"Bring me his head" #ForTheThrone Clip | Game of Thrones | Season 1

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  • Bring me his head #ForTheThrone.
    The final season of Game of Thrones returns in April.
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  • No Siemka Siemka
    No Siemka Siemka Prije 13 dana

    Ned died because he was played by Sean Bean lol

  • chrismne92
    chrismne92 Prije 14 dana

    it still hurst watching this and knowing how season 8 ended. They ruined the best series on the planet.

  • Guzmán M. Petit
    Guzmán M. Petit Prije 18 dana

    Sir Ilyin! Bring me his head.
    What a delivery.

  • Alexandre Beaugrand
    Alexandre Beaugrand Prije 25 dana +1

    "House Lannister, before the end, you will be brought before the Gods to receive your judgement. Cursed, all Cursed, to the 13th generation of your race!"

  • SunnyD
    SunnyD Prije 27 dana

    Don’t worry...House Stark ends up winning the game of thrones in the end

  • The Caring Adolf Hitler

    dracarys!!! 🔥🔥🔥🐉🐉🐉

  • hukso huksovich
    hukso huksovich Prije mjesec

    those were the days

  • Namrata Shembekar
    Namrata Shembekar Prije 2 mjeseci

    After all this time... Still haven't recovered from this scene.

  • At Hunkydory
    At Hunkydory Prije 2 mjeseci +5

    There is no character I miss more than Ned Stark.

  • NoahGotStyle
    NoahGotStyle Prije 2 mjeseci

    Most saddest and shocking moment in this show and possibly any other show ever. nothing on this show has been more shocking than this :o

  • Ismael Martin
    Ismael Martin Prije 2 mjeseci

    What was doing that lannister soldier in the crowd? 1:37

  • Mixman
    Mixman Prije 2 mjeseci

    As if watching Boromir die wasn't enough, some years later Sean Bean's character died again. I like Sean Bean for playing his characters so greatly yet I hate how he has to die

  • Aaron George
    Aaron George Prije 2 mjeseci


  • Super Blaze99
    Super Blaze99 Prije 2 mjeseci

    Plz watch S1 carefully and some moments of S2. This scene will definitely play a huge role in S8.
    Ned Stark really has the huge role in S8 (I can feel it). Also look the S1 poster carefully. There is lot to the picture.

  • Kevin Neary
    Kevin Neary Prije 2 mjeseci

    Who played it in slow motion?

  • Rituraj Thakur
    Rituraj Thakur Prije 3 mjeseci

    After this I was thinking what's left for me to watch now
    Turns out this is pretty normal for this show and then I got used to main characters dying

  • volkan alkan
    volkan alkan Prije 3 mjeseci

    orospu cocuguu joffrey

  • Carlo Dizon
    Carlo Dizon Prije 3 mjeseci

    When he executed i feel bad for him

  • jae
    jae Prije 3 mjeseci

    WIMP! The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword.

  • Andrea Kuprat
    Andrea Kuprat Prije 3 mjeseci

    Classic Sean bean

  • T. B.
    T. B. Prije 3 mjeseci

    I still think Joffrey should have died way worse. He is the Dennis the menace for the new millennium. Little Shit

  • makaveli511
    makaveli511 Prije 3 mjeseci

    Sean bean is the best actor in drama

  • alex alex
    alex alex Prije 3 mjeseci +1

    I still cry at this damn scene...ugh😭😭😭😭😭

  • Wendy DiPietro
    Wendy DiPietro Prije 3 mjeseci

    This is when shit got REAL.
    no character is “safe” here out. I was shook to the core.

  • mikufikunapatuyku
    mikufikunapatuyku Prije 3 mjeseci

    Who is watching all the videos after seeing new trailer?

  • Yezen
    Yezen Prije 3 mjeseci

    Even though he didn’t make it past the first season, he’s still my favorite character

  • Tesla
    Tesla Prije 3 mjeseci

    This is where this show made its mark on the world.

  • Lily Bingham
    Lily Bingham Prije 3 mjeseci

    This scene changed Sansa entirely. This scene set the war off. And to see that this show will end this year.

  • Felipe Gomes
    Felipe Gomes Prije 3 mjeseci

    i wish Joffrey was alive just for him die again

  • entertainment study
    entertainment study Prije 4 mjeseci

    i dont have courage to watch this right now ...been so deep with the show it hard to...

  • moksh baweja
    moksh baweja Prije 4 mjeseci

    Bring me his head
    That dialogue changed my feelings about this show .

