Game of Thrones: Cast Commentary on Brothers Beyond the Wall (HBO)

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  • "Ever been North before?"
    The cast discusses how a common cause forged new friendships. Game of Thrones airs on HBO on Sundays at 9.
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  • 100 000 subs 30 day challenge with 1 video

    Waiting for the next season I'm excited its so sooon

  • Ian Lim
    Ian Lim Prije godine +1

    down south the air smells like pigshit
    u've never been down south
    i've been to winterfell
    that's the north

  • Jason Garcia
    Jason Garcia Prije godine +1

    I think theon should've been part of the group I think he would've had good chemistry with the rest of the guys

  • Afaaf Simau
    Afaaf Simau Prije godine +1

    dont talk about family no gendry....

  • KingZ
    KingZ Prije godine +1

    Loved the dynamic between Tormund and Clegane.

  • M R A Scott
    M R A Scott Prije godine

    An obvious plot twist was missed in this part of the story (eps 6 & 7). The Army of the Dead seems to be 'adapted' to frigid conditions, hence its threatened invasion of the Southern lands coinciding with arrival of the periodic 'long Winter', much talked about.
    The 'specimen' of the Army of the Dead should have started to 'die' as it was taken South, into the warmer regions, someone then realising that it had to packed in ice to keep it 'alive'.

  • Gino Aldeguer
    Gino Aldeguer Prije godine +6

    last time we saw Gendry was at the Eastwatch? was he there when the night king arrived? so is he alive or dead? I hope he's not on Eastwatch

  • muttiplay
    muttiplay Prije godine +1

    gendry has white walker's eyes

  • Aethelred the forty-second

    These great conversations between characters - which had been somewhat lacking in earlier episodes - was what made this my favourite episode of the season. Yes, the premise was idiotic. But the *content* of the episode itself - brilliant action, special efforts, and character interactions and the way the writers and actors conjured up a sense of companionship between them - made it rather special.
    Game of Thrones has some of the best minor characters of any TV show, but as the series neared its endgame I feared they would have less time to shine, squashed between the overarching plot involving Cersei, Dany, Tyrion and Jon. This episode, at least, proved me wrong.

  • era _
    era _ Prije godine

    Is longclaw the lightbringer?

  • linda x
    linda x Prije godine

    tormund and the hound together were incredible

  • Joy Time
    Joy Time Prije godine +2

    The first time heard Joe Dempsie, I thought he said.
    "I think the running meme for Gendry is"

  • Tulsa Fox
    Tulsa Fox Prije godine

    Snow in Iceland where are there hats

  • expanding universe
    expanding universe Prije godine

    the tormund/hound duo is so fucking epic omg

  • General Kenobi
    General Kenobi Prije godine

    I am at SO3 EP5,this spoiled some things for me..shit.

  • Bloodies
    Bloodies Prije godine


  • Money Maker
    Money Maker Prije godine

    Want to watch GoT? email me at

  • RomanyGypsy92
    RomanyGypsy92 Prije godine +1

    Tormund sees the biggest, meanest guy and is like, "YO LET'S BE BEST FRIENDS!" Lol.

  • neithealebor
    neithealebor Prije godine

    The hound and Tormund... Great actors.. Fantastic quality in everything..

  • michael perussina
    michael perussina Prije godine

    Someone send that actor a copy of the old and newest magnificent 7

  • Dennis Kwok
    Dennis Kwok Prije godine

    Any people saying that this series doesn't have plot holes and terrible script-writing are either stupid or stupid.

  • omega_ocean
    omega_ocean Prije godine

    I think the guy that plays Thoros is a method actor, guy seems drunk as fuck lol

  • sleepinginvenus
    sleepinginvenus Prije godine +1

    lol this comment section full of people trying to convince themselves that this episode made sense. it didnt so put your lawyer badge away.

    • Italian Waffle
      Italian Waffle Prije 10 mjeseci

      sleepinginvenus I know, honestly these comments are hurting my soul.

  • IAmRedherrings
    IAmRedherrings Prije godine

    Tormund and the Hound bromance spin-off series, when this all blows over?

  • Mo
    Mo Prije godine +1

    First I thought it was called death is the enemy then beyond the wall now BROTHERS BEYOND THE WALL !!! FOR FUCK SAKES PICK A NAME AND STICK WITH IT.

