Amazing Ideas That Will Upgrade Your Home ▶3

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  • Spetsialista
    Spetsialista Prije 4 sati

    How do you even compile all this awful useless bad ideas? lol

  • 검정아이
    검정아이 Prije 7 sati

    와!!! 대단하다잉~~

  • cdavid0123
    cdavid0123 Prije 8 sati

    Vaya chorrada de video, todo es para profesionales

  • Alex Cros
    Alex Cros Prije 10 sati

    Amazing things you can do by spending a buttload of money and time to, on the end, get basically nothing special.

  • 野六南
    野六南 Prije 12 sati


  • Dirkfromgermany
    Dirkfromgermany Prije 12 sati

    Das fängt mit den Fischen mit Tierquälerei an. Das hat noch nicht mal etwas mit artgerechter Tierhaltung zu tun....

  • Uly Ivanova
    Uly Ivanova Prije 13 sati

    8:00 как сделать такой душь?

  • David Goldman
    David Goldman Prije 23 sati

    Музыка гомно невозможно услышать

  • PedroGamer Henrique
    PedroGamer Henrique Prije 23 sati

    onde compro essa junção de perfil para drywall?

  • Раида
    Раида Prije dan

    круто, батут!

  • # 52
    # 52 Prije dan

    Tolle Idee um ein paar Goldfische zu quälen.

  • 750 ninja
    750 ninja Prije dan


  • christian Perroud
    christian Perroud Prije dan


  • علي البلداوي

    اكيد بس اني عراقي

  • 10S4Y
    10S4Y Prije dan : More lie "Amazing ideas that will downgrade your home"

  • Travis Schwartz
    Travis Schwartz Prije dan

    fucking trashy ass bathroom floor...
    *Snorts line of coke

  • Boiled Octopus
    Boiled Octopus Prije dan

    That dolphin floor is fucking grotesque. It's like those people with 4x4s that have those horrific pictures of their dogs on the wheel covers at the back.

  • Didii Moreni
    Didii Moreni Prije dan +1

    A los dos días llegas a casa y todos los peces han saltado y están muertos por el suelo.

  • Violaine Krzyzynski

    Pauvre poissons !

  • SFW
    SFW Prije dan

    kak ideas just wasted 11 mins

  • Фёдор Плеханов

    Кто тоже зашёл комментарии почитать? А здесь и нет никого.

  • Joseph Kraai
    Joseph Kraai Prije dan


  • Morgan Bergman
    Morgan Bergman Prije dan

    O shit so manny wrongs in the videos. In the bathromm you will get moister problems. and the things out side you need some kind tar to protekt the clibingwalls feets from decomposing in the cenment and at least 5 centimeters above. and on the topp of em some thing to stop the rain from the upside same with the bathtub. And personly the Tv space is kinda wierd why build it all to a higher cost. and if you buy it why not build it so you just place the lower part and can move it if needed.

  • Timothy Briere
    Timothy Briere Prije dan

    Nice toes

  • Bibi Aysha
    Bibi Aysha Prije dan

    Want to know abut solar power invertor I mean the reading like ones it's saved like almost 5 bars... Wen the sun is down wl the bar go down just 1 I mean.

  • 표믕룸
    표믕룸 Prije dan

    트렘폴린 하나설치하는데 엄청난 공사를 하네.....ㅋㅋ 저 집.딸은 좋겟네

  • James Graham
    James Graham Prije dan

    At 8:15 Girl plugs nose to avoid a Netty Pot treatment.

  • Megalon Video
    Megalon Video Prije dan

    All that BPH leaching into the water with those fish. Probably not a good idea. PVC is toxic.

  • Reeble Snarfle
    Reeble Snarfle Prije dan

    Outdoor step on shower, favorite!

  • helen ley ari
    helen ley ari Prije 2 dana

    Vine por la ducha exterior inversa y no pudieron como se hace mala onda

  • Vladyslav Nemych
    Vladyslav Nemych Prije 2 dana

    Рыбки под столом. Что-то мне подсказывает, что они все скоропостижно уйдут в мир иной через пару дней от гипоксии.
    Фотообои в душе под ногами. Кажется, для этого существует кафель с каким-либо рисунком - намного надежнее и долговечнее.

    PUTEN XUILO Prije 2 dana

    На росийском оборудовании - даже гвоздей прямых не сделаешь

  • Chelsea C
    Chelsea C Prije 2 dana

    So many ads

  • Serz Gul
    Serz Gul Prije 2 dana

    The pool fish...😥

  • MyAnalogueWatch
    MyAnalogueWatch Prije 2 dana

    ✌ 😏 ✌

  • ejunky66
    ejunky66 Prije 2 dana +1

    5:58 separation processing;)?