  • Ayten Kahya
    Ayten Kahya Prije 4 mjeseci


  • ahmed ismael
    ahmed ismael Prije 4 mjeseci

    before this scene i thougt that ned starck is the real first hero who will complete for the last ... well i get really shocked and my thought has been completly crashed

  • Ravi Teja
    Ravi Teja Prije 4 mjeseci

    Revive him even in this season

  • Mhym07
    Mhym07 Prije 4 mjeseci

    The moment before the tragedy

  • sincerelygenno _
    sincerelygenno _ Prije 4 mjeseci

    this is what had set everything off

  • Vinoothna peruri
    Vinoothna peruri Prije 4 mjeseci

    I cried

  • kara katun
    kara katun Prije 4 mjeseci

    Valar Morghulis...

  • Raju
    Raju Prije 5 mjeseci

    It was the second shocking incident...first one was jamie lannister pushing 10 year old Brandon stark from tower.

  • Andrii Tymchenko
    Andrii Tymchenko Prije 5 mjeseci

    Ned Stark was stupid. He deserved to die. I liked the look on his face when he realized that because of his stupid decisions his children are now all alone, his friend is dead, many of his people will die, and there is nothing he can do. The look of complete helplessness. Love this show.

  • Clemens Ratte-Polle
    Clemens Ratte-Polle Prije 5 mjeseci

    what does she say at 1:00 ? "Listen, this is..."

  • Agam Ambika Shangari
    Agam Ambika Shangari Prije 5 mjeseci

    This scene is the reason I continued watching game of thrones. This scene made it clear no one is safe in this no matter how important or honorable the character is he can die.. This was a Turing point because for the most part Ned was the protagonist for the first season..

  • Belle Bonnebranche
    Belle Bonnebranche Prije 5 mjeseci +2

    This scene was incredibly upsetting and filled me with rage for days. I prayed for revenge.

  • Shishir Clans
    Shishir Clans Prije 5 mjeseci

    Joffery, the worst king ever -_-

  • Delia456t Kidd
    Delia456t Kidd Prije 6 mjeseci

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    También hay que verlo Feliz Navidad y Año Nuevo.

  • Andrew May
    Andrew May Prije 6 mjeseci

    Did everyone see Varis run to the king and beg for Neds life? What is the spider up to?

    • Andrew May
      Andrew May Prije 5 mjeseci

      He already knew it, in episode 5 he said the lions and wolves are at each others throats.. etc.. botched up killing his kid. Etc.

    • Jeffaft
      Jeffaft Prije 5 mjeseci

      he realises this is the begining of the war between lanisters and starks

  • Gunjan Sanghvi
    Gunjan Sanghvi Prije 6 mjeseci

    Who else found Joffrey the most annoying character?

  • Nilanjan Paul
    Nilanjan Paul Prije 6 mjeseci

    i just wanted Joffrey to be alive when Cersie was being taken imprisonment by the Seven Septoms.

  • Aman
    Aman Prije 6 mjeseci

    You just put chillies on my old scars.

  • Rohan Volrath
    Rohan Volrath Prije 6 mjeseci

    Joffrey should have been beheaded instead, with his head on one the swords of the iron throne .. looking like a damn kebab ..

  • Gabriel Avinte
    Gabriel Avinte Prije 6 mjeseci +1

    E foi nessa hora que eu pensei: "É agora que alguém aparece e salva a cabeça do Ned...

  • betterinsodapop
    betterinsodapop Prije 6 mjeseci +1

    Can you imagine if Eddard had been allowed to take the Black? Would've been pretty interesting.

  • rajeshmaruth reddy
    rajeshmaruth reddy Prije 6 mjeseci

    Fuck the king

  • Maximuz
    Maximuz Prije 6 mjeseci

    I bet that he whispered "All men must die".

  • Boardman
    Boardman Prije 6 mjeseci

    In the first episode of s.1 he cuts someone’s head off. Last episode of the season, they cut off his head

  • Nèô Àrtyum
    Nèô Àrtyum Prije 6 mjeseci

    Too bad my friend spoiled a lot of GOT EVENTS to before i watched it

  • Fahim Ashraf
    Fahim Ashraf Prije 6 mjeseci +3

    That's the reality,
    Honourable and loyal man end up being villain..
    like Ned stark all people call him Traitor

  • _M.E.L_
    _M.E.L_ Prije 6 mjeseci +1

    Yes I’m gonna torture myself and rewatch this scene before work 🙂💔

  • Fatih ç.
    Fatih ç. Prije 6 mjeseci

    Stopppp it !!! Stoopp !

  • Talha Özer
    Talha Özer Prije 6 mjeseci

    Fuck you Joffrey fuck you

  • shashank kumar thakur
    shashank kumar thakur Prije 6 mjeseci

    The same feeling when kiki was killed Narcos Mexico .

  • Lyra Snow
    Lyra Snow Prije 6 mjeseci

    And that's when we all realised, "Jesus fucking Christ what did I get myself into "

  • Muthu Kumar
    Muthu Kumar Prije 6 mjeseci

    Winter is Still Coming 😠

  • Brad TvChannel
    Brad TvChannel Prije 6 mjeseci +1

    That was personal.