  • Dagmar Eileen
    Dagmar Eileen Prije godine

    Didn't they just skip in time? It did look like Jon and co were on that little island for quite a while, maybe even more than a day, before the fight began, Thoros even froze to death, while he was still capable of running little before, I think that shows that they did wait quite a long time. The hound throwing rocks was stupid, but after being very bored for a long time, you can do stupis things like that.

  • Pekka R
    Pekka R Prije godine

    I hear lot of complains about the plot holes in this episode. Why they want to convince Cersei this way? Why not sent someone trustworthy North of the Wall and report to Cersei the truth about the White Walkers? But who would go? Quibyn? He certainly would have refused to go to see Army of the dead beyond the Wall and he is too old to make it the trip. Quibyn would have certainly suspected a trap. Jaime? Commander of the Lannister army with one hand would have certainly refused to do so. It's like we are losing the war but Dany wants most competent military leader to abandon his post and go see army of the dead beyond the Wall. And please trust us it's not a trap we are not fooling you 😄

  • Know Mo
    Know Mo Prije godine +1

    They deserve criticism not because it was absolute shite, but because everyone knows they can do better. Game of thrones used to be so dark, your favorite characters dying, heightened suspense, subtlety... you had to pay attention... there was something that set it apart for regular tv. Why does it feel like such a fucking cartoon show 😭😭😭

  • Arshad Abrahams
    Arshad Abrahams Prije godine

    The Hound and Tormund is comedic gold

  • Arshad Abrahams
    Arshad Abrahams Prije godine

    Jon and Dany is going to have a child

  • Raison
    Raison Prije godine

    The episode was amazing
    I don't understand why those bald cocksuckers whining

  • Manoj Pawar
    Manoj Pawar Prije godine

    There should have been a discussion included between hound and jon about Arya.

  • moose43h
    moose43h Prije godine

    Lotd of the rings

  • Will
    Will Prije godine +1

    This was definitely a top 3-4 episode all time, would have been #1 but a couple things just took me out of the flow of the episode.. the whole arya Sansa bit should have been cut, kinda screwed up the momentum. tormund should have been killed when he was being drug to the ice ( this would have given the episode two of the saddest moments of the series ) . The big thing that bothered me is the dragons, Jon, and benjens death. I think instead of nk going for the hardest possible target first he should have gone for drogon and this is what causes Jon to get off the dragon, not him just trying to look heroic. He should have rushed at the nk and done something to disrupt his throw, and gone up to the hill to cut the head off the snake and try to end the war before it starts. Once Jon gets on the hill he blocks nks view of drogon and THAT is why he takes out viserion. Then Jon waves at them to go while he stays back to finish the war. He tries to fight the nk but is cut off by 3 wight walkers, he fights and kills one but the other 2 severely injure him, the last thing dany and co see before they are out of view is Jon on his knees about to be executed. Just before the final blow is dealt benjiin shows up and the 2 fight and kill the ww together, after this benjin gets Jon on the horse and smacks it to make it run, he is swarmed IMEDIATELY after... not 20 seconds after.. and the rest of the show plays out as it did, but instead of treating hypothermia on the boat they are patching up his wounds.... that would have made the episode the best ever by a landslide imo.. was amazing how it turned out regardless

  • Reshma Ramachandran
    Reshma Ramachandran Prije godine

    Love how most of them have a different accent in real life.

  • PuppyBaekiee
    PuppyBaekiee Prije godine +2


  • beth stanley
    beth stanley Prije godine

    The dirty 7. Lol.

  • HeFockingLeftTheBand
    HeFockingLeftTheBand Prije godine +1

    The Hound and Tormund is the buddy comedy duo I didn't know I needed.

  • GnatKnight
    GnatKnight Prije godine

    This feels like a game of thrones reality show. I like it

  • Musa BlueFire
    Musa BlueFire Prije godine

    Yo david and db guy can you please stop the time travel for season 8, and some more characters that matter dying in an unexpected way

  • Very Nice
    Very Nice Prije godine

    Irony is a "manfucker" is the only one to ever defeat his brother in the show...

  • John Hegarty
    John Hegarty Prije godine

    This ep was so good I watched it four times it was like a film camera work was excellent and I loved the band of brothers that went beyond the wall they were the right men for the job👍🏻👌🏼

  • Elionora cc
    Elionora cc Prije godine

    I have read the books an I think that this is an amazing adaptation of them cause the books are too much and sometimes there are parts that are boring as all books when they explain thing a show is totally diferent you have a giant amount of people that are waiting to be amaze, I don't understand all the hate on the writing and actors they are doing well considering the time HBO gave them.

