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  • KomedijaKomedija

Komentari • 12 663

  • 07Flame
    07Flame Prije 13 sati

    This video contains spoilers for end game

  • ThatMarvelNerd
    ThatMarvelNerd Prije 16 sati

    #YIAYjob Erin's a professional Furry! She goes to Furry Conventions and probably even walks around the house in a Fursuit when you aren't there!

  • Nugget :P
    Nugget :P Prije 16 sati

    #YIAYjob she works for the Canadian Mafia

  • Broken Hearts
    Broken Hearts Prije 17 sati

    #YAIYjob A real job

  • min tea
    min tea Prije 17 sati +1

    yeah the coin fake fact is actually true but the opposite way. the heads side is heavier so it’s marginally more likely to land TAILS side up.

  • Pickle hole Plays
    Pickle hole Plays Prije 18 sati

    A group of fortnite players is called a school of virgins

  • Thatdude WHOISnew
    Thatdude WHOISnew Prije 18 sati


  • Pucked
    Pucked Prije 21 sat

    #YIAYjob she works for today’s sponser

  • worldsmostretardedperson 4715472

    #YIAYjob okay

  • Spot
    Spot Prije 21 sat

    i didnt see the video and fell for the thanos one on insta, damn :(((

  • Nijad Gereige
    Nijad Gereige Prije 21 sat

    #YIAYjob jack’s beard

  • Excalibur Jax
    Excalibur Jax Prije 22 sati

    Please friend me in fortnite. My username is SuperLuckyBlock1

  • Excalibur Jax
    Excalibur Jax Prije 22 sati

    Finding the rarest Pepes. #YIAYjob @jacksfilms

    YA GURLL Prije 22 sati

    #YIAYjob staying as far away from u as she can.

  • Rajas A
    Rajas A Prije 22 sati +1

    #YIAYJob She's works in Advertising

    Total Shot in Dark

  • Ian Rispin
    Ian Rispin Prije 23 sati

    #YIAYjob Every day, Jack enters the dungeon so that Erin may act as his personal jester. She is paid in food.

  • jerm cherles
    jerm cherles Prije dan +1

    Maybe Erin is the job #YIAYjob

  • that one guy
    that one guy Prije dan

    #YIAY job
    I feel like Erin's job is being a slave to you

  • Red Cake
    Red Cake Prije dan

    #YIAYjob Writing all these comments for you
    that’s why everyone complains about not getting on YIAY, ITS NOT REAL

  • Tecliips
    Tecliips Prije dan

    #YIAYjob she teaches kids the deep dab

  • Jay L
    Jay L Prije dan

    #YIAYJob I think Erin works as a very hard working stripper

  • Alex is Wierd
    Alex is Wierd Prije dan

    #YIAYjob she has a real job unlike you

  • Cod Zombies Top 5s
    Cod Zombies Top 5s Prije dan

    #YIAYJob She’s a Roblox streamer

  • McKay Family
    McKay Family Prije dan +1

    #YAIYjob Plastic surgeon, mostly works on foreheads.

  • Bright and Dark
    Bright and Dark Prije dan

    #YİAYjob she is a fake fact finder

  • Heather Thomas
    Heather Thomas Prije dan

    Honestly Erin seems like either an editor or a nurse. Not a funny answer but you know they can't all be winners.

  • mouth sauce
    mouth sauce Prije dan +1

    Idk what this means I didn’t watch the video

  • Cuden
    Cuden Prije dan +1

    Fortnite youtuber that's her day job #YIAYjob

  • onion does stuff
    onion does stuff Prije dan

    #yiay she works as a forehead reduction surgeon

  • Tapue locket
    Tapue locket Prije dan

    NSFW N: Never S:Slurp F:Fucking W:worms

  • Marco Wong
    Marco Wong Prije dan

    lwiay is still better

  • Lizza
    Lizza Prije dan

    #YIAYjob Easy. Full time carer.

