Game of Thrones: Season 7 Episode 6: Inside the Episode (HBO)


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  • HB
    HB Prije 2 mjeseci

    But like.. Jon didn't need to keep walking the opposite direction to kill wights.. he could have just gotten his ass on the dragon!

  • Lego Qui-Gon Jinn
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    What an awful episode

  • mwamba katambwa
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    There were only 8 people that went to this expedition..where did that random person that was mauled by the bear come from,? And where did that person that got attacked and killed by the white walkers come from?... Just before daenerys came with the dragons?..
    Anyways I liked the conversations btn the hound and tormmund

  • Chrysaura
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    My only question for this incredible episode is... WHY did the Night King have several giant industrial chains with him and where were they keeping them? It's not like triple A serves the north beyond the wall

  • Jules 1207
    Jules 1207 Prije 8 mjeseci

    I like any episode where there are white walkers and I enjoyed this episode purely for that reason. That being said, this episode was also retarded

  • Farah Tiffani
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    so who were diving to the water to put the chain in Viserion? we need answer.

  • TWSTF 8
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    🍸 drink! 🍺

    Every time Benioff or Weiss says, " terms of..." 👍

  • TWSTF 8
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    This show has dragons, a smoking hot fireproof dragon queen, a 300 year old red witch that gives birth to a murderous blood magic shadow baby monster, and an icy undead zombie army, and everyone's bangin' on about "logic"?!
    Is it THAT far-fetched to expand your suspension of disbelief to; "all-encompassing?"
    Instead of incessantly complaining, everyone should try to just enjoy it for what it is.
    Or, go watch something else!
    There's plenty of more entertainment available out there. for anyone who insists on watching more, "logic," based television. 👍

  • Sera Sera
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    For all the hate this comment section has, a majority of the fanbase aren't so moody and focus on the positive of this episode and therefore they enjoyed it and that's including some book readers.

  • Yomate Jalsea
    Yomate Jalsea Prije godine

    Why is Arya being so insane?

  • Jake Kohoko
    Jake Kohoko Prije godine

    you know if they bothered to put an extra episode in the season maybe most of these issues would go away

  • 1manuscriptman
    1manuscriptman Prije godine

    Astonishing that D & D thought that this story was good.

  • hushedBitch
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    Dany and Jon getting together is the end of me. My ship has finally sailed!!!! ❤️❤️❤️ That handsex scene make my heart flutter! Epic chemistry

  • Sloth Man
    Sloth Man Prije 2 godina

    Are Weiss and Benioff for real? Surely even they cant believe the BS they are saying.

  • TheAireaidLord
    TheAireaidLord Prije 2 godina

    Warning: Excessive amounts of whining and crying in the comments suggestion. You've been warned.

  • Jeffrey Wei
    Jeffrey Wei Prije 2 godina

    Am I the only one who thinks the face looks like Donald Trump?

  • Hound
    Hound Prije 2 godina

    there was supposed to be two dead bears, amirite?

  • Nazim Pathan
    Nazim Pathan Prije 2 godina

    S07e07 is last episode of 2017 or some left

  • Dali El Salvador
    Dali El Salvador Prije 2 godina

    2:49 he says 'coldhands' but its confirmed that Uncle Benjen is not Coldhands by George Martin himself!

  • Timothy Wilkes
    Timothy Wilkes Prije 2 godina

    Arya knew exactly what she was doing, game of faces means she was putting on a good facade, it's was all about convincing Littlefinger she was the bad Wolf 🐺 to the point even he wouldn't see the penny drop with Sansa because he trained her to much.

  • Michelle P
    Michelle P Prije 2 godina +1

    "For dragons are fire made flesh." - Quaithe
    (1) You can't use ice magic to give life to fire beings!
    (2) When the white walker died, all the humans he turned died as well. So we know that the humans use life energy supplied by the white walker. And we are supposed to believe, the Night King could just awake the dragon without any repercussions? Powerful magic always comes at a cost. The awakening of the ice dragon is a huge plot hole in an otherwise carefully crafted universe!