  • Milos Pavlovic
    Milos Pavlovic Prije godine

    can night king revive the dragons under king's landing

  • Lizzy
    Lizzy Prije godine

    I want a bromance between Tormund and the Hound

  • Iron Lung
    Iron Lung Prije godine +1

    Bros before hoes

  • jose tellez
    jose tellez Prije godine +1

    Hi everyone

  • Cyanporo
    Cyanporo Prije godine

    Jon snow's party is pretty badass you gotta admit

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Prije godine +1

    The Hound to Tormund: "I dont give two shits about wildlings, its gingers i hate"
    The Hound is hands down my favourite character, just love how unfiltered he is.

  • Kevin O'Riordan
    Kevin O'Riordan Prije godine

    They better not delay season 8 til 2019. I'll be happy with September or October of next year, but not 2019.

  • Jens Danneels
    Jens Danneels Prije godine

    GoT season 7 premier gets delayed: people complain because they can't wait that long.
    It's finally here: the same people complain that it feels rushed.

  • GG
    GG Prije godine +7

    Lmao the actors sound so goofy with their english accents

    • Know Mo
      Know Mo Prije godine

      GG 0:50 😭😂😂

  • oooSKYLIGHTooo
    oooSKYLIGHTooo Prije godine

    RIP Thoros!

  • N D
    N D Prije godine

    Brothers Beyond the Wall >>>>>> Suicide Squad

  • ghu83
    ghu83 Prije godine +1

    the problem with you people is that you don't give a shit about coherence as long as they put those little fan services to keep your dulled minds quiet. You won't accept criticism saying that you don't care if people have a different opinion than yours and you make up tens of different gullible excuses for extremely poor writing. The whole plan was just a fucking dumb idea. The timeline makes no sense whatsoever. You either say that they stayed there for days, say that it was badly displayed and then you accept that they should have died of frost exposure or you say that gendry, ravens and dragons all run and fly incredibly fast. Also, was daenerys was not cold at all flying high speed on a dragon? Not to mention the terrible appearance of benjen who saves the days just to die for no reason. As if all this shit was not enough, then you have the huge chains appearing from nowhere, the undeads swimming to the bottom of the lake to get the dragon and finally that horrible scene in the boat that seemed to come out of an erotic novel for horny teenage girls who masturbate in the bathtub thinking about the vampire in twilight boning the girl. You should all be ashamed of excusing this lame plot.

    • Know Mo
      Know Mo Prije godine

      it's bad pussyyyy

  • Elsa B
    Elsa B Prije godine

    My favorite scene from this episode! Love Tormund❤️

  • Ronin Los
    Ronin Los Prije godine

    Lol there voices sound different with those accents

  • Rattletop
    Rattletop Prije godine +1

    Jorah friendzoned Longclaw.

  • Ralph Ronwell Palma
    Ralph Ronwell Palma Prije godine

    Beyond the Wall is like the Icy Mordor of Westeros

  • aUsualSuspect -
    aUsualSuspect - Prije godine

    Hi guys, I've set up a new channel dedicated to film and TV. Would be greatly appreciated if you could check it out. Thank you :)

  • Prasad Bankar
    Prasad Bankar Prije godine +1

    Where is the teleport that gendry and daenryes used ?

  • Michael Chiu
    Michael Chiu Prije godine

    Wish their journey together had lasted longer! Would have watched a whole 7 seasons of just the Brothers Beyond the Wall!!

    • Michael Chiu
      Michael Chiu Prije godine

      Be like 'Band of Brothers' but with dragons, dicks, cunts and necrophilia?! @.@|||

  • Renee Cheeba
    Renee Cheeba Prije godine +1

    I was only disappointed by the white walkers pulling the Dragon out of the lake. Was hoping for some Wrath of the Lich King shit, dragon awaking from below the ice and scaring the shit outta me. Not an Avatar eye zoom in. But was still bad ass

  • Christopher
    Christopher Prije godine

    There were some stupid moments that made me roll my eyes, but what really killed it for me in this episode was jon being saved at the last second by danny, and ben. Way too cliche for me. They could have done something more clever. Like jon getting out of the ice, and seeing the night king resurrect the dragon. And then the king looks at jon and does that `come at me bro` taunt, and then lets him go. Cut away to jon walking back to the tower where he meets up with ben who saves him from the freezing to death. That'd would be way cooler than what we got.

