Slovenia - LIVE - Zala Kralj & Gašper Šantl - Sebi - Grand Final - Eurovision 2019

  • Datum objavljivanja: 18. Svi 2019.
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    Zala Kralj & Gašper Šantl represented Slovenia at the Grand Final of the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest with the song Sebi. Read more about Zala Kralj & Gašper Šantl here:
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Komentari • 3 491

  • Eurovision Song Contest
    Eurovision Song Contest  Prije 2 dana +1

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  • Dragan Vujovic
    Dragan Vujovic Prije 14 sati

    Sjajna daljina

  • Marianne Karnbach
    Marianne Karnbach Prije 23 sati

    ich liebe dieses Lied hört sich super an

  • Laurence Guyoty
    Laurence Guyoty Prije dan


  • MARS 1312
    MARS 1312 Prije dan

    Manj je več

  • Pablo Barrera
    Pablo Barrera Prije dan

    Where's the talent?

  • Jairo Castanja
    Jairo Castanja Prije dan +1

    I don't know what she is singing, but i'm living for it

  • blah
    blah Prije dan +1


  • Beatrice Neniute
    Beatrice Neniute Prije dan +1

    Cutest couple on Eurovision ever!😍

  • Ibrahim Ayhan
    Ibrahim Ayhan Prije dan +1


  • Iωαννα Κ.
    Iωαννα Κ. Prije 2 dana

    After dentist song 😂

  • Dudecai the Spawn of Satan

    At 1:17 the guy looks like he's about to throw up.

  • Luiz Macnack
    Luiz Macnack Prije 3 dana

    This song... it’s so depressing

  • Substance gourmet
    Substance gourmet Prije 3 dana


  • Substance gourmet
    Substance gourmet Prije 3 dana

    Why he shake his head?

  • Evidim Dim
    Evidim Dim Prije 3 dana

    Find someone to look at you the way she looks at him 😂

  • Danae and Stav 123
    Danae and Stav 123 Prije 3 dana +1

    What a love between them

  • Wafa Romero
    Wafa Romero Prije 3 dana

    Persembahan paling tak best langsung... booo👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼 .. this is the worst performance i give 1/10

  • Alena Reslová
    Alena Reslová Prije 3 dana

    this is so so so bad

  • Ulka Basia
    Ulka Basia Prije 4 dana

    Piękna miłość ❤

  • Kiki-yang Wolsini
    Kiki-yang Wolsini Prije 4 dana


  • nikol oronov
    nikol oronov Prije 4 dana

    she looks so stressed, it's visible that she had an anxiety attack. she's so strong that she kept singing anyways, she's an angel

  • Stathis Psiridis
    Stathis Psiridis Prije 5 dana +3

    This rhythm was so good :-D

  • Jan B
    Jan B Prije 5 dana +1

    Timi Zajc ??

  • Pygang - Twitch
    Pygang - Twitch Prije 5 dana

    Das ist der langweiligste Song, den ich je gehört hab. Was ist mit der Choreo!?

  • Элина Низамова

    Сестра Бузовой нашлась!))

  • I Hate Riot Games
    I Hate Riot Games Prije 6 dana

    Просто и красиво. Язык очень красивый ! Love from Russia :)

  • Валера Горячев

    I don't fucking understand, but it's a really cool song.

  • TheAzO9aAz TheAzO9aAz
    TheAzO9aAz TheAzO9aAz Prije 6 dana

    They where not in my top ten. But I really liked them.

  • Mirthe van Duijn
    Mirthe van Duijn Prije 6 dana

    What a love life

  • JamJam JAMES
    JamJam JAMES Prije 6 dana

    Me to

  • Emir Eminoğlu
    Emir Eminoğlu Prije 7 dana +3

    what a lovely song.. pure, catchy and emotional.. you dont need to understand words.. you are feeling..

  • Hashtag Hawaii
    Hashtag Hawaii Prije 7 dana

    She was only looking at her boyfriend wth

  • Parvin Fathinijat
    Parvin Fathinijat Prije 7 dana


  • bs23 ssd
    bs23 ssd Prije 7 dana +2

    These song give me such a relaxation❤️

  • Iki
    Iki Prije 8 dana +1

    😍👌🏻 i like it

  • Rihmland Music
    Rihmland Music Prije 8 dana

    The little kiss on her cheek at the ende was sad .... i think she was hoping to get a real one -.- love the song...

