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Do Dads Know Popular New Music? (Father's Day Special) | React: Do They Know It?

  • Datum objavljivanja: 9. Lip 2019.
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    Content featured:
    Lil Nas X - Old Town Road (Ft. Billy Ray Cyrus)
    Ed Sheeran - I Don't Care (Ft. Justin Bieber)
    Billie Eilish - When The Party is Over
    Lil Dicky - Earth
    Ariana Grande - Break Up With Your Girlfriend Cuz I'm Bored
    Young Thug Ft. J.Cole & Travis Scott - London
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    Do Dads Know Popular New Music? (Father's Day Special) | React: Do They Know It?
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    THAER MOUSA Prije 5 dana +1

    Its a hard knock life for us

  • Doodles Inc.
    Doodles Inc. Prije 5 dana +2

    I was gonna do something like this on MY channel, but no one wanted to help lol

  • Shawn's Muffin
    Shawn's Muffin Prije 5 dana +2

    8:28 where my limelights at

  • AHAHSHdashd ashdajnsdawnjd

    Shoutout to the kid with the X long sleeve.

  • i Jayx
    i Jayx Prije 5 dana +1

    شجاب حسن كتبي هنا؟

  • Omega X
    Omega X Prije 5 dana +2

    Is Turner in here

  • world wide cutie guy
    world wide cutie guy Prije 5 dana +7

    “It’s not Ariana Grande... ITS RIHANNA!” 😂

    MAGICAL POWER Prije 5 dana +1

    It's sounds like adele..

  • Chris Freer.
    Chris Freer. Prije 5 dana +2

    "sounds like adele"☠☠☠☠

  • mop head
    mop head Prije 5 dana

    JJ Villard shirt 🔥🔥

  • Mochi Tea
    Mochi Tea Prije 5 dana +2

    elders lyric breakdown yungblud please

  • Oliwood &
    Oliwood & Prije 5 dana +16

    my favorite thing in the video...

  • Mizan Hashmi
    Mizan Hashmi Prije 5 dana +2

    Just jump to 7:15

  • John M
    John M Prije 5 dana +5

    How do dads now who lil dicky is

    • SirWoofsAlot
      SirWoofsAlot Prije 5 dana

      SMG 27 😂

    • SMG 27
      SMG 27 Prije 5 dana +2

      How do you not know how to spell know

  • Swizzy Eric
    Swizzy Eric Prije 5 dana +5

    Yo why does Troy look like tfue!!!😂

  • niki014
    niki014 Prije 5 dana

    18, i didn't guess any of those xD i like lil peep :P

  • Pro922
    Pro922 Prije 5 dana +6

    8:06 oof

  • Grace avila the child
    Grace avila the child Prije 5 dana +4


  • Yuval Leshem
    Yuval Leshem Prije 5 dana +5

    8:05 fail

  • Eden. Hazard
    Eden. Hazard Prije 5 dana +5

    He really flexed the cactus jacks 😂

  • Vale Sanchez
    Vale Sanchez Prije 5 dana +3

    Is Marlhy the girl from chicken girls?????

  • Nellie Kassam
    Nellie Kassam Prije 5 dana +6


  • Arnav Vaidyanathan
    Arnav Vaidyanathan Prije 5 dana +8

    How does Billie eilish sounds like Adele and Lady Gaga wtf.

  • Arnav Vaidyanathan
    Arnav Vaidyanathan Prije 5 dana +2

    I knew all wow. I mean I’m a teen but still. Something to be proud of 😂

    • SMG 27
      SMG 27 Prije 5 dana

      I'm sorry but u do not look older than 12

    • King Of cringe
      King Of cringe Prije 5 dana

      That’s not something to be proud of

  • Arnav Vaidyanathan
    Arnav Vaidyanathan Prije 5 dana +1


  • djim youtube channel
    djim youtube channel Prije 5 dana +1


  • Mia Oliver
    Mia Oliver Prije 5 dana +1

    Its not ft JB its with JB

  • katelynn quartson
    katelynn quartson Prije 5 dana +3

    8:06 never did his dad high five his fist bump🤣

  • Jacob Preh
    Jacob Preh Prije 5 dana +1

    Jeez people listen to some trash these days, I knew like two of these who a decent