  • Aethelred the forty-second

    This was one of my favourite episodes.
    Yes, the premise was silly and some of the plot developments were highly questionable, to put it mildly (though the reveal of the Ice-Dragon was highly chilling). But what made it great was the character interactions at the start: the banter between Tormund and the Hound; the friendship between Berric and Thoros; Jorah refusing to take Jon's sword.
    What makes Game of Thrones the best show on television, in my view, is not the twists and turns in story, but the character developments, and particularly the attention the show pays to minor characters. In this aspect, the episode thrived, easing my earlier concerns that the show would become too dominated by Jon/Cersei/Dany.
    It was highly enjoyable.

  • Rivia
    Rivia Prije 2 godina

    Plot armour is when there are only 5 fodder men but 10 of them die. How? Doesn't matter as long as the mains are safe. Hollywood drama at it's finest.

  • Splendid Truth
    Splendid Truth Prije 2 godina

    where did the dead army find such huge chains?

  • Marlon Moller
    Marlon Moller Prije 2 godina

    yourself onion house condition focus infant president experience.

  • Bhairava
    Bhairava Prije 2 godina

    if only the writing was on par with the visuals and the acting...

  • TheNextPhaseMusic
    TheNextPhaseMusic Prije 2 godina

    Worst Episode of Game of Thrones so far. This felt like watching 'Hobbit' or LOTR not GOT.

  • ess double-u
    ess double-u Prije 2 godina

    Drogon's plot armour ricochets the Night King's ice spear, and it rebounds at Viserion, killing him in one hit,. So much for Qyburn's scorpions, after they were hyped up.
    Jon was holding them off? So what kwas Drogon doing meanwhile? The Hound climbed on Drogon with a Wight, but Jon couldn't climb atop Drogon with Dany's help? Instead he goes on a stroll in order to impress his Aunt, while everyone's waiting for him, giving the Night King enough time to go on his own stroll, and kill Viserion. Meanwhile Jon's still cutting down Wights, by the time they leave (without Jon) the Night King almost killed Drogon, luckily his plot armour saved him once again.
    World Records were broken by Gendry in running, the Night King in javelin, Jon in holding breath underwater. Along with Bronn swimming last episode.

    They keep hinting at Tyrion betraying Dany, due to her becoming like her father, the "Mad King", but he won't, because Jon serves Dany now, he'll never be able, or want to serve Cersie, he's literally got nowhere else to go. Dany won't become mad, because her, Jon, Tyrion & Jaime will be the main protagonists of season 8.
    Jamie will leave Kingslanding and Cersie will have a miscarriage, next episode. So the whole *only two people in this world* gimmick is over.
    So Benjin can ride with Meera and Bran at the same time, but not with Jon?
    Arya and Sansa's petty drama is worse than a Ed Sheeran's cameo, and they're using it to big up Littlefinger before, Bran drops some knowledge on Sansa, and Arya kills off Littlefinger in the finale.
    Cersie will never join them, but will instead betray them. Rendering the trip beyond the Wall completely useless.
    In conclusion, everyone who died beyond the Wall (Thoros, Viserion, Benjin and more), died in vain. Jon, alongside Drogon's plot armour killed Viserion. Winterfell plot is trash. Fake drama is brewing in Dragonstone. Cersie's about to take L's next episode. The Hound is a parkour god. Beric ran out of Quick Revive. The Night King has more force in the arm he uses to wank, than Qyburn's scorpions, even though like the Night King, Qyburn brought back the dead (the Mountain).
    D&D can't write for shit.