  • Matisse B
    Matisse B Prije godine +30

    I don't get it? What did everyone expect from season 7? It's coming to an end so no there's no little scenes where intelligent people drink wine and talk politics or scenes at court in kings landing where they are eating cheese and taking about their plans to take the throne? There just isn't any side story anymore BECAUSE we have come to the end of the series with only the purposes, and those are: who's gonna sit on the iron throne, and what's gonna happen with the white walkers. So off course it's obvious that their are going to be more battles and less interesting conversations, and no it's not the same vibe as before because it's fucking winter now and there aren't that many characters left. Now stop moaning and enjoy.

    • Nicolás Beltrán
      Nicolás Beltrán Prije godine

      valar serieshullis Easy throughout the week until next episode was eared she went to highgarden

    • Dominik Wrona
      Dominik Wrona Prije godine +1

      Witch Of the lord Olenna is a witch so she took her broomstick

    • ɩ valar
      ɩ valar Prije godine

      Olenna Tyrell how do you manage to be in dragonstone at 7x2 and the next episode in highgarden?

  • BlaBlaBlaaa
    BlaBlaBlaaa Prije godine

    I can't fucking understand whats Paul Kaye is saying

  • Lucid Horizon
    Lucid Horizon Prije godine

    Iain Glen is a sexy mofo.

  • thirdworldhipster
    thirdworldhipster Prije godine +2

    Jon could have just given his sword to Lady Lyanna Mormont instead

  • DireWolf x3
    DireWolf x3 Prije godine +1

    I think all seasons game of thrones really good,and this one is too good to watch for night and night....Jon Snow is my best and stronger character 😀...I love GoT...#WinterIsHere...AMAZING EPISODE!👏👏👏

  • Azor Ahai
    Azor Ahai Prije godine

    Jon wants ice back

  • Foto
    Foto Prije godine

    1:28 I love it lol

  • joanna v
    joanna v Prije godine

    Where is ghost???????

  • Matthew kornman
    Matthew kornman Prije godine +1

    I'm putting predictions on the very last episode.... The Hound vs, Tormund vs Jamie. All fight against each other... Last one alive marries Brienne. Then the monster babies will conquer the world.

  • Kal Puh
    Kal Puh Prije godine

    So as cold and death filled the earth, the last hero determined to seek out the children, in the hopes that their ancient magics could win back what the armies of men had lost. He (Jon Snow) set out into the dead lands with a sword (Longclaw), a horse (Benjen's horse), a dog(the Hound), and a dozen companions (rest of the crew + Danaerys + Benjen)

    • Kal Puh
      Kal Puh Prije godine

      "One by one his friends died" also means everyone else is fucked

  • Esmail Khalili
    Esmail Khalili Prije godine

    Paul Kaye would be a great guy to have a beer with.

  • Nikola Bijeliti
    Nikola Bijeliti Prije godine +3

    Why is multiculturalism foisted on EVERY White country and ONLY on White countries? Why aren't ANY White countries permitted to maintain their own race and culture? This is not done to any non-White country.
    Assimilation and integration are foisted ONLY on White countries.
    They call this anti-racist, but the end result is the elimination of only one race, the White race.
    Multiculturalism is a codeword for White genocide.
    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

    • Know Mo
      Know Mo Prije godine +1

      Nikola Bijeliti white walkers are racist

    • G1nger519
      G1nger519 Prije godine +9

      Nikola Bijeliti i think you are on the wrong tab

  • Riebut Ellya Febrianasari

    Why does it seem at 2:14 I saw there's kinda "Ew" written on Thoros' forehead??? ^^"

  • Darkness1984
    Darkness1984 Prije godine

    This episode didn't have nearly as many plot holes as a lot of you pseudo-intellectual whiners are claiming. You guys are just hilariously misinterpreting what happened.
    How did the Night King know to bring chains? Because he has "the sight" and visions of the future like Bran, Jojen, and the Red Priests and knew Dany was going to come with her dragons.
    Why did the Night King attack Viserion before Drogon? Because Viserion was flying in his direction breathing fire while Drogon was not an imminent threat.
    How did the ravens and Dany travel from dragonstone to the wall in 1 day? First of all it was more than 1 day; as shown by the fact that it went from dark to light and furthermore dragons can go 500mph which is easily enough to get from dragonstone to the wall in a few hours. And in a fantasy series with zombies/dragons/magic/etc. its not hard to imagine a raven could reach dragonstone in a few days considering real life ravens can fly long distances at an average of 55mph.
    How did the wights get the chains under water if wights can't swim? The wights didn't need to swim to put the chains on Viserion. They just needed to sink. No one said the wights who put the chains on him came back up.