  • 廖本田
    廖本田 Prije 2 dana


  • Роман Стакан

    Вот бы этих умников самих в такую тюрьму посадить! (про аквариум из труб)

  • Santiago Lopez
    Santiago Lopez Prije 2 dana

    Oh man . Not a single good idea Just waste of time and money .. stupidity at its best

  • bones rhodes
    bones rhodes Prije 2 dana

    fukin' asinine

  • Viktor Shurupov
    Viktor Shurupov Prije 2 dana

    Осталось завести кота

  • 키득키득
    키득키득 Prije 2 dana

    2:27 비오면 어떻게함? Rain

  • guenthgi
    guenthgi Prije 2 dana +12

    Thought it was going to show how to build the step on shower. Wasted my time!

  • Это Я
    Это Я Prije 2 dana

    🐬 дельфины на полу,такая хреновня👎

  • tripjet999
    tripjet999 Prije 2 dana +1

    fishees will suffer, as user should.

  • Anna Luise Claesson
    Anna Luise Claesson Prije 2 dana

    Where is the link for the garden shower?

  • gonza nico
    gonza nico Prije 2 dana +1


  • Angli Angeli
    Angli Angeli Prije 2 dana

    The fish one is kind of cruel. They can't turn to either side and certainly must feel trapped.

  • Nacho Ruiz Paez
    Nacho Ruiz Paez Prije 3 dana +4

    The one I was interested in ... not even close to instructions. Thanks anyway.

  • VeYro
    VeYro Prije 3 dana

    Chuj ci w dupe

  • Dillon Sheely
    Dillon Sheely Prije 3 dana

    I like the part where they explained things.

  • Giorgio Borsetti
    Giorgio Borsetti Prije 3 dana

    ahaahhahahhahhahhahhahahhaha, the fucking dolphins!!!!!!ahhahha

  • Victor Zvezintsev
    Victor Zvezintsev Prije 3 dana

    а где устройство душа? 🤔

  • Victor Zvezintsev
    Victor Zvezintsev Prije 3 dana

    капец рыбе

  • WurstExpress #616
    WurstExpress #616 Prije 3 dana

    goldfish Aquarium is disgusting! against all humanity

  • Ubuv
    Ubuv Prije 3 dana

    Yeah let me just spend $10k in tools to build a hot tub.

    • Kevin York
      Kevin York Prije 2 dana

      All the pieces look like they were pre made and assembled in a professional wood shop, so no need to buy the power tools. This would be the most expensive hot tub ever.

  • Владимир Божко


  • Eric Kartman
    Eric Kartman Prije 3 dana


  • Frank T
    Frank T Prije 3 dana

    Seems that a good bathroom was totally ruined with a cheap plastic floor + hole in the garden for Trampoline, why not add a fish pond as well?

  • Penny Lane Rocker
    Penny Lane Rocker Prije 3 dana

    Who was playing the jazzy music in this?

  • Supriyadi Marcud
    Supriyadi Marcud Prije 3 dana

    I my is Indonesia

  • Mussa Jewelry Design
    Mussa Jewelry Design Prije 3 dana


  • Megan Robinson
    Megan Robinson Prije 3 dana

    That fish table wtf haha

  • סיגל אבנר
    סיגל אבנר Prije 4 dana

    Animal abuse, what's smart here? It's enough to take advantage of them

  • CapeCodTrainTodd
    CapeCodTrainTodd Prije 4 dana +1

    I clicked on this to see how they made the cool shower and they skipped the how to??

  • Ольга Шеманина

    Класс. Я в восторге!💯👍

  • Růžena Kubáková
    Růžena Kubáková Prije 4 dana

    Děkují vám moc za dobré rady.Super !

  • Bull Neptune
    Bull Neptune Prije 4 dana +1

    1st clip. Would be nice if it was clear.

  • Y M
    Y M Prije 4 dana +1

    Absolutely pointless video

  • Guilherme Volpato
    Guilherme Volpato Prije 4 dana +1

    2:39 auto conversion into mud hole when it rains

    • dublinek1970
      dublinek1970 Prije 3 dana +1

      You can use in Australia only 🤔😂

  • Lilat Hellraiser
    Lilat Hellraiser Prije 4 dana

    Goldfish FAIL

  • Gary Ellis
    Gary Ellis Prije 4 dana

    Didn't even show how to make that water press

  • Cardiac962
    Cardiac962 Prije 4 dana +1

    If the tools are good, then I am god (well, almost)

  • David P
    David P Prije 4 dana +16

    Amazing Ideas that will date your home and lower the value

  • Jody Moscaritolo
    Jody Moscaritolo Prije 4 dana

    Boy howdy these are all terrible ideas.

