Game Revealed: Season 7 Episode 3: A Goodbye Kiss

  • Datum objavljivanja: 11. Ruj 2017.
  • Actors Lena Headey and Indira Varma and director Mark Mylod take you inside the final face-off between Cersei and Ellaria with this clip from the latest episode of behind-the-scenes series, The Game Revealed.
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  • Bonnie Cull
    Bonnie Cull Prije 13 dana

    Cersei deserved her revenge

  • Godasen
    Godasen Prije 2 mjeseci

    Man, I hope Bronn gets "the most beautiful woman in the world" and her mother out and let her drink an antidote just like what happened in THAT jail scene in Dorne.

    I know it sounds highly unlikely but still, I want so see their beautiful faces more. ❤

  • Alyssa Reyes
    Alyssa Reyes Prije 2 mjeseci

    "watching that beautiful face collapse"

  • Delia456t Kidd
    Delia456t Kidd Prije 6 mjeseci

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  • Stern pinballl audio
    Stern pinballl audio Prije 9 mjeseci

    Horrible but funny!

  • abbie
    abbie Prije godine

    the actor who plays the mountain was so good in this scene. nailed every single one of his lines

  • Fernando Rueda
    Fernando Rueda Prije godine

    I smell a 2018 best guest actress emmy nomination for Indira Varma.

  • Hafizh Arbi
    Hafizh Arbi Prije godine

    You mean 'A Farewell Kiss'

  • Kevin Wilson
    Kevin Wilson Prije godine

    One of my favourite scenes of the season.

  • kd
    kd Prije godine +1

    Zeher hai ki pyaar hai mera chumma. 😂

  • Deathwish026
    Deathwish026 Prije godine

    some amazing acting going on in this scene

  • Rogue Seraph
    Rogue Seraph Prije godine

    That scene was...damn. A death without all the gore we are used to, but it was one of the most hard to watch deaths because of the feelings that wraps you up during that scene. Watch your daughter slowly dying in front of you, while you are in chains, and still have to watch her rot away after she dies...that's fucked up.
    That's why I love GOT and those sadistic fuckin bastards 😁

  • Less Important
    Less Important Prije godine +1

    01:49 belly (* o *)

  • ☆Lalalalisa☆
    ☆Lalalalisa☆ Prije godine

    one of the best scenes! the actors are brilliant! specially Ms. Indira 😍😍😍

  • yozypost
    yozypost Prije godine +3

    Pete from Props, what a saint.

  • Cybele M
    Cybele M Prije godine +8

    "Your sister has done things I wasn't capable of imagining. That was my prize mistake. A failure of imagination. She's a monster. You do know that?"
    So true, Lady Olenna.

  • Captain Flaviano
    Captain Flaviano Prije godine

    Game of thrones the best movie series of all times I watch this every single day

  • David Mikula
    David Mikula Prije godine

    That's it?! Wtf.. where's the rest??

  • Alan Irish lad
    Alan Irish lad Prije godine

    0:49 what is that moan

  • Fu Talks
    Fu Talks Prije godine +1

    Such a powerful scene

  • UnicornBabe
    UnicornBabe Prije godine +1

    When I watched that scene I was like" why are her lips so pink WHY IS SHE WEARING LIPSTICK. Oh wait that is not lipstick. Oh hell no cersei"

  • blurdreamer
    blurdreamer Prije godine

    All three daughter killed by their own weapon. can't say poor girls coz they were vicious anyway.

  • diana yusof
    diana yusof Prije godine +3

    The first time i watched this scene i was like "is she wearing lipgloss?!" And when she kissed her i was like "shit!". That was one killer lipgloss.

  • Jack Duck
    Jack Duck Prije godine +1

    I was wondering if bad pussy was dead yet everytime we were in kingslanding this season

  • Mark R
    Mark R Prije godine

    What happened to them??? They totally abandoned their story line

  • Simran
    Simran Prije godine +1

    Indira should be nominated, very good expressions 👌

  • Ess Ji
    Ess Ji Prije godine

    Boring scene! one of many scenes I would fast forward! The only story lines I prefered watching were: Ned(RIP) Tyrion, Arya, Bran, Jon, Daenerys & The Night king/Wights!

  • Cer Len
    Cer Len Prije godine

    Omg Lena ♥ she is the best actress in game of thrones for me

  • Sean
    Sean Prije godine

    How do you watch full episodes in the UK?

  • baseboots
    baseboots Prije godine

    OH NO! Dorne which was never conquered by the Targaryens and has one of the biggest army will now retaliate. Oh wait, the tv show writers are too dumb to replicate a complex multilayered story. The rest of the world doesn't exist anymore, only a handful of characters and they're plot lines.

  • Megha Malhotra
    Megha Malhotra Prije godine +1

    good but I died...