  • raustin91
    raustin91 Prije godine

    "Kit Harington" typo @ 0:22

    HARSHIL RATHORE Prije godine

    Jorah and littlefinger will die in next episode

  • SirHammerHead888
    SirHammerHead888 Prije godine +2

    "CLO-VIS .. CLO-VIS!!"

  • Ronaldo Frias
    Ronaldo Frias Prije godine

    Where is Beric Dondarrion's actor (Richard Dormer)? Is Beric dead?

  • Half-Blood Mutant
    Half-Blood Mutant Prije godine

    "He just loves big mean guys" haha

  • danekarl
    danekarl Prije godine

    I'm glad the characters had time to interact, they all had some much shit happen to them, some directly affecting the others,, but they come together for a purpose.

  • PHIFan-MIA
    PHIFan-MIA Prije godine +1

    GoT fathom is so dumb right now. They expect everything to be explained in one ep all they want is instant progression. Have they ever read a GRRM book? Most of the time you don't get a straight answer to all the questions lol. Yes, I know that ones bitching are a vocal minority but they're still annoying lol

  • Suga Dewantha
    Suga Dewantha Prije godine

    This is the Real Brotherhood!

  • Varata
    Varata Prije godine

    I love how the actors slide back to their original accent lololol

  • ManWithNoName
    ManWithNoName Prije godine

    Loved this episode, a bit predictable if you're paying attention but as a fan of all things GOT it was so glorious to behold!

  • ajm2352
    ajm2352 Prije godine +1

    Tormund to the Hound: "I don't think you're really mean. You've got sad eyes". People say the same about me LOL! Damn near brought a tear to my eye 😪😂.

  • Rei Da Noite
    Rei Da Noite Prije godine


  • Artemis
    Artemis Prije godine

    I want a fuckin' Gendry and Arya reunion....

  • ridz216
    ridz216 Prije godine +9

    I LOVED all the 1-on-1 dialogues in this Episode they all were really funny and good

  • Rocky Esposito
    Rocky Esposito Prije godine +2

    "I want to make babies with her, great big monsters, they'll conquer the world!" 😂😂😂

    RAGNARSSON - Prije godine

    Tormund should have died and brienne should have been sad about it

  • Yani Lat
    Yani Lat Prije godine

    You guys killed of my dragon! Unforgivable!

  • Abdullahi Ahmed
    Abdullahi Ahmed Prije godine

    Euron kills Jorah in the next episode.

  • misanthropicbyday
    misanthropicbyday Prije godine +2

    Lack of family?.... LACK OF FAMILY!?! Arya said she could be your family you nob head.

  • Fernanda Pereira
    Fernanda Pereira Prije godine +1

    If you here to read the comments... Some people liked the episode, some people didnt and now they all need to argue to know who is right. As usual, none of them know shit and they all act like they do.

  • WolfPhysiKs
    WolfPhysiKs Prije godine +1

    I hate it when people say that "haters" are just hating cos they like to complain. No! There were some legitimate flaws in this episode! And then people say "don't watch it then" which is even more infuriating! Anything created for entertainment is made to be critiqued. If there is something a viewer doesn't like about an episode, they have the damn right to state it!

    • WolfPhysiKs
      WolfPhysiKs Prije godine

      That being said: I did enjoy this episode but I felt it was lacklustre. I have many reasons but this ain't no fucking review.

  • WolfPhysiKs
    WolfPhysiKs Prije godine

    All these people complaining about where the Wights got the chain from and why the NK didn't kill Drogon. And I'm just sitting here wondering why the gang decided to run further north across an ice lake instead of run back to The Wall with Gendry. They had what they came for: the Wight. Why stick around?

    • Tom McGrath
      Tom McGrath Prije godine

      WolfPhysiKs They were being surrounded by wights and had to take care of Thoros.