  • Golden Wither Phoenix 13
    Golden Wither Phoenix 13 Prije 9 dana +2

    Graham Norton says its creepy.
    My mother says its creepy
    I say its relaxingly creepy.
    Love the song Slovenia. Very relaxing and different to the other pieces like Denmark and... ugh... Iceland. Nicely done.
    From the UK.

  • Amira  Greiner
    Amira Greiner Prije 10 dana

    Hvala za ovu pjesmu ❤❤

  • Гоша Гоша
    Гоша Гоша Prije 10 dana +2

    Шикарная песня))!! Столько любви в глазах!!! Любите друг друга!!!

  • Matze Ginter
    Matze Ginter Prije 10 dana

    They are entertaining, gut in their own way

  • mimimi
    mimimi Prije 10 dana +1

    The winner, ladies and gentlemen.

  • 5,148,390 vies
    5,148,390 vies Prije 10 dana

    Im from Slovenia
    Im dissapointed

  • Sandra Danauskiene
    Sandra Danauskiene Prije 11 dana


  • Stefanie Fuchs
    Stefanie Fuchs Prije 11 dana +1

    Best wishes to Karmen Mrzel.

  • Fidel Garcia Expo
    Fidel Garcia Expo Prije 11 dana +1

    Its time to go to sleep.

  • Belmin Salihovic
    Belmin Salihovic Prije 11 dana


  • Daniel Shurberg
    Daniel Shurberg Prije 11 dana

    Вот это пара !!!!

  • istman75
    istman75 Prije 11 dana

    Listen to this in your car on a road trip...

  • Joao Da Costa
    Joao Da Costa Prije 12 dana

    My best songs 💖👍.

  • galalmighty
    galalmighty Prije 12 dana

    like i am in a different universe so peacefull

  • Marius Iosif Todea
    Marius Iosif Todea Prije 12 dana

    Just follow my youtube channel and there are only a few of my favorites!😞😵

  • Marius Iosif Todea
    Marius Iosif Todea Prije 12 dana +2

    Why did you deleted my comment that this is one of the best songs I heard in my life,and trust me I heard more than normally people..Your censorship is awful,you don"t live in Europe!

  • Marius Iosif Todea
    Marius Iosif Todea Prije 12 dana

    They are so cute,lovely!💕

  • Marius Iosif Todea
    Marius Iosif Todea Prije 12 dana

    It reminds me when I was young and inlove❤❤❤❤

  • Marius Iosif Todea
    Marius Iosif Todea Prije 12 dana +1

    For me this was one of the best songs and performance I heard and saw in my life❤

  • Igor Syomkin
    Igor Syomkin Prije 12 dana +1

    How is this even on Eurovision? This song is way much better than this contest's format. A lot of love from Russia.

  • Sombas Michalakis
    Sombas Michalakis Prije 13 dana +3

    Here we have a country that both in 2018 and 2019 had sent top 5 materials.
    Happy in the beginning that both times Slovenia passed to the final. Believed Hvala ne would not achieve qualification but was sure about Sebi.
    Hvala ne got 22nd place (OMG)
    And Sebi got 15th place (UNBELIEVABLE)
    Sweden or Russia would have won both times of they sent these songs.
    Only you and north Macedonia sent amazing songs both years.

  • Nikola blablablabla
    Nikola blablablabla Prije 13 dana


  • TheAlikass
    TheAlikass Prije 13 dana

    kocham ten utwór!!!!

  • Suzana Suza
    Suzana Suza Prije 13 dana +1

    Lepa pesma ❤

  • McRMS Official
    McRMS Official Prije 14 dana

    Repeat and repeat. Love this song, even I don't understand anything.

  • hot video
    hot video Prije 14 dana +1

    Very lovey song 😍😍😍

  • David Abdullayev
    David Abdullayev Prije 14 dana +7

    Словения РЕСПЕКТ от Азербайджана!!! Какая девушка! Цветок! 👏 👌 👍

  • vanda
    vanda Prije 15 dana +1

    Beautiful song, her voice is so sweet ❤

  • Alenka Lepeshinskaya
    Alenka Lepeshinskaya Prije 15 dana +2

    Winners of my heart!

