PSG 3-0 Real Madrid: Champions League Group A Recap with Goals and Best Moments

  • Datum objavljivanja: 18. Ruj 2019.
  • All the action from Paris where PSG crushed Real Madrid with a resounding 3-0 win on the opening day of their Champions League campaign.
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  • ManLike Derek
    ManLike Derek Prije 18 sati

    Di Maria had to be the MOTM

  • nordine talbi
    nordine talbi Prije 18 sati

    Zidane is not the cause of this loss n if Perez will Bri g Mourinho you ll see real in the infeerrior division.

  • Cloudy Sixx
    Cloudy Sixx Prije 18 sati +1

    On the second goal the guy marking Di’Maria left 😂he went to guard no one

  • Sydney French
    Sydney French Prije 18 sati

    Real got robbed of 2 goals 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  • Chino's Corner
    Chino's Corner Prije 18 sati

    Real Madrid needs Juan Fernando Quintero

  • Minty
    Minty Prije 18 sati

    lets put up money and buy courtois a clean sheet.

  • DemiDoN
    DemiDoN Prije 18 sati

    Absolutely destroyed those two defenders with that sweaty goal at the end, felt like I was playing FIFA

  • Alex Wong
    Alex Wong Prije 18 sati

    honestly they should have sold cortois to psg cuz he is actually so bad and real should have kept navas. a absolute god shotstopper who has won real the ucl 3 times

  • l ImCalcito l
    l ImCalcito l Prije 18 sati

    Curtois can’t save shit

  • Devrim Tiryaki
    Devrim Tiryaki Prije 18 sati

    How on Earth are the two fullbacks, Meunier and Bernat, the two center forwards on that last goal?? Modern football at it's finest I suppose 😂

  • J c
    J c Prije 18 sati +1

    Real Madrid don't have a player like cr7 that would show up in important matches like these ones

  • Oscar Ruiz A-M NA
    Oscar Ruiz A-M NA Prije 19 sati

    It’s ok everybody that’s our temporary goalkeeper. Areola is hurt remember.

  • jorgito best
    jorgito best Prije 19 sati

    Every time Ramos doesn't play we get thrashed

  • jorgito best
    jorgito best Prije 19 sati

    Getting Courtious and hazard was a big mistake and idk how benzema is still in this team

  • Samuel
    Samuel Prije 19 sati

    Courtois un perfecto idiota

  • Jorge Novoa
    Jorge Novoa Prije 19 sati

    Una chamaquiada el ultimo gol.

  • Mauryy Oficial
    Mauryy Oficial Prije 19 sati


    SAUCE Prije 19 sati

    Real Madrid🤡🤡🤡

  • Metroidkid 97
    Metroidkid 97 Prije 19 sati

    A lot people blaming Coutois but Madrid just played really bad in general

  • Birat Adhikari
    Birat Adhikari Prije 19 sati

    Real should have bought everton sores instead of hazard...

  • RockedThe/CrapOut
    RockedThe/CrapOut Prije 19 sati

    We miss you Keylor. Hala Madrid!

  • R9
    R9 Prije 19 sati

    Hah what they get for having a toxic club and fans

  • Lord Brain
    Lord Brain Prije 19 sati

    Imao we should have sold Courtois to PSG and should have kept Navas

  • Andrew G
    Andrew G Prije 19 sati

    Courtois no longer his best after leaving Chelsea

  • LEO TV
    LEO TV Prije 19 sati

    Also there is a saying dont go back and zidane did that

  • LEO TV
    LEO TV Prije 19 sati

    The last goal shows the lowsy defending

  • Hassim Sanchez
    Hassim Sanchez Prije 19 sati

    I love it kaylor navas taking PSG to the finals

  • Sonrixx 619
    Sonrixx 619 Prije 19 sati

    Worst madrid mistske

  • rumbaut17
    rumbaut17 Prije 19 sati +1

    Now real madrid face the real champions league with VAR.

  • Leo Garcia-Cuesta
    Leo Garcia-Cuesta Prije 19 sati

    This goes to you DiMaria.