  • Abhishek Chopra
    Abhishek Chopra Prije godine

  • The Irish farmer :)
    The Irish farmer :) Prije godine

    My friend just spoiled season 8 on me by telling me the important parts of the script... I'm just saying HBO if that is the ending your going for then you shouldn't even make a season 8

  • Honk Hill
    Honk Hill Prije godine

    The Mountain over acted this scene.

  • Gatitos De La Noche
    Gatitos De La Noche Prije godine


  • Me
    Me Prije godine

    Kinda reminds me of how Ned Stark's Brother and Father died.

  • Starkaryen Snow
    Starkaryen Snow Prije godine

    This is the only satisfying scene I can recall of the Dornish story line.

  • Mannen Tacka nej
    Mannen Tacka nej Prije godine +2

    Yea that canada goose jacket is keeping you warm in the dungeon :P

  • jinnat begum
    jinnat begum Prije godine

    A Goodbye Kiss is not that rep.
    Here is some kissing related

  • Ultimate Book Maniacs
    Ultimate Book Maniacs Prije godine

    As much as I hated the Dorne storyline in the show, I really loved this scene. With Cersei talking about Oberyn's death, it just reminded us why Ellaria did what she did... To hurt Cersei.
    I actually felt bad for her and Tyene in this scene, which I didn't think was possible...

  • awsomewild
    awsomewild Prije godine

    But rosabell has the best tits I have ever seen

  • RetardskillMe
    RetardskillMe Prije godine

    You think you have enough videos to buffer for the next 2 years?

  • Alex
    Alex Prije godine +4

    I don't want to marry the Frey girl.

    • FlowerTrollSan
      FlowerTrollSan Prije godine +3

      Alex García I don't want you to marry her. But you needed that bridge... I hope it's a very beautiful bridge.

  • Шоу ПРАВОкация

    Make a new skript of seazon 8, pleace! I dont want this spoilers to be true!

  • Joakim Joakim
    Joakim Joakim Prije godine

    Shut up and give me season 8

  • a Lannister
    a Lannister Prije godine +2

    Bronn Will Save Martells

  • Vincent Miller
    Vincent Miller Prije godine +1

    Props to Pete

  • myroomstudios
    myroomstudios Prije godine +6

    Lena is such a great actress. Everybody focus on their fav charactes but really few realize how much effort this woman puts on making Cersei so perfectly hateful

  • anonamous365
    anonamous365 Prije godine

    Its always funny to watch actors try to convince that they work hard... cant wait for animated or CGI version that doesn't have to pay these scumbags.

  • Yan Saeba
    Yan Saeba Prije godine

    Lucifer Teaser Season 3

  • sam93931
    sam93931 Prije godine

    thats my cercei.

  • TheZapan99
    TheZapan99 Prije godine

    I was pissed that Bronn didn't come to the rescue of Tyenne.
    You don't let the bad pussy go stale!

  • Marc C.
    Marc C. Prije godine

    Lena Headey makes Cersei one of the scariest villainesses, or should I say, lionesses in film history.

  • math
    math Prije godine

    Yeah, this scene was brilliant and all, but who the heck rules in Dorne now???

  • Hugo Aero
    Hugo Aero Prije godine

    Season 7 sucked already

  • maestro draco
    maestro draco Prije godine

    Te amo GOT !

  • rariix
    rariix Prije godine

    Lena Headey, man.

  • Child of Persia
    Child of Persia Prije godine +1

    It was honestly a breathtaking scene. So well done. Thank you to the actresses and crew

  • Alchemist1330
    Alchemist1330 Prije godine +6

    So sad these incredible actresses were wasted on a mediocre script. Dave and Dan don't deserve them.

  • Philip Godsworth
    Philip Godsworth Prije godine

    Couldn't have happened to nicer people.

  • BakChoii
    BakChoii Prije godine

    Lena such a great actor!

  • Anthony
    Anthony Prije godine

    I was sad they died because bronn never got that bad pussy

  • Rocstoneau
    Rocstoneau Prije godine

    So it's all fluffing around the actors before shooting, but after the shoot you all boot off home and leave them stuck in their chains. Tisk tisk.

  • Addison Hunt
    Addison Hunt Prije godine

    Why is no one bringing us that there is still a huge army is Dorne that is not being used?? And surly someone was left in charge to run down while it's leaders were away, why can't the person(s) running dorne just send their army to join daenerys so long as she agrees to free to sand snakes + where the hell is the rest of the Tyrell army!?!