  • Niko Banks
    Niko Banks Prije 2 godina

    I'm really happy you „Who doesn't like the show shouldn't watch it“-guys aren't writers or show producers. All left of former art would be primitive reality shows without depth, just so after your hard working day you can chill in your armchair and get your daily dosis of Monkey-urges.
    I don't have a problem with you watching shows like that. But if you don't have ANY concept of scriptwriting don't argue with those who have. You also don't argue with a construction worker in how to build a house.
    If you want to argue tho, argue with real arguments and inform yourself before. Game of Thrones isn't desperitive housewives, sorry to dissapoint. It always was meant to be a complex, very deep story with a lot of detail. Not your usual fantasy hero epos. So don't turn it around. It is that way in the books and it was that way for 4-6 seasons.
    So if the writing waters down like that, it is correct to complain. Otherwise we would loose the art. There are enough stupid television shows you can watch, if you just want to have a „funny ride“. We can't just „stop watching“, because we also love(d) the show and grew with it. Seeing a masterpiece go down like that simply hurts.

    • Milan Zivkovic
      Milan Zivkovic Prije 2 godina

      Who needs a story when there are dragons and zombies fighting each other, not to mention a zombie bear. It's awesome!!!

  • devnand
    devnand Prije 2 godina

    SO MANY DAMN PLOt ideas and you CHOSE THE one where Dany and others choose tyrion's stupid idea of convincing Cersei!
    GOT team, what turned out as a non-cliched series has turned out to be the same climaxes where the main character gets saved from the same shit again and again.
    1. You could have killed Jaime Lannister with dragon fire. Cersei would lose her minister for a knight like in chess.
    2. Seeing tyrion mourning cd have had dany distrust him and imprison him.
    3. arya and sansa cd hv been playing their own game against littlefinger.
    4. this episode cd have had a battle with the night kings army at the wall, where some nights watch cd have fled to the kings landing and told they watched the undead.
    5. where is the dragon glass that jon mined. some bow and arrows to the night kings wights cd have killed his generals.

  • SuicideBunny6
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    How can we make these characters survive this impossible situation? Oh yea, deus ex machina!

  • nato0626
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    Where is the car? :D

  • Top5NoQuestions
    Top5NoQuestions Prije 2 godina

    They didn't explain why he bent the knee. That's all I came for because that was stupid.

  • Car Botti
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    So.. can the wights swim or not?

  • Führerious
    Führerious Prije 2 godina

    I've watched every season of GOT 3 times and by far this season is the worse so far season 6 wasn't so bad but this season is absolute shit just let George write the scripts or at least let the story unfold as he wants not as D&D wants it to end also should've made it 10 episodes and season 8 should be 10 episodes as well not 6 as planned or at lease 6 but 2 hours long...

  • John Ledvinsky
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  • Aedrion
    Aedrion Prije 2 godina

    To all the people saying critique isn't avlid because it's fantasy:
    Fantasy worlds have their rulesets, just like the real world.
    We learn of these rules throughout the series. Suddenly *breaking* the rules without foreshadowing, explaining or hinting that there's a reason isn't fantasy, it's bad writing.
    Breaking the Space-time-continuüm, teleportation, sudden zombie-uncles, spears of insta-death, brainless characters who used to be smart and robot-esque bad guys are not in any way tolerable.

  • John Smith
    John Smith Prije 2 godina

    The thing people say about Benjen being able to get on the horse, he is in contact with the three eyed crew and the children of the forest. Therfore would he not maybe know that it was his time to die? Also, he had been in a shitty undead state for years, he probably wanted to die

  • Allys Brown
    Allys Brown Prije 2 godina

    I think the reason why the the night king's army was so small and weak is because the night king knew that Daenerys would arrive with her dragons and tried to minimize his loss. I can't imagine why he would bring chains with him if he didn't know what was going to happen.

  • WorkingLikeA Bitch
    WorkingLikeA Bitch Prije 2 godina

    To D&D§s credit we didnt see how and who exactly put those chains on

  • WorkingLikeA Bitch
    WorkingLikeA Bitch Prije 2 godina

    I think George and D&D collaborated closely together untill season 6 then they have argued and season 7 went into the toilet.

  • Facundo Corradini
    Facundo Corradini Prije 2 godina

    I've never, ever seen such a blatant display of screenwriting diarrhoea.