  • yeri’s hypewoman !!!
    yeri’s hypewoman !!! Prije 5 dana +5

    10:13 TEA

  • Bella Rose
    Bella Rose Prije 5 dana +4


  • leo986
    leo986 Prije 5 dana +5

    8:07 lil dicky he's huge

  • ItzTeddy XD
    ItzTeddy XD Prije 5 dana +1

    The boy at 1:52 kinda looks like Thomas brodie sangster from the maze runners...XD

  • Zaya
    Zaya Prije 5 dana +1

    Haha my dad knows those all songs

  • Big Cock Divock
    Big Cock Divock Prije 5 dana +5

    8:06 well that was awkward

  • Eric Ojastro
    Eric Ojastro Prije 5 dana +11

    8:07 One of the best ironic moments with dad!

  • Emma Oof
    Emma Oof Prije 5 dana +8

    if my dad was on this he would know it was Billie Eilish but he would say Buddy Eyelash.

  • sadfghj
    sadfghj Prije 5 dana +13

    8:06 biggest dad moment of the video 😂

  • Audrey Breeden
    Audrey Breeden Prije 5 dana

    *sees jaxon*
    Me: YAS

  • FranczeskaXD Królowa
    FranczeskaXD Królowa Prije 6 dana +6

    *_Ya Like Jazz?_*

    • Jose Abarca
      Jose Abarca Prije 5 dana +2

      I like the smoothest of jazz

  • Phabulous Phame
    Phabulous Phame Prije 6 dana +6

    10:13 unstanned

  • zeina deda top fan
    zeina deda top fan Prije 6 dana +4

    proud of u billie 💖💖💖💖🙈

  • Bradley Shofner
    Bradley Shofner Prije 6 dana +3

    I remember 12 people in the song earth

  • Evany Garza
    Evany Garza Prije 6 dana +5

    I did this exact same test on my dad with the same songs and he got all of them right

  • Ivan Engelbrecht
    Ivan Engelbrecht Prije 6 dana +2

    Old town Road

  • Aiman Sees
    Aiman Sees Prije 6 dana +7

    Lil dicky is huge!

  • Nife
    Nife Prije 6 dana +3

    I didn't know anyone and I'm a teenager but I only knew earth by lil dicky

  • Ammar's channel
    Ammar's channel Prije 6 dana +7

    8:06 the high five tho 😂

  • Devon Barnum
    Devon Barnum Prije 6 dana

    React to I prevail

  • Junki황소아
    Junki황소아 Prije 6 dana +2


  • Paulyolicous Salazar
    Paulyolicous Salazar Prije 6 dana +6

    Kid: He has huge po-
    Dad: Yeah, It's ironic cuz he has a huge
    Kid: Ahhhh

  • lucy_da_ cat
    lucy_da_ cat Prije 6 dana +11

    10:13 WHAT DID YOU SAY ABOUT MY QUEEN!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!

    • lucy_da_ cat
      lucy_da_ cat Prije 5 dana +1

      @SirWoofsAlot No He WaSeNt!

    • SirWoofsAlot
      SirWoofsAlot Prije 5 dana +1

      he was right

    • Andry PM
      Andry PM Prije 6 dana +1

      He knows OTR...soo...that explain everything hahah

  • lucy_da_ cat
    lucy_da_ cat Prije 6 dana +15

    Fater: its not ariana Grande
    Son:*loooks at father with shame*
    Father: RIHANNA!

  • Yasin Tiham
    Yasin Tiham Prije 6 dana +7

    Why that dude be looking like tfue

  • ProHacker Gaming
    ProHacker Gaming Prije 6 dana +10

    *_"Best Dad Jokes"_* : 8:12

  • shang yang
    shang yang Prije 6 dana +20

    “That’s ironic lik dicky is huge” LMAOOO

  • shang yang
    shang yang Prije 6 dana +3

    Ngl when anyone says “I’m not a Stan” I think of the guy who’s name is Stan and he was completely obsessed with Eminem manz was weird as hell

    • Srdjan Savic
      Srdjan Savic Prije 5 dana +1

      That's where the name comes from.