  • PsychoMob
    PsychoMob Prije godine +17

    the cersei acting was so good, the little moment when she ask: why did you do that? and then shes face change completely to a sentimental face and than she realize that shes losing control and position and recover herself with that revenge face again

    • Bonnie Cull
      Bonnie Cull Prije 13 dana

      @Random Hip Hop you are so wrong it hurts dude you lost this round

    • Random Hip Hop
      Random Hip Hop Prije godine +1

      Cersei would tell you to take that vulnerability and to shove it up your ass. Even Jamie was questioning her as to why she wasn't mourning hard enough. It was an attempt to portray vulnerability and it was some walking dead type shitty writing that they used to get there. The oldest cliche bs in the book, she's cracking under pressure that shouldn't have existed in that moment. Totally took me out of the moment. You will find that the majority of people agree with me as to the shitty writing this season. It's opinion based, however, so is whether or not you think feces smell good. Consider yourself enlightened, buddah.

    • Fernando Rueda
      Fernando Rueda Prije godine +2

      Questioning why someone would kill her daughter? Cersei never wronged Ellaria. Marcella never wronged Ellaria. So Ellaria had no legitimate reason to kill her daughter. It's a fair question and you have to remember that she has lost 3 children. She tries to hide it, but she is somewhat vulnerable. You have to remember that even though Cersei is wicked she is also human. And any person who lost someone they loved by murder would want to know why. The dialogue is brilliant. I know people like you probably think that Cersei should be this ruthless bitch all the time because that's who she is, but this type of dialogue/ acting choice is what fleshes out a character. She isn't one dimensional. And THAT is what makes a great character. Although I do want to know what you think she should have said instead of that "shit dialogue piece" since you seem to know SO much about good writing. Do enlighten me.

    • Random Hip Hop
      Random Hip Hop Prije godine +2

      that "why did you do that" was the worst piece of shit dialogue piece I've ever heard actually. "You killed my daughter, WHY DID YOU DO THAT?!?" is not something cersei would say.

  • Olivia Roy
    Olivia Roy Prije godine

    Nice ,,, any one friendship me ????

  • aQuestionableQuestion
    aQuestionableQuestion Prije godine +3

    i'm not gonna lie...i was shitting myself during this episode, Oberyns death freaked the fuck out of me and i was expecting more of the same in this scene. Easily one of the most intense pieces of TV i've seen in a while

  • DragonHeart613
    DragonHeart613 Prije godine +4

    As much I absolutely loved to see Ellaria finally get her much deserved dose of Karma from Cersei & as much as I totally loved seeing Euron butcher the other 2 Sand Snakes during the Greyjoy naval battle, I was really sad to see Tyene set up to die the way she did in Cersei's dungeons as she was the only Sand Snake that I did like even though she fucking killed badass Areo Hotah by stabbing him in the back which was lame. I'm still going to miss Tyene, definitely not going to miss Ellaria & her other daughters!!!
    I really hope that Ellaria realizes that thanks to her actions she has effectively rendered the once mighty House Martell, the house of her very own great love, completely & utterly extinct!!!
    Oberyn may've been cocky & arrogant & vengeful but he was also very firmly against the idea of punishing children for the sins of their parents & he never would've allowed Ellaria to murder poor Myrcella!!!

    • Ripleyw Snipley
      Ripleyw Snipley Prije godine

      Ellaria was great and Tyene is her daughter and nymeria and obara arent

    • Cybele M
      Cybele M Prije godine

      Ellaria was also a total bitch to Tyrion in the prior episode when he called her out on murdering his niece. Rather than show remorse, she doubled down and blamed Tyrion for Oberyn's death. I couldn't muster up any sympathy for Ellaria, even though Cercei's revenge was psychologically brutal. Ellaria will be a basket case, watching her daughter's corpse rot 24/7. Only Cercei could think up such revenge.

  • waffa008
    waffa008 Prije godine

    I love Lena. Amazing actress

    ADODI Prije godine

    Best Revenge

  • Omicron942
    Omicron942 Prije godine +31

    I much prefer Indira's regular voice to Ellaria's...

  • Catalina
    Catalina Prije godine

    Dude we need bloopers

  • Erevos85
    Erevos85 Prije godine +12

    Goodbye to the best tits in the entire series

    • Woke Conscience
      Woke Conscience Prije godine

      I still feel that Sir Bronn of the Blackwater Bay will somehow save her. I wish.

    • Dennis
      Dennis Prije godine +6

      That common girl of Bobby B. Thank the Gods for Bessy, and her tits.

    • The King in the North
      The King in the North Prije godine +10

      I'm not so sure. Missandei's tits give them a run for their money.

  • slaughtermouth11
    slaughtermouth11 Prije godine +2

    Worst season yet, the writing keeps getting worse.

    • Seathe Linden
      Seathe Linden Prije godine +2

      I agree...but it still had its good points. The battle scenes were fun to watch.