  • МАКС rus
    МАКС rus Prije 4 dana

    Амеры пидары!!!

  • Danny Torres
    Danny Torres Prije 4 dana +5

    The only good idea is the outdoor foot shower and they don't even show how it was made...

  • Ikke 64
    Ikke 64 Prije 5 dana +28

    Trampolines Hole... what about rainy days?? Swimming pool?? haha

    • Gary White
      Gary White Prije 17 sati +1

      Would be more worried about all the black widows that will get under it.

    • Shirley Ganyana
      Shirley Ganyana Prije 2 dana

      @jean-philippe lepetit très belle 😂😂

    • jean-philippe lepetit
      jean-philippe lepetit Prije 2 dana +1

      À compléter peut être avec une couche de drainant en fond de trou. Calibre 20-40 millimètres. Mais belle réalisation...

    • Arcturus572
      Arcturus572 Prije 2 dana

      Most unlined holes like that do hold some water, yes, but unless their water table is high, it should drain out fairly quick...

  • Ramis Jakupi
    Ramis Jakupi Prije 5 dana


  • Евгений Марцинюк

    Из всего представленного только рыбки понравились, остальное хлам...

  • Dan Conte
    Dan Conte Prije 5 dana

    my cat would really like the fish run!

  • 111 222
    111 222 Prije 5 dana


  • Liam Cross
    Liam Cross Prije 5 dana


  • Long Range Quadcopter
    Long Range Quadcopter Prije 5 dana +1

    While watching at 6:40 I've been thinking that the guy builds a trebuchet LOL It would have definitely upgraded his home))

  • Syed Bilal A
    Syed Bilal A Prije 5 dana +13

    The only lovely thing is Fishes in the pipes!!!

  • 군주초월
    군주초월 Prije 5 dana

    캬 정말 외국에서 태어나고 싶노 이기

  • Talking Angela 2
    Talking Angela 2 Prije 5 dana


    DARK APPERITION Prije 5 dana

    9:51 hell, I have trouble putting down new shelf paper, I would have a nervous breakdown, if I ever had to do this!

  • Geiger Tec
    Geiger Tec Prije 5 dana

    f u c k this bull shi t

  • motanelustelistu
    motanelustelistu Prije 5 dana

    7:54 Yeeeees,show me how you screw some hoses instead of how it's done :| :| :| :| :| :| ...
    Here's what you came to see,only to realise that THE ONLY INTERESTING THING is the exception to the whole video and shows ABSOLUTELY NO PART of asembly,let alone construction.


  • Boris A
    Boris A Prije 5 dana

    I need this trampoline in my life! I mean, my kids need this trampoline...

  • Александр Андреев

    Это потрясающие идеи для тех кому заняться нечем. Мама с папой зарабатывают нормально. Тачки бить надоело.

  • Jose Jimenez
    Jose Jimenez Prije 6 dana


  • bunjicarlin1
    bunjicarlin1 Prije 6 dana +9

    I just TOTALLY wasted 11:15 minutes of my life!!!!

    • bunjicarlin1
      bunjicarlin1 Prije 4 dana

      @Rob Ashcroft 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Rob Ashcroft
      Rob Ashcroft Prije 4 dana +1

      Me too. That's 22:30 in total, so far.

  • J M
    J M Prije 6 dana

    cmmon get clear pvc pipes so they see better lol

  • Андрей Суров

    Болгарка без кожуха это пиздец

    • Андрей Суров
      Андрей Суров Prije 5 dana

      @Алекс Логвиновский на еруде 1 парнишка пилил бочку без кожуха зубы разлетелись по всему цеху лопнул диск увезли в Лесосибирск в челюсно лицевую но там ловить нехуй и ещё 3 случая !

    • Алекс Логвиновский
      Алекс Логвиновский Prije 5 dana

      +работаю уже без кожуха лет 7-8, и ничего!

  • Rick Steve
    Rick Steve Prije 6 dana

    Am I the only one who noticed at 7.10 he only put cement and no aggregate in the holes?

  • Michiel Jansen
    Michiel Jansen Prije 6 dana

    This vid is called: amazing ideas that will upgrade your house (in Dutch translation) but the main part is just professionals at work with professional tools. Only the goldfish idea was worth anything. So skip the rest and save time. Or skip altogether if you don't like goldfish.