  • Triple M
    Triple M Prije 2 godina +1

    This very eposide ruined the entire show for me

  • Steve D
    Steve D Prije 2 godina +2

    My shit can write better scripts you Dumb&Dumber

  • Aa
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    So yesterday my wife went in labor while I was at work. She called me and I drove straight back home where she was already waiting for me on the front porch. I got out of the car and guided her to the driver's seat. "Aren't you coming with me?" she asked, confusion in her eyes. "I'm sorry, there is no time." I responded.

  • Aa
    Aa Prije 2 godina +2

    Until this season, GoT was my absolute favorite TV-series. Now that the story is straying from the books it's all collapsing though. Every single episode so far I've been like: 'Ok, that doesn't really make sense but whatever.' But episode 6 is really just too much. The shots are nice, sure, but the story doesn't make any sense at all. Seems like the writers were just piggybacking off of George's talent because this could've been written by a ten year old.

  • Timothy Wilson
    Timothy Wilson Prije 2 godina

    The writers just said that jon was sacrificing himself but the director made it look like jon was tryna get his kill count up. Jon was literally going towards like 3 Of them. The director could have made it like there were 20 And he's actually holding them off so his team can be safe

  • makyla c burke
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    There were some good parts, alot of bad parts but one thing i haven't really scene mentioned is Daenarys weak reaction to Viseryons death... She loves to remind us they are her children yet when her dragon died she seemed so much more focused on Jon who shes known for 5 minutes as oppose to actually reacting emotionally to the death of her "child"at any point in the episode. Not to mention the love story between her and Jon seems so rushed and forced... Really disappointing episode.

  • TheRomichou
    TheRomichou Prije 2 godina +1

    The production quality was, as always, astonishing. saying that this episode was shit is a joke. so big respect and congratulation to the team.
    But, the story is going down the drain in season 7! The writing was so good in previous season, with solid plots and complex but detailed stories. it took an entire season for key characters to make progress, and we would always be surprised by how things would turn out.; this was not at the cost of excellent action.
    This last episode felt like everything was over simplified and rushed just to "solve" the situation the main character are in, with no consideration for the original style of the series. I hope George R. R. Martin will be more involved in the last season.

  • Heather Riede
    Heather Riede Prije 2 godina +1

    D & D are the shittiest story writers when it comes to the most important story ever!! So many illogical things happened! WHY DIDN'T YOU DO 10 EPISODES? Whether it was the actors wanting too much money per episode or HBO saying no which makes no fucking sense, you should've pushed for it or not done it at all! AND WHERE IS GHOST? You'd rather spend the budget on an unneeded wight polar bear (undead horses already prove the point for having an undead wight or white walker dragon) than have a central character in the story who should be beside Jon always?

    • Jack
      Jack Prije 2 godina

      theres no source material any more, the book is not here. so they have to end it in a way that martin envisioned, and tying up the story. which martin failed to do so into his 5th book.

  • Fez Mamba
    Fez Mamba Prije 2 godina +2

    How does Dany go from "WHERE ARE MY DRAGONS?!?!" To "Oh Jon Snow baby I love you I don't care that you had one of my children killed"? Don't hate me I'm just curious

  • Ian Dowd
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    Benjin saves the day again, what happened to benjin and were has he been hiding for so long I know he saved bran and meera but before that were has he been, suggestions please.

  • Pass
    Pass Prije 2 godina +1

    Writers and makers of the series proofed that they owe a shitload of their sucess to JR MArtin, as soon as he's gone we have this bullshit hollywood crap with infinte mistakes, shallow wrtining, deus ex machina moments. Are you guys gonne do the same trick in all the battles from now? SOmebody coming in at the last moment to save everybody (knights of the vale, danny's dragons, benjen 2 times)? Because I am gonna know how each battle ends from now. No more important charachters die, cause everybody is allways saved.... pictures and CGI is not what Got big you idiots

  • Raul Srw
    Raul Srw Prije 2 godina

    Jon Snow suddenly made an alliance with fucked up the whole show

  • joebloggsgogglebox
    joebloggsgogglebox Prije 2 godina +1

    This episode didn't seem to be so well thought out as previous ones. Why didn't John Snow and the others take any dragon glass (e.g. for arrow tips) with them? or camping stuff? How did Gendry get back so quickly? Why didn't they use the hammer to smash the ice and prevent the army of the dead reaching them?
    The thing I liked about previous episodes is that the characters and their actions are believable. This episode relies more on luck and implausible feats of human endurance, when it didn't have to.

