen Ngoc Prije mjesec +3


  • Sergio Caballero
    Sergio Caballero Prije mjesec +1

    Tendremos más dragones 🐉

  • Javier Andrés Hallet Torres

    What the heck was that episode?, U have destroyed the serie.

  • ñaño zerta
    ñaño zerta Prije mjesec

    (Episode 4) No tities, no sex, no close kill showed...It´s this still game of thrones

  • GoddessJunoBaby
    GoddessJunoBaby Prije mjesec +2

    Literally the fakest trailer once you watch the episode

  • The Businessman
    The Businessman Prije mjesec +1

    meh, smh about game of thrones

  • Billy Jones
    Billy Jones Prije mjesec +4

    what a shitty episode god damn

  • Philip George
    Philip George Prije mjesec +3

    Well at least we could see what was going on in this episode...

  • fifth estate
    fifth estate Prije mjesec +5

    next episode: Mad Queen vs Mad Queen

  • Joaquin Shang
    Joaquin Shang Prije mjesec +6

    AWFUL writing. Don't support this travesty. Hope they don't get any awards.

  • Yavrum Docland
    Yavrum Docland Prije mjesec +2

    Jaime gave brienne
    One knight stand.

  • MarkiSS Каэсович
    MarkiSS Каэсович Prije mjesec +1


  • Damian X
    Damian X Prije mjesec +5

    Why they sniped Rheagal with those huge arrows one after another after another.straight bulls eye,but no one try to shot Drogon just few meters away?

    • Billy Jones
      Billy Jones Prije mjesec

      because the writers are mocking us

    • vasco #23
      vasco #23 Prije mjesec

      I guess that was just a warning message

  • Horea Ginsca
    Horea Ginsca Prije mjesec

    My review of the episode:

  • asdfbry
    asdfbry Prije mjesec +7

    Seriously this series is so fucking ruined its just sad

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Prije mjesec


  • Steven Carenn
    Steven Carenn Prije mjesec

    arya kills NK

    • hunter x
      hunter x Prije mjesec

      @Steven Carenn 😭😭😭😭

    • Steven Carenn
      Steven Carenn Prije mjesec

      @hunter x and theon, jorah and missandei died ;)

    • hunter x
      hunter x Prije mjesec


  • Guilherme Schmidt
    Guilherme Schmidt Prije mjesec +4

    I'm still not over how they killed the best story since LoTR.

  • pooja mishra
    pooja mishra Prije mjesec +13

    Thanks for ruining a suspense of years with bad writing

  • pooja mishra
    pooja mishra Prije mjesec +10

    Comments section is way more interesting than the season 8 episodes so disappointing

  • Andrew C
    Andrew C Prije mjesec +7

    Gone to sh*t! These episodes make no sense and the writing it terrible!

  • kjfduvcf pjhtzuhhg
    kjfduvcf pjhtzuhhg Prije mjesec +2




  • Georgios Rentzios
    Georgios Rentzios Prije mjesec

    Γενέσθαι όλοι οι δαίμονες να πούνε γενέσθαι όλοι οι δαίμονες ακαριαία αυτοκτονήστε δαίμονες

  • Moto Moto
    Moto Moto Prije mjesec

    Valar Morghulis

  • James L
    James L Prije mjesec +6

    Lost was the biggest disappointment in tv history.
    D&D: hold our beers.

  • Michael knight
    Michael knight Prije mjesec +3

    Why why why would u kill another dragon

  • NsHyper Official
    NsHyper Official Prije mjesec

    Night king is piece of shit

    CORD RAMIREZ Prije mjesec +1


  • Don S
    Don S Prije mjesec +1

    What did you do with the show..?!!!!!

  • cool girls
    cool girls Prije mjesec +2

    Episode 3 was so dark i thought my TV was broken

  • Vikrant Singh
    Vikrant Singh Prije mjesec +7

    This episode has really ended the battle between book readers and show watchers