  • Amr Mansour
    Amr Mansour Prije godine +2

    Indira is so hot

  • Syafiq Razip
    Syafiq Razip Prije godine +84

    RIP Bad Pousey

    • hunterknight4
      hunterknight4 Prije godine

      " if you think this has a happy haven't been listening"

    • Barbara Jean Smith
      Barbara Jean Smith Prije godine

      Reliable Luke
      It's not over until the fat lady sing

    • That Guy Luke
      That Guy Luke Prije godine +6

      She was the only sand snake i liked
      She should be with bronn in that castle

    • Your ASMR Bar
      Your ASMR Bar Prije godine +8

      Syafiq Razip the most beautiful woman in the world.

    • no thanks
      no thanks Prije godine +9

      Syafiq Razip Rest In Pussy

  • Lilith Dub
    Lilith Dub Prije godine +47

    Indira Varma is incredibly beautiful. As much as the Dorne story was ass, I did enjoy Ellaria as a character.

      DROGON GOT Prije godine

      Am I the only one who actually found the dorm story interesting and enjoying????

    • Spartak Alania
      Spartak Alania Prije godine +1

      JewTube they were excellent bc they made us simultaneously cheer for Euron and feel bad for the Sandsnakes.

    • JewTube
      JewTube Prije godine

      They were excellent because they get offed.

    • Spartak Alania
      Spartak Alania Prije godine

      Seathe Linden OK honey, we all were mildly upset in season its time to move on. Sandsnakes scenes this season were all excellent and they are all basically dead pls move on

    • Seathe Linden
      Seathe Linden Prije godine +15

      It's funny because in the books, Ellaria was doing her best to persuade the Sand Snakes not to seek revenge for Oberyn's death. But ugh HBO is unforgiven for ruining Dorne!

  • Mr. Manager
    Mr. Manager Prije godine

    Where tf are these episodes? Can't find them on HBO GO.

  • Paulo Vitor
    Paulo Vitor Prije godine

    Bota Legenda Em Português Do Brasil

  • Thomas K
    Thomas K Prije godine +1

    I masturbated to this scene, like 5 times in a row.

  • Сахарок в петле


  • Jimmie Haskins
    Jimmie Haskins Prije godine

    Rosabell😍😍 is the hottest women on the show

  • Youtube Svengali
    Youtube Svengali Prije godine

    I hope they show bad pussy tits one more time before she's killed off, those things were crafted by the many faced god himself

  • ludicrous503
    ludicrous503 Prije godine

    Ruined the sand snakes and Dorne!

  • holf
    holf Prije godine

    what a sad day when the hottest girl in show is killed, haven felt this way since Rose.

  • Deno
    Deno Prije godine

    I hope yall realize how shit and unworthy of our money this season was. Like its been going down hill but to kill the sand snakes without giving them a proper story was fucked up. Cant wait to pirate season 8

  • Julian Dirisio
    Julian Dirisio Prije godine

    I wanna buy some cool merch. Who else misses rep the realm collection???

  • Hrvoje Milas
    Hrvoje Milas Prije godine

    It is so good to see Ellaria and Tyene alive and well.

  • El Vistor
    El Vistor Prije godine

    Qué bueno que lo tradujeran o subtitularan.

    DROGON GOT Prije godine +3

    Now we know why lena's acting was phenomenal in this scene, because it was the first Scene to film for S07 and she was pissed.

  • DAN M
    DAN M Prije godine

    Does does official make cersei an even more ruthless ruler than the mad king? Can't imagine him doing something worse than this imo

  • Steven Song
    Steven Song Prije godine

    1:35 - 1:45
    Prop malfunction!

  • Vanessa Tsu
    Vanessa Tsu Prije godine

    Some people I talked to about this episode hated it and asked "what's wrong with her [Cersei]" and I just said "nothing... she's a mother and she's giving exactly the same treatment as she got". I thought, for this storyline, this was far more satisfying than a gruesome death.

  • Islam Swaty
    Islam Swaty Prije godine

    Cersei is way more interesting than Dany

  • Hamann saied
    Hamann saied Prije godine

    Best fucking good bye

  • BB Mod
    BB Mod Prije godine

    0:29 I think they used a different take in the show, you could hear the desperation and almost a sense of innocence in Lena's voice in the final take.

  • Gino Aldeguer
    Gino Aldeguer Prije godine

    Emmy Awards for Cersei please!!! Those Teeth itselfh deserve an award. hahahahahah

  • Faris AG
    Faris AG Prije godine +6

    Let the most beautiful woman in the world talk for fuck sake

  • Simon
    Simon Prije godine +2

    2019 for season 8 wtf guys cant wait so much time please kill me now and call lady melisandre and resurrect me when season 8 is out

  • Sovjetikos
    Sovjetikos Prije godine