The Cast Remembers: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau on Playing Jaime Lannister | Game of Thrones: Season 8 (HB

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  • The actor shares stories from shooting pivotal scenes throughout the series, and what he thinks is unique about Game of Thrones.

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  • Hiếu Lưu Trần
    Hiếu Lưu Trần Prije 4 dana

    He finally got his hand back after ss8

  • Alucard Brian
    Alucard Brian Prije 5 dana

    Jaime to me was always a knight in shining armor like every story but his experiences tell him otherwise like finding out that he was chosen for Kingsguard for political not his skill, broke the very bow, and broken character... Later episodes he pick up the broken pieces, piece by piece. and restored himself at season 8 episode 2.

  • Jessie Wang
    Jessie Wang Prije 6 dana

    We are building it up to burn it down...

  • Virginia Negrei
    Virginia Negrei Prije 8 dana

    Jaime ❤

  • Lana Gokadze
    Lana Gokadze Prije 9 dana

    Love Jaime Lanaster in Game of Thrones.....amazing the show...watched the 8th seasons twice already since the never gets stale..I am so intrigued by the show..the whole casts were just amazing....every single one of them...epic...

  • Krynictrace
    Krynictrace Prije 9 dana

    Interview with Game of Thrones actors and probably other actors in giant passionate hit TV shows: Can pick apart and tell stories about set moments that happened years ago and details of their characters arc.
    Interview with some actors in a hollywood movie: "Wait I was in this movie?"

  • MikaGrof
    MikaGrof Prije 9 dana

    god it hurts like bricks falling on me

  • TheKavanagh09
    TheKavanagh09 Prije 9 dana

    Fotget about anything in cinema or TV that you have watched up until now, this series has set the bar to a new level in cinematic history, and will be very hard to even match

  • yasmani martinez
    yasmani martinez Prije 13 dana +1

    By what right does the wolf judge the lion! I will always remember that from him.

  • Frantic
    Frantic Prije 14 dana

    1:55 HELLO THERE


  • Oğuz
    Oğuz Prije 14 dana

    It feels good when you think how good Lannister characters was written and actors were way better than any other Houses.

  • sLj93
    sLj93 Prije 15 dana

    Which song is playing at 2:30? I can't remember it's name or the scenes it was in

  • Léna Koskinen
    Léna Koskinen Prije 17 dana

    anyone know which song from the soundtrack is used?

  • J Bruce Feynman Niccolo Bentulan

    Where's the re-members for Alfie Allen? I was hoping Theon would be like the North in re-membering.

  • Umaibo
    Umaibo Prije 18 dana

    God he’s so fucking hot

  • Lesley Van Zyl
    Lesley Van Zyl Prije 19 dana

    We going to miss you..

  • Lep
    Lep Prije 20 dana


  • Jaime Montejano
    Jaime Montejano Prije 20 dana

    Best character in the show

  • أروع أغاني
    أروع أغاني Prije 20 dana

    i love this man ^

  • jewel wood
    jewel wood Prije 20 dana +2

    My God. He is gorgeous. My second fav character. Jorah has my heart still.

  • Brian D.
    Brian D. Prije 25 dana

    I will miss it as well. . .

  • Vidushi Karnwal
    Vidushi Karnwal Prije 25 dana

    I am watching game of thrones just because of Jamie Lannister (Nikolaj coster waldau)❤️

  • Thor son of Odin
    Thor son of Odin Prije 25 dana

    And the fans remember when this was a fantastic show

  • Holly Bronwyn
    Holly Bronwyn Prije 25 dana +1

    *... and we will miss you, Nikolaj.* best show ever done.

  • b2uty4DW
    b2uty4DW Prije 25 dana +1


  • b2uty4DW
    b2uty4DW Prije 25 dana +1

    he is HOTTTT even when he’s goofy looking I just

  • Malik Zitouni
    Malik Zitouni Prije 26 dana

    Song at 0:00 please ?

  • Malik Zitouni
    Malik Zitouni Prije 26 dana

    Song at 0:00 please ?

  • Bj Hardigan
    Bj Hardigan Prije 27 dana

    am i the only one that knows that jaime has'nt been a douche to brienne, and cerci was Not the arms of the woman that he wanted to die in, but being the stupid lannister that ceci cruelly told him that he was, had to settle to die with the twin that he was bonded with at birth. briennnes love letter to jaime... finishing his story of bravery and honor, proves that she knew that he on his way home to her, but the obstacles in the paths prevented his homecoming.

  • Disha v
    Disha v Prije 27 dana

    Jamie's character had to develop from that push to the jump and then finally leaving Cersie to do the right thing, just to ruin all that in a matter of minutes. How could the writers have been so blind to what they were doing? How?! The only reason I can think of is that they took the audience for granted and thought shock value is more important than good story telling.