  • MDKings Music
    MDKings Music Prije 19 sati

    Thats what Real get for selling the goalie that got them 3 champions league

  • Alex Perez
    Alex Perez Prije 19 sati

    Always Courtois 🤦🏻‍♂️What the Hell Courtois 😤 Navas would have gotten that like common you haven’t improved since last season, It’s Real Madrid!!!!! Get into full gear 😤

  • victor gomez
    victor gomez Prije 19 sati

    Real Madrid misses NAVAS!!!!!

  • Abdelrahman Omar
    Abdelrahman Omar Prije 19 sati

    Jose in

  • Percy Don
    Percy Don Prije 19 sati

    Real got robbery

  • Matador 504
    Matador 504 Prije 19 sati

    Real Madrid + VAR = No party

  • Cr7 Man utd
    Cr7 Man utd Prije 19 sati

    That right side of Bale Carvaila and James Rodriguez was great today

  • Santosh Thapa
    Santosh Thapa Prije 19 sati

    If it was for VAR real Madrid would have never won that 3 champions leagues in a row.

  • Francisco 9k
    Francisco 9k Prije 19 sati +1


  • Jonathan Siuta
    Jonathan Siuta Prije 19 sati

    how was benzema offside

  • LiL JunkBear
    LiL JunkBear Prije 19 sati

    HOPEFULLY Real Madrid are seeing Easily SIMPLE mistake their making .... WHAT ARE U DOING REAL !!!!!!!

    KITTEN & CAT LOVERS HOME Prije 19 sati

    I’m happy for two things Navas and to get this Balding 👨‍🦲 head out of Real Madrid. He fkn subbed Bale and James who played very well and leave his boyfriend Benzesh!t

  • Soccer Highlights
    Soccer Highlights Prije 19 sati

    Madrid are Not The Same Since Ronaldo....

  • Juan Correa
    Juan Correa Prije 19 sati

    How did big nose flop not save that first goal? That angle is extremely difficult for a striker to get it.

  • paul kalaitzidis
    paul kalaitzidis Prije 19 sati

    Unlucky game for Madrid, ass goalkeeper they have

  • TheRockObama
    TheRockObama Prije 19 sati

    GET RID OF BENZEMA he ain’t scoring that’s his main job ffs

  • Ricky Munoz
    Ricky Munoz Prije 19 sati

    It hurts so bad seeing Keylor on the opposite side of the field. What the fuck is happening to Real Madrid

  • Juana Juarez
    Juana Juarez Prije 19 sati

    Imagine If Neymar,Mbappe and Cavini played

  • TheM4rxman
    TheM4rxman Prije 19 sati

    I hope Navas rubs this in their faces

  • binh pham
    binh pham Prije 19 sati

    Real Madrid is shit now after CR7 left

  • TheRockObama
    TheRockObama Prije 19 sati

    Want to sale Bale? He almost scored 2 for you Real. Bale just score against your own team. Final score 0-3 💀

  • Wolves 2.0
    Wolves 2.0 Prije 19 sati

    It's always nice to see real Madrid lose.

  • LuckeeManiac
    LuckeeManiac Prije 20 sati

    Nothing better than seeing BIG TEAMS lose thanks to VAR...and not get bailed out like years ago.

  • Aparna Bhandary
    Aparna Bhandary Prije 20 sati

    Do Maria giving Meunier a goal instead of completing his hattrick
    Selfless completely

  • t money
    t money Prije 20 sati

    Madrid need to go for de gea

  • Alejandrooo_10
    Alejandrooo_10 Prije 20 sati

    PSG: white jersey is 🔥
    RMD: T. Courtios is pure 🗑

  • Corazon 9494
    Corazon 9494 Prije 20 sati

    I think real Madrid is sucking more with all Europe team they need some south American players

  • Mahfew
    Mahfew Prije 20 sati

    I forgot Navas doesn’t play for Real Madrid

  • Jeremy C.
    Jeremy C. Prije 20 sati +1

    how the FUCK is that an offside.. WTF???

  • Ford Racing
    Ford Racing Prije 20 sati +1

    Shitty goal keeper