    • lucy_da_ cat
      lucy_da_ cat Prije 6 dana +1

      I think of the guy from gravity falls.

  • Milani Moreno
    Milani Moreno Prije 6 dana +3

    This is so funny

  • Athletic Esthetic
    Athletic Esthetic Prije 6 dana +5

    Awkward turkey at 8:06 had me dieing

  • Jed Page
    Jed Page Prije 6 dana +4

    No offence but I didn't like any of those songs

  • Torture Dance Channel
    Torture Dance Channel Prije 6 dana +11

    8:06 that hurt my soul

  • Dani
    Dani Prije 6 dana +5

    You should have done some Shawn Mendes songs, most ppl know him by stitches tho. He's my favorite artist

  • Dani
    Dani Prije 6 dana +4

    Tbh I only watched/listened to Earth bcs Shawn Mendes was in it.

    • Dani
      Dani Prije 6 dana

      @HOO DINII everyone is being watched by HRclip.

    • Dani
      Dani Prije 6 dana +1

      @HOO DINII idc I didn't do anything wrong.

      HOO DINII Prije 6 dana

      Youll get reported
      I know i did im being watched by yt

    • Tukang Bait - Damar Indrastoto
      Tukang Bait - Damar Indrastoto Prije 6 dana

      Can you shut the hell up

  • KoopasKards
    KoopasKards Prije 6 dana +1

    should've had *Down By The Wexford Border*

  • lost haven
    lost haven Prije 6 dana +1

    Ya like jazz

  • Laure M
    Laure M Prije 6 dana +7



  • Brendan Waivada
    Brendan Waivada Prije 6 dana +5

    These kids suck

    • 충의Eve
      충의Eve Prije 5 dana


    • N A
      N A Prije 6 dana

      Some of them do😂😉

  • KawaiiCookie17
    KawaiiCookie17 Prije 6 dana +2

    They should have included havana by camila cabello it would have been easy... *I think*

  • Jordan Eliezer
    Jordan Eliezer Prije 6 dana

    😂😂😂my dad listens to da baby

  • ShinGojira 1954
    ShinGojira 1954 Prije 6 dana +8

    6:00 this man thought Billie was Adelle lmao

  • Jesus Sanchez
    Jesus Sanchez Prije 6 dana +2

    I only knew earth AND old town Road AND im only a kid

  • Magic Bread
    Magic Bread Prije 6 dana +1

    10:13 that was not a long title

  • Magic Bread
    Magic Bread Prije 6 dana +2

    What if teens and adults reacted to mcr?

  • Yankee Micah
    Yankee Micah Prije 6 dana +1

    Does Troy not look like Tfue

  • Cartoon Killers
    Cartoon Killers Prije 6 dana +3

    Troy looks like tfue

  • Nina Ps the toaster strudel lover

    10:09 wow shady

  • Bossem
    Bossem Prije 6 dana +6

    Are we just gonna ignore 8:05

  • YuzumaOuss
    YuzumaOuss Prije 6 dana +1

    6:35 might seduce your dad type

  • Amber Harvey
    Amber Harvey Prije 6 dana

    You should let college kids listen to bars and Melendy there a great duo

  • Bts Jams
    Bts Jams Prije 6 dana +8

    10:14 wtf bro

  • Norty
    Norty Prije 6 dana

    doug is my dawg

  • Pimpsik
    Pimpsik Prije 6 dana +3

    Tfue is secretly watching this when he is not streaming...

  • MrOscar
    MrOscar Prije 6 dana +1

    So here is where Tfue is when not streaming

  • Sterre vE
    Sterre vE Prije 6 dana +3

    7:09 just the fact that she said "I don't know this song"

    • Trelli2x
      Trelli2x Prije 5 dana

      Sterre vE oh dang

    • Sterre vE
      Sterre vE Prije 5 dana

      @Trelli2x yeah sorry i tagged the wrong person..😂

    • Trelli2x
      Trelli2x Prije 5 dana

      Sterre vE exactly thats why i was mad

    • Sterre vE
      Sterre vE Prije 5 dana

      @Andy O ok, what you want .. I'm not even going to explain ... bad example: 1 + 1 is also not mandatory to know but you should know ... and I know this is a bad example but come man you really understand what I mean

    • Andy O
      Andy O Prije 5 dana

      @Sterre vE why? It is not mandatory to know a song so why should we need to know?