  • Delilah Lincoln
    Delilah Lincoln Prije 15 dana +1

    Nearly fell asleep out of boredom

  • Kántás Adrienn
    Kántás Adrienn Prije 15 dana


  • Matej Koren
    Matej Koren Prije 15 dana

    riddm its like heartbeat

  • CribalGamer
    CribalGamer Prije 15 dana

    I see a goblin???

  • Mariachi Myers
    Mariachi Myers Prije 15 dana


  • Hyperzz 4life
    Hyperzz 4life Prije 15 dana +1

    Someone from slovenia? Translate?

  • Endo
    Endo Prije 16 dana +1

    I wonder what she was saying. Maybe she was singing about dinner, homework and potatoes who knows...

  • Marko Žigo
    Marko Žigo Prije 16 dana +5

    A truly wonderful entry from a very peaceful country. It deserved a much better place in the finale. Greetings from Croatia! 🇭🇷🇸🇮

  • BEL Alycia
    BEL Alycia Prije 16 dana +1

    Young and pretty..!

  • DKxng
    DKxng Prije 16 dana

    corny ass boring

  • bassabie ya
    bassabie ya Prije 16 dana +11

    The best song of Eurovision 2019 ❤

  • cool story bro
    cool story bro Prije 16 dana +2

    If you would have sang some attractive you guys would have been winner.

  • Wojciech Łabędź
    Wojciech Łabędź Prije 16 dana +3

    Beautiful song❤️❤️ I'm happy that my country juries gave them 10 points (I'd rather give them of course 12) 🇵🇱🇸🇮

  • Mila Seferovic Todorovic
    Mila Seferovic Todorovic Prije 16 dana +1


  • abcabcboy
    abcabcboy Prije 17 dana

    The whole thing is a bit weird, and I don't understand a word. But this is one of the few songs I keep coming back to, after Eurovision.

  • yutubve
    yutubve Prije 17 dana

    La canción es bonita...pero ella es la chica de la curva

  • Feng Wang
    Feng Wang Prije 17 dana

    I don't understand, but I love this song

  • David Nilsson
    David Nilsson Prije 17 dana

    So nice song good jobb from 🇸🇪

  • thomas real men
    thomas real men Prije 17 dana +1

    The rhythm is so fantastic slow,and the words i can't understand. But i believe everything Zala sings... It's like a dream.

  • Yevgenia Makin
    Yevgenia Makin Prije 17 dana +3

    Good job I voted for you long live Slovenia!


    The lost sincerity of our world was found in their attitude.

  • Clara
    Clara Prije 17 dana +1

    At the same time weird and pure

  • Алексей Чеботарев

    Возвращайтесь! Россия любит Вас! Славяне должны быть вместе!

  • Rodrigo Rio
    Rodrigo Rio Prije 17 dana

    Preciosa 😍💜

  • BLACK LLama
    BLACK LLama Prije 17 dana

    K mugre

    ESC RTE Prije 17 dana

    I don't know why, but i love this!

  • Jérôme Elhani
    Jérôme Elhani Prije 18 dana

    Très belle chanson 💜💙

  • lucas holtkamp
    lucas holtkamp Prije 18 dana

    I feel like that guy was kinda getting friend zoned near at the end

  • Aiste Urbutyte
    Aiste Urbutyte Prije 18 dana

    It such a good tune in the chorus even I didn't understand anything but really good :D

  • Veta Voloshanca
    Veta Voloshanca Prije 18 dana +8

    Oh gosh this is so beautifulllllll... The instrumental, the vocals, the lyrics, the staging, the background graphics, the way they look, especially the girl, she is freaking GORGEOUS!!!
    Everything was so perfect! This deserved top 5!

  • Kuhschmeißer
    Kuhschmeißer Prije 18 dana

    Wie sagte Peter Urban noch gleich? 2 Krankenpfleger beim ersten Date?! :D

  • Kuhschmeißer
    Kuhschmeißer Prije 18 dana

    *listening while hitting blunt*... space is eternal xD

  • grisuarchenoah
    grisuarchenoah Prije 18 dana

    incredible work, a masterpiece of minimalistic beauty and true feelings...