  • Lily Chancey
    Lily Chancey Prije dan

    The teacher one is actually true at least where I live

  • vivian nguyen
    vivian nguyen Prije dan

    She's the actress of the frustrated wife on all commercials

  • depravityPD
    depravityPD Prije dan

    #YIAYjob i know for a fact that Erin slings meth

  • Radioactive Sheep
    Radioactive Sheep Prije dan

    #yiayjob a better job then you

  • Anna Kane
    Anna Kane Prije dan

    #YIAYjob she is a financial income for u

  • PacJohn
    PacJohn Prije dan

    #YIAYjob editing your videos in her cage in the basement

  • Sam Maclachlan
    Sam Maclachlan Prije dan

    #YIAY she doesn’t have a job she’s living on your HRclipr payroll

  • Slenderman
    Slenderman Prije dan

    #YIAYjob She actually has a job

    Escaping the basement

  • Ricardo Wu
    Ricardo Wu Prije dan

    #YIAYjob Merry Ham from Pew News

  • ernesto hernandez
    ernesto hernandez Prije dan

    #YAIYjob Magician. So she can make Jack's for head disappear

  • Gaberedstone
    Gaberedstone Prije dan

    She doesn’t. She lives in the same cardboard box with you off HRclip income. #yiayjob

  • Alex Mahoney
    Alex Mahoney Prije dan

    #YIAYjob Nice try Jack. We all know she gets paid to be your wife

  • Rocky Moose
    Rocky Moose Prije dan

    She goes to another school.

  • Ella Gergeni
    Ella Gergeni Prije dan

    #YIAYjob Erin does a Cosplay. Shes done Shrek,Mike Wasowski,Dr Phil, and so much more!

  • Deborah Zimmerman
    Deborah Zimmerman Prije dan +1

    Erin’s day job is pretending to be married to you. Although you don’t pay her enough. #YIAYjob

  • the goblet
    the goblet Prije dan

    #yiayjob shes a warden. Jack is actually the prisoner. DISCLAIMER
    i was absolutely not hired to say this.

  • Mackay Bros
    Mackay Bros Prije dan

    She works for the Men in Black and your dogs can talk

  • Ivan Best Gamer
    Ivan Best Gamer Prije dan

    I got bamboozled with the Nepal flag fact on Twitter lol

  • isabella pajamas
    isabella pajamas Prije dan

    #YIAYjob A YIAY Live producer

  • Jenna Smith
    Jenna Smith Prije dan

    #YIAYjob She doesn't work Jack... *she's been dead for 40 years....*

  • Had had Bafd
    Had had Bafd Prije dan

    He gets the idea from Lylay

  • Eveydude
    Eveydude Prije dan

    nobody likes you anymore.

  • Maya W
    Maya W Prije dan

    #YIAYjob Being a human... same job as me

  • Zdix_YT
    Zdix_YT Prije dan

    Her job is to not have a job #YIAYjob

  • yeetus 399
    yeetus 399 Prije 2 dana

    Getting bamboozled into marrying you #YIAYjob

  • Gamer King Boss
    Gamer King Boss Prije 2 dana

    There's a 51 percent chance of it landing on heads

  • Vaxvi
    Vaxvi Prije 2 dana

    #yiayjob Editing your videos

  • Michael Sas
    Michael Sas Prije 2 dana

    #YIAYjob play fortnite

  • Giorgi Vacharadze
    Giorgi Vacharadze Prije 2 dana

    hate you

  • Giorgi Vacharadze
    Giorgi Vacharadze Prije 2 dana


  • Yeet Daddy Vids
    Yeet Daddy Vids Prije 2 dana

    #YIAYjob she works for the CIA

  • No Watch
    No Watch Prije 2 dana

    #YIAYjob ur probably not gonna read this but ok

  • Retroplayr
    Retroplayr Prije 2 dana

    Anyone else wanna know the other reasons Mr. blank should be in jail?

  • Ugly Tomato
    Ugly Tomato Prije 2 dana


  • YouTube Demonetization
    YouTube Demonetization Prije 2 dana

    #YIAYjob To clean out her prison cell in the basement.

  • IzTheWiz
    IzTheWiz Prije 2 dana +1

    #YIAYjob she’s in the kitchen making you sandwiches, where she belongs

  • taccos101
    taccos101 Prije 2 dana

    #YIAYjob She has to be a doctor, how else would you guys be living!
    I mean your a HRclipr!
    Unless She’s is nonexistent and you live in your parents house with a green screen for all your videos

  • Helpahoe
    Helpahoe Prije 2 dana +1

    WhAt A fUn FaCt

  • Hazel Murphy
    Hazel Murphy Prije 2 dana

    She’s probably a cook or waitress idk #Yiayjob

  • Jag är Jakob
    Jag är Jakob Prije 2 dana +1

    #yiayjob works for dreamworks on shrek 5

  • Brandon Crute
    Brandon Crute Prije 2 dana

    #YIAYjob Erin is the one who enslaves you to make these videos. This is the reason why your "burnout" video is FAKE!