  • StitchAndThe Firebolt
    StitchAndThe Firebolt Prije 6 dana +4

    Was the Billie song when the party’s over?

  • Aaron Travis
    Aaron Travis Prije 6 dana +6

    Do reactions to Wiz Khalifa

  • Marcelo Garcia
    Marcelo Garcia Prije 6 dana +3

    It’s break up with your girlfriend, I’m bored it has no cuz

    • Caitlyn Jones
      Caitlyn Jones Prije 6 dana

      They're getting mixed up with the lyrics and the title because that's the title but the lyrics are "break up with your girlfriend. Yeah yeah cuz I'm bored"

    • EmbraceThe Meme
      EmbraceThe Meme Prije 6 dana

      I definitely care

  • DeAd BiRd
    DeAd BiRd Prije 6 dana +18

    8:05 a bro fist and a high five 😂😂😂😂

  • Carmen Gómez
    Carmen Gómez Prije 6 dana

    They look exactly like their dads n.n it was a cute video

  • G39 Solid
    G39 Solid Prije 6 dana +42

    Had to flex those Travis Scott Jordans

  • SimmingFerLife
    SimmingFerLife Prije 6 dana +4

    I only knew Old Town Road and When the Party is Over and the only song I liked was When the Party is Over

  • Lord Tachanka
    Lord Tachanka Prije 6 dana +9

    Fuck,I'm in high school and I don't know any of these songs,probably because they all suck

    • KazigKaasje
      KazigKaasje Prije 6 dana +1

      Probably because in the time of tachanka they did not exist :)

    • Fgs_leongaming 6
      Fgs_leongaming 6 Prije 6 dana +4

      No .You live In a cave .Or you are a big nerd

    • LLJ
      LLJ Prije 6 dana +1

      Problably cuz we are both no lifing the siege

    • Kyra Minard
      Kyra Minard Prije 6 dana +3

      Lord Tachanka some are good but some are trash no hate though

  • moon flower
    moon flower Prije 6 dana +8

    well, thanks, it was really great! but i turned on this video for bts.

    • Anna Aa
      Anna Aa Prije 6 dana

      moon flower Armyyyyyy💜

  • Abesta145
    Abesta145 Prije 6 dana +10

    8:05 you're welcome

    • Pimpsik
      Pimpsik Prije 6 dana

      @Mac Playz k

    • Mac Playz
      Mac Playz Prije 6 dana +1

      Abesta145 if you reply your gonna get 15000 bucks in 5 minutes and like

  • Garrison Huntley
    Garrison Huntley Prije 6 dana +2

    My man hivived his fistbump

  • Bella Grooms
    Bella Grooms Prije 6 dana +58

    Son: “ okay yea”
    Dad: “Billie Eilish”
    Son: “ yea” *sadly*

  • Brian H
    Brian H Prije 6 dana +11

    10:13 nice comment for current songs lol

  • lil Kpop meow meow
    lil Kpop meow meow Prije 6 dana +7

    "Idk the song but it sounds like adele"
    "Idk the song bjt it sounds like the girl that sang poker face"

    BRUHHHH SERIOUSLY?! FUCKIN MILEY CIRUS!? I DONT EVEN KNOW HOW TO WRITE HER GODDAMN NAME! lol idk the song but ik its billie. i dont really listen to her but I love her songs

    • Fiona xw
      Fiona xw Prije 6 dana +1

      Lady Gaga sang poker face lmao

  • Jung Kookie
    Jung Kookie Prije 6 dana +12

    10:13 man u really rude bruh. But atleast u honest

    • Toxicity
      Toxicity Prije 6 dana

      lil Kpop meow meow no one even likes kpop in the us tf

    • Jim Kanakis
      Jim Kanakis Prije 6 dana +2

      @lil Kpop meow meow Oof kpop lmfao

    • lil Kpop meow meow
      lil Kpop meow meow Prije 6 dana +1

      I was hoping they'd play bts 😕
      But then again... they were probably playing safe if the kids didnt know....