  • haziq ali
    haziq ali Prije 28 dana +6

    Kingslayer ❌
    'Hear me roar'

  • H D
    H D Prije 28 dana

    I love him

  • Malvika Sharma Baru
    Malvika Sharma Baru Prije 29 dana +1

    This a character that everyone loved seeing evolve and fall back every now and then. And Waldau has done absolute justice to it.

  • books from Windblown
    books from Windblown Prije mjesec +3

    Is characters one the best characters ever in the series but what was the point of his Redemption arc it only contribute to his death notices there?

  • Delko
    Delko Prije mjesec +8

    My favorite character. So sad he got raped by the writers :'(

  • Pedro Filipe
    Pedro Filipe Prije mjesec

    What's the song at 3:22?

  • Jilly S
    Jilly S Prije mjesec

    I am so fucking attracted to Nikolaj/Jaime once he got all rugged and grey. I guess also because he became a decent human throughout that process too. He literally embodied the character Jaime Lannister and I couldn’t be happier with his performance. I was extremely disappointed that D&D created such a brilliant character arc to have just thrown it away in the end. But that wasn’t on Nikolaj, he killed it and I will miss him!

  • Michelle Streater
    Michelle Streater Prije mjesec

    I love his scenes with Peter

  • Northern Nightmare
    Northern Nightmare Prije mjesec +1

    I really got to like Jamie from detesting him at the start, really interesting character! he was not a man without honour!

  • omgamazement
    omgamazement Prije mjesec

    The only one to die as he said and foreshadowed. In the arms of the person he loved
    About the only satisfying ending in the last 2 episodes

  • Lyset
    Lyset Prije mjesec +1

    You'll always be Delta Force's MSgt Gary Gordon to me, Nikolaj! You've come a long way.

  • Crazyninja30
    Crazyninja30 Prije mjesec

    The actors that portrayed the Lannisters... were friggen A-list quality. Lena, Charles, Nikolaj, Peter, Jack; all of em so good, every scene oozed with double meaning and vicious stare downs. Nothing beat those days when the Lions won the war of the 5 kings.

  • Archie Daniels
    Archie Daniels Prije mjesec +3

    That transition at 1:56 was smooth as hell

  • daydream1nc
    daydream1nc Prije mjesec

    that cut at 1:56 lmao

  • nadie nieman
    nadie nieman Prije mjesec

    Sir Jamie the One Handed;
    Saved King's Landing by stopping the Mad King from using wildfire to burn the city.
    Faced down a bear with no weapon to save Lady Brienne of Tarth.
    Instrumental in saving the life of Lady Sansa Stark.
    Rescued Myrcella Lannister with Sir Bronn of the Blackwater in a daring mission in Dorne.
    Killed several dothraki bloodriders in battle against the dothraki army led by the Mad Queen.
    Charged down a fully grown black dragon and survived.
    Kept his oath to the northmen and rode north alone to aid them against the armies of the dead.

    Someone had to write down his great deeds since the Writers on Game of Thrones clearly forgot his character growth.

    DRUMMER DON Prije mjesec

    This guy is like a disney prince.

  • marton jakab
    marton jakab Prije mjesec

    "and get to go out on a high" ... well, that's not aged particularly well, has it now.

  • Walter Mercado
    Walter Mercado Prije mjesec

    I also loves whoresback riding.

  • Galendramatik
    Galendramatik Prije mjesec

    Honestly the best character.

  • Troye Padalecki
    Troye Padalecki Prije mjesec

    Season 1 jaime looks like the Prince from shrek

  • Silverhorse1970
    Silverhorse1970 Prije mjesec

    GOT movie anyone???????? YES YES YES

  • Lord Grinch
    Lord Grinch Prije mjesec


  • Cerberus
    Cerberus Prije mjesec

    All of this for him to die

  • Riri Airi
    Riri Airi Prije mjesec

    He’s SO handsome 😍

  • Paul Fitz
    Paul Fitz Prije mjesec

    A shame the writers destroyed his character arc.

  • Curious Boy
    Curious Boy Prije mjesec

    And they just ruined his phenomenal arc. Such a waste!(((

    • searcher
      searcher Prije mjesec

      @Максим Расчупкин
      The writers didn't give a shit:
      "Dany kinda forgot about the iron fleet"

    • Максим Расчупкин
      Максим Расчупкин Prije mjesec

      They did it justice. "It's very sad" and "It's a waste" doesn't mean that it's not a well-written arc (well, rushed in S8, as much as everything, but still). He became a better man and done a lot of good, but real people don't have hard alignment changes. Redemption has limits.