  • I bet I can suck better peen then you But

    #YIAYjob every true jacksfilms fan knows that she’s a popular fortnite streamer

  • E E T Z J O S H
    E E T Z J O S H Prije 2 dana

    #YIAYjob She compiles Fortnite “funny” clips

  • Bacon penguin
    Bacon penguin Prije 2 dana

    #YIAIjob she makes people die

  • SMaO LC
    SMaO LC Prije 2 dana +1

    #YIAYjob She has the most wonderful job in the world : she’s a professional wife
    Woopsy doopsy nvm i forgot who she’s married to

  • Muntasir Mahmud
    Muntasir Mahmud Prije 2 dana

    #YIAYJOB i think she does something creative. Not like you copying LWIYAY and fortnite

  • SrTem
    SrTem Prije 2 dana

    #YIAYjob She makes sonic and shrek fanfics all day.

  • Shaunbhoy 13
    Shaunbhoy 13 Prije 2 dana

    #YIAYjob she works making new accounts she’s up to 4.6 million

  • Pineley
    Pineley Prije 2 dana

    #YIAYjob managing remedies for her stalk home syndrome.

  • mc360master
    mc360master Prije 2 dana

    #yiayjob she works for jacksepticeye because she got confused

  • COCO
    COCO Prije 2 dana


  • Zodiac Matrix
    Zodiac Matrix Prije 2 dana

    #YIAYjob Being your sister

  • Knifetyu78
    Knifetyu78 Prije 2 dana

    Remember that video with all the cancelled YIAY questions?
    Yeah, your wife did those
    What else is there to say

  • Lolz Machine Productions

    #YIAYjob she makes medication to increase forehead size.

  • Reaper LM
    Reaper LM Prije 2 dana


  • 69 subscriber no vid Challenge

    Plz stope copying pewds u unoriginal cnt

  • spyk-
    spyk- Prije 2 dana

    #YIAYjob: McDonald's

  • Galaxy Boy
    Galaxy Boy Prije 2 dana +2

    She works a plastic surgeon to fix such big foreheads such as yours

  • SpookyRuinsFest
    SpookyRuinsFest Prije 2 dana

    #YIAYjob Jack she quit her job after the accident. She’s stayed by your side this whole time, waiting from you to wake up from this coma nightmare of being a HRclipr. She wants her laser husband back. Please wake up.

  • rowan justrowan
    rowan justrowan Prije 2 dana

    Bacon greese just got in my eye

  • Yeah RDubbz_YT
    Yeah RDubbz_YT Prije 2 dana

    I think now it is ITLFDIAY.
    In the last four days I asked you.
    Not Yesterday I Asked You AKA/YIAY

  • The Drunkard Cat
    The Drunkard Cat Prije 2 dana


  • SuperBaconoverlord
    SuperBaconoverlord Prije 2 dana


    She is out of a job. She got a job at Walmart but she got caught watching YIAY videos during work.

  • ThatLolQueen Gaming
    ThatLolQueen Gaming Prije 2 dana

    #YIAYjob If you want a serious guess, she most likely goes around the house and finds random merch/things you've signed/personal information/nudes/things you've half eaten and takes them to a small booth where she sells it under the name 'Hooded Stalker' and get thousands of dollars a day from creepy people and a fanfic writers. Sometimes she'll even collect things at cons other youtuber's left behind! No wonder you have so much extra cash lying around. Now make sure she hasn't touched your check book yet...

  • luna heart
    luna heart Prije 2 dana +1

    Mail order wife
    Call: 1-800- I'm-lonely or go to

  • Roop Dog
    Roop Dog Prije 2 dana

    An insane asylum work.

    She works at your house. ;)

  • Alexia Jordan
    Alexia Jordan Prije 2 dana

    I saw these on ifunny and had no fucking idea I thought they were just memes

  • Lukas Borja
    Lukas Borja Prije 2 dana

    Clean your dirty diaper #YIAYjob