  • TWSTF 8
    TWSTF 8 Prije 6 mjeseci +1

    Word 🤘

  • Francisco Fernandez
    Francisco Fernandez Prije 7 mjeseci +17

    For me the greatest character of this story. Ned Stark.

  • Adam Patoleta
    Adam Patoleta Prije 7 mjeseci

    It's good that Joffrey, this little trash died. I hate him for Ned's death. I'm glad he died so horribly

  • Arsyn Furiosa
    Arsyn Furiosa Prije 7 mjeseci


  • Vagner Santos
    Vagner Santos Prije 7 mjeseci


  • cedric van laer
    cedric van laer Prije 7 mjeseci

    1:55 valar morghulis

  • Ja Ja
    Ja Ja Prije 7 mjeseci

    i remember after watching this i force myself to believe that it's not Ned Stark they beheaded..

  • SatansBraten
    SatansBraten Prije 7 mjeseci +1

    The north will remember

  • Nirmit Mishra
    Nirmit Mishra Prije 7 mjeseci +1

    And then, everything went South.

    TONY STARK Prije 7 mjeseci


  • Yeenie Yan
    Yeenie Yan Prije 7 mjeseci +5

    Varys running over to Sansa when she went hysterical. Back then we had no idea this bald guy would be one of the best players of the game. GOT rewatches are so much worth it when you get to notice the littlest of things or compare the characters from what they are now.

  • Faruok Ag
    Faruok Ag Prije 7 mjeseci +5

    Why there's a blood on his face 1:26
    And here not 1:34

  • Ahtisham Shahid
    Ahtisham Shahid Prije 7 mjeseci

    only good thing the late LittleFinger did was to kill Joffery.

  • Sana Hussain
    Sana Hussain Prije 7 mjeseci

    Okay!!! Okay!!! It's on its way people!!! Brace yourself!!!!

  • Abhishek Ojha
    Abhishek Ojha Prije 7 mjeseci

    And I thought ned stark will be there for the entire series.Oh GOT

  • Nubia Rodríguez
    Nubia Rodríguez Prije 7 mjeseci

    Muy doloroso, de los capítulos más tristes de la serie ... 😢.. ni lo he podido superar...

  • Malena Nieva
    Malena Nieva Prije 7 mjeseci

    Una escena que nunca voy a superar...q inocencia la mia por pensar que Ned por ser el supuesto protagonista no moriría.

  • Stranger Resuello
    Stranger Resuello Prije 7 mjeseci +1

    *i really wish at the end of the show, ALL the unanswered questions will finally be answered*

    ROCKDEVOTEE Prije 7 mjeseci


  • Abubakar Zaifada
    Abubakar Zaifada Prije 7 mjeseci +12

    The first WTF moment in GOT.

    • Eleştiren Adam
      Eleştiren Adam Prije 3 mjeseci

      Abubakar Zaifada Nope! First wtf moment is s1e1 last scene. ;)

  • shimirii
    shimirii Prije 7 mjeseci

    arya is going to go ham in 5 months

  • Caffeinated Nation
    Caffeinated Nation Prije 7 mjeseci

    The scene that began it all...

  • I_Am_SamIII
    I_Am_SamIII Prije 7 mjeseci +2

    Sir Ilyn... bring me the season 8 trailer!

  • Ultimate Book Maniacs
    Ultimate Book Maniacs Prije 7 mjeseci

    Is it crazy that I LOVE Joffery's voice in this scene, especially when he says "Ser Illyn, bring me his head." Or am I the only one?

  • A
    A Prije 7 mjeseci

    Poor Arya and Sansa

  • A
    A Prije 7 mjeseci

    Ned 💔😭

  • Warren Gouldthorpe
    Warren Gouldthorpe Prije 7 mjeseci

    I feel sorry for sean bean in almost every thing that he's in he ends up dying

  • Kahini Ki ?
    Kahini Ki ? Prije 7 mjeseci

    Game of Thrones explained Bangla

  • Avi Ag.
    Avi Ag. Prije 7 mjeseci

    Here is where it all started.

  • Tajh xo
    Tajh xo Prije 7 mjeseci

    I’m STILL mad about this. Fucking Jeoffrey 🙄

  • Monica Rojas
    Monica Rojas Prije 7 mjeseci

    that's when i realize this wasn't going to be just another show

  • Nathan Scott
    Nathan Scott Prije 7 mjeseci +1

    1:30 Sansa sounds just like Shireen. 💀

  • Taimoor Shah
    Taimoor Shah Prije 7 mjeseci

    Still miss him

  • appu me
    appu me Prije 7 mjeseci

    This was the 1st shock george gave us..

  • Manas Sharma
    Manas Sharma Prije 7 mjeseci

    Saddest scene in the series

  • Mina Sousa
    Mina Sousa Prije 7 mjeseci

    shit I cried again...