  • Nahuel Samudio
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  • superbly random
    superbly random Prije 2 godina +1

    If Night King is a greenseer and used Jon&co as bait to lure Dany&dragons... then WHY did the wights try to kill their bait (after the lake froze as well as before) when they already had them cornered on the island?!
    I call BS on Night King is greenseer theory. This was just bad writing.

  • BattleKiillersh
    BattleKiillersh Prije 2 godina +1

    You guys are so retarded. They put so MUCH effort and money into this show, and give us amazing episodes every week, and you guys cant fucking stop complaining and crying. This is one of the best episodes ever made, AND the writing was perfect as it has always been! You guys just need a little opportunity to start bashing a 10/10 show. Imagine if they reduce budget and crew because of your shitty comments!

  • onlylovecanwin
    onlylovecanwin Prije 2 godina

    Ok I think I figured out how it should've gone down.
    Episode 5 - After Jon receives word from Bran that the Wights are descending onto East Watch, Jon realises the sea north of there would be frozen, and the wights can walk around. He decides that they need to ‘break the ice’, but isn't sure how.
    Davos states the obvious - Using Dany’s dragons - but Jon warns that the Whitewalkers have supernatural powers, and wouldn't want the dragon to be harmed. Dany doesn't believe her Dragons would be in danger, but Tyrion further convinces her against it, as she would be risking her life too.
    Tyrion suggests there might be some wildfire left from under Kings Landing. Davos smuggles Tyrion in, and Tyrion asks Jaime for access to the remaining wildfire. They take it back to Dragonstone, and then Jon and co take everything up to East Watch.
    Episode 6 -
    Jon and co venture along the edge of the North of Eastwatch, finding the point where the sea starts to freeze. The go even further, and work their way back, laying down the wildfire, in a hope to create a chain reaction effect.
    They see Wights coming on the horizon. They quickly set a light the fire, it explodes, and a crack forms in the frozen sea. It starts to break, and piece by piece, it starts to fall away, revealing the sea once again.
    But the wights are already on their way. Jon and co race back, trying to fend of an initial attack. Jon can see that they are being chased into a canyon, with no escape. He orders Gendry to run back to East Watch and send word for Dany.
    The guys are trapped on the ice hill in the middle of the canyon, surrounded by wights. Eventually the lake freezes back, and the wights attack again, Jon and co in a relentless fight. Thoros dies. Eventually, they are right on top of the hill, completely surrounded.
    Dany arrives just in time with her dragons, burning many of the wights. Drogon lands, allowing Jon and co onto his back. Jorah is the last one still on the ground fighting.
    Night King throws a spear to Viserion, stabbing him, but not a major injury. He can still fly away. Night King is about to throw another spear, right at Drogon, but as he does, Jorah jumps in the way, sacrificing himself to save Drogon, Dany and co. Dany is in despair that Jorah dies, but flies away with Jon and co. All three dragons make it back, but Viserion is harmed.

  • S.C. John
    S.C. John Prije 2 godina

    The writers aren't the ones to blame for the pacing this season - WE ARE. We have made this show and the actors who play our fav characters so popular that the budget has grown out of control. What show do you know films on multiple continents at the same time? ya'll should youtube what type of $$$$ goes into producing one season of GOT because it trumps your average feature film that would be shown in a theater. I rather see 7 solid- good - excellent episodes vs. 12 boring -mediocre - good episodes.

    • superbly random
      superbly random Prije 2 godina

      Schun Johnson You do know that along with the budget going up, the earnings from this series has shot thru the roof too (GoT is one of the top grossing tv series ever created)... or am I wrong?