We Tried To Re-Create This Giant 30-Pound Burger • Eating Your Feed • Tasty

  • Datum objavljivanja: 7. Pro 2019.
  • “Rie’s crying because she can’t believe how good it is!”
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Komentari • 1 633

  • iGhosted
    iGhosted Prije 2 sati

    "It smells like a burger"

    "It's bargar"

  • Nicole Daughtry
    Nicole Daughtry Prije 6 sati

    Very Nice

  • Hello Onica
    Hello Onica Prije 2 dana

    I miss them

  • Neko chan
    Neko chan Prije 2 dana

    This is ur guy and Alvin's the guy she tells u not to worry about

  • Red Dragon
    Red Dragon Prije 2 dana

    3:49 dat face lmao~

  • Farouq and Iman
    Farouq and Iman Prije 2 dana +1

    2:40 hellish face

  • Amor Del Rosario
    Amor Del Rosario Prije 3 dana

    Any video with that chick in stripes i thumbs down

  • FeroPen
    FeroPen Prije 3 dana

    I.. am.. so... hungry.. right.. now..

  • praharshitha josyula
    praharshitha josyula Prije 4 dana

    I completely lost it when Andrew got the lettuce out of the entire huge ass burger

  • Emz Bee
    Emz Bee Prije 4 dana

    "We are switching from the paddle to the hook"-andrew
    can be applied in other ways

    PHILIP HUYNH Prije 4 dana

    rie is crying, ahahahah

  • Wakandan Panther
    Wakandan Panther Prije 4 dana

    Rie crying while eating this burger is like a girl who just broke up with her boyfriend, eating ice cream

  • XyZ RSM
    XyZ RSM Prije 5 dana

    Is it just me or that cheese look like Mac and cheese

  • Mw3raf143
    Mw3raf143 Prije 5 dana

    No one:
    Andrew: I’m a baker

  • Scythe Keeper
    Scythe Keeper Prije 6 dana +1

    When tasty doesn’t want another copyright strike so they re-create one of their videos.

  • Ties Wellhüner
    Ties Wellhüner Prije 6 dana

    Bread be like: YEEast

  • Mohammed Nizamuddin Akbar

    Don't know about other episodes from these guys but in this episode they are acting like total assholes

  • Ibuki
    Ibuki Prije 6 dana

    Niki is a ugly fat bitch

  • stan ab6ix
    stan ab6ix Prije 6 dana +1

    my favorite part of this is when niki is crying, like i felt that

  • Lgthrfwy Ggr
    Lgthrfwy Ggr Prije 7 dana

    making it bigs burger is adverts

    eating your feeds version is reality

  • Lazy DPR
    Lazy DPR Prije 7 dana

    I am so okay with this burger (coz they tend to be sloppy looking) but when that top bun got flopped on.... i suddenly cried laughing

  • FoieGras
    FoieGras Prije 7 dana

    That...actually looks BETTER (to eat) than Alvin's! That bun looks especially delectable 🤤

  • Mystical Wonder
    Mystical Wonder Prije 8 dana

    This is officially the best episode ever

  • Infractum Animo
    Infractum Animo Prije 8 dana

    Andrew is like a genius villain...

  • Infractum Animo
    Infractum Animo Prije 8 dana +1

    Let's all admit it, Rie is everyone's bestfriend.

  • Elizabeth Loschiavo
    Elizabeth Loschiavo Prije 9 dana

    I am appalled at the state of that burger

  • Elizabeth Bubello
    Elizabeth Bubello Prije 10 dana +1

    I feel like this is the exact same thing as Alvins besides they don’t know what they’re doing

  • James Lo
    James Lo Prije 11 dana

    Andrew needs to surround himself with another Asian since Steven went to the Watcher 😂😅😭

  • Alyssa P
    Alyssa P Prije 11 dana

    no meat burger?????

  • Meggy C
    Meggy C Prije 12 dana

    As a vegetarian I appreciate this

  • itzboba
    itzboba Prije 13 dana

    Imagine if Alvin reacted to this😂😂

  • Mad max
    Mad max Prije 13 dana +1

    The Ultimate Burger

    lets see how many likes i can get in a word of that

  • Mad max
    Mad max Prije 13 dana +2

    The two watching Alvin
    Alvin: hey guys why you watching me huh?
    Rie : 👀 he heyy Alvin you can hear us
    Alvin : yeah why
    Rie : the two is making a big burger too
    Alvin : ohhh can i taste🍔🍔
    The two : 👀😱

  • Breeze Sammy
    Breeze Sammy Prije 13 dana

    So when the three of them bited the burger andrew ate a salad

  • Your Very Gay Dad
    Your Very Gay Dad Prije 14 dana

    All the vegetarians look away

  • Topsyturvy10
    Topsyturvy10 Prije 14 dana +1


  • Audhal H
    Audhal H Prije 15 dana

    Half of the video is just Andrew saying : „just like Alvin did“

  • blue-chaos96 striker
    blue-chaos96 striker Prije 15 dana

    How about using a super hot iron?

  • Commander Josh
    Commander Josh Prije 15 dana +1

    I prefer Alvin's big burger then THIS

  • zerojit morningstar
    zerojit morningstar Prije 17 dana

    Make fluffy- jiggly cheese cake

    BASS BOOSTED SONGS Prije 17 dana

    14:46 wow bad cut

  • The_ Aufklärungspanzer_V

    Burger cake

  • Graham R
    Graham R Prije 18 dana

    it looks like you took a burger, and than put it in a hydraulic press.

  • GD Chris/Regret4fall
    GD Chris/Regret4fall Prije 18 dana

    You lost me at fake meat 😂😂

  • gerardo perez
    gerardo perez Prije 18 dana +1

    These people are actually copying themselves 🤦‍♂️😂

  • Daniel John
    Daniel John Prije 19 dana +2

    “I’m a baker”-Andrew

  • Rena Dango
    Rena Dango Prije 19 dana

    I need this burger in my life.

  • AJ
    AJ Prije 19 dana

    Who else read patty time as party time?

  • Mirian V
    Mirian V Prije 19 dana

    Why is the girl being so annoying and negative

  • Bunny Cortland
    Bunny Cortland Prije 20 dana

    This video embodies the chaos that we love about eating your feed

  • Steve Medinas
    Steve Medinas Prije 20 dana +1

    I laughing so HARDDD ITS SO UGLY 😂 at least you tried

  • Dumpling Doodle
    Dumpling Doodle Prije 21 dan

    When it said "patty time" i thought it said "party time" and I was just like HELL YA 😂

  • Angel Bray
    Angel Bray Prije 21 dan

    Me: *cringes at the relish*

  • corrie sacdalan
    corrie sacdalan Prije 21 dan

    I just saw how much raw beef they got and i thought of what the cashier was thinking when they saw a line of raw beef coming towards them.🤣😂

    GAMESTER Prije 21 dan

    Alvins version was better'

  • Aryan Hemmat
    Aryan Hemmat Prije 21 dan

    the kind of things i watch at 5:00am

  • Queenstown
    Queenstown Prije 21 dan

    Tasty: Makes viral vid of burger

    Also Tasty: I'll fuckin' do it again

  • Sandra Arroyo
    Sandra Arroyo Prije 21 dan

    Is no one else gonna comment about how nikki went like "onioyeyeyeyens" 9:29

  • Val Garcia
    Val Garcia Prije 22 dana

    Rie is top tier waifu material

  • Holly Lin
    Holly Lin Prije 22 dana +6

    *”Rie is crying because she can’t believe how good it is”*