  • nerdboy cool
    nerdboy cool Prije mjesec +4

    Season 4
    I saved all the people in kings landing millions of them
    *i never really cared about them*

  • Einsamkeit
    Einsamkeit Prije mjesec

    4:55 I didn't know Jamie is Prince Charming from Shrek

  • JESSEverything
    JESSEverything Prije mjesec

    I'll remember this show for how great it was, and not by the final season. As a huge fantasy buff, it proved that fantasy can be taken seriously and set a new precedent for the genre in television. I don't know if this show can ever be topped, but I hope other new shows do the genre justice.

  • axelle zuretti
    axelle zuretti Prije mjesec

    I fucking love him

  • Paige Augusti
    Paige Augusti Prije mjesec

    Perfect casting!

  • Fanciful Imp
    Fanciful Imp Prije mjesec

    I still can't believe I took a picture with this guy. What a nice lad, he was.

  • Deel2506
    Deel2506 Prije mjesec

    Best character development ever

  • azapro911
    azapro911 Prije mjesec

    Magnificent performance, bit of a shame that he didn't get to play an active role in the final episode.

  • EvilsinsMagic
    EvilsinsMagic Prije mjesec

    He is the live person of "Charming prince" of Shrek, period. xD

  • Āðexe
    Āðexe Prije mjesec +1

    Thank you so much Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.

  • Sherlock
    Sherlock Prije mjesec

    And after all of that, some idiots wrote you dead because the building collapsed on your head. Well done idiots.

  • Le Pèlerin
    Le Pèlerin Prije mjesec

    And then... Season 8 happened.

  • rxp56
    rxp56 Prije mjesec +1

    I loved Tyrion but I think Jamie was my favourite character.

  • Ria Arrobio
    Ria Arrobio Prije mjesec

    “So many talented people come together, to experience a successful work like this.” ❤️

  • ʞlocks
    ʞlocks Prije mjesec

    The only thing I regret is they never showed how legendary Jaime was in his prime with 2 hands. I think it would have made the loss of his hand much more impactful if we saw him just destroying everyone at full strength even just once

  • The Nimbus
    The Nimbus Prije mjesec +1

    3:14 This proves that the creaters cared till season 7

  • paranoid 2
    paranoid 2 Prije mjesec +12

    Who is here after watching the season finale?? Only me? Ok😥

  • Faisal Elyas
    Faisal Elyas Prije mjesec

    what the fuck. he's american?!

    • Lauren Hulton
      Lauren Hulton Prije mjesec

      He's Danish!😀 It's an intriguing accent, I love it

  • Lisa
    Lisa Prije mjesec +10

    Absolute positive proof men get more good looking with age. 😍

    • Lisa
      Lisa Prije 25 dana

      Senorita Aurora. I was really trying to say men age more gracefully than women in a lot of cases.

    • Senorita Aurora
      Senorita Aurora Prije 25 dana

      Lisa he looks the best in season 1

  • Hans!
    Hans! Prije mjesec

    "Better person" Ironic, isn't it?

  • Dan Maynard
    Dan Maynard Prije mjesec

    This cast deserved better S8 writing. "get to go out on a high".

  • The Rooster
    The Rooster Prije mjesec +1

    He was a great actor in the movie "Shot Caller".. great movie!! Highly recommend.

  • alexgontijo
    alexgontijo Prije mjesec

    It`s a shame he never used the Golden Hand as a power, as to hold an sword in a fight! Great character!

  • Jared Haught
    Jared Haught Prije mjesec

    He doesn't have much of an accent

  • Rudy Simmons
    Rudy Simmons Prije mjesec +1

    Did i asked how he felt about playing the guy? get off my youtube...

  • Niaz Hazarboz
    Niaz Hazarboz Prije mjesec +2

    Jamie to Bran : " things I do for love" Season 1 Episode 1
    Bran to Jamie : " things people do for love" Season 8 episode 2

  • Tabe8 8
    Tabe8 8 Prije mjesec

    It was such an epic show....until it wasn’t. HBO should sue fuckhead and fuckheader for what they made this story become

  • Lukas
    Lukas Prije mjesec

    "Look how they massacred my boy"

  • tclass99
    tclass99 Prije mjesec

    So odd seeing him speak with a Danish accent lol.

  • Miraball
    Miraball Prije mjesec

    You didn't deserve that death...

  • Dwayne Stimpson
    Dwayne Stimpson Prije mjesec

    Every actor he did scenes with was phenomenal. Watching Jaime was always a joy!

  • MaybeThanh
    MaybeThanh Prije mjesec +1

    The transition from falling to landing at 1:57 was great xD

  • zelle universe
    zelle universe Prije mjesec

    I'm just wondering why his and Tyrion's golden hair in Season 1 turned into a Stark hair in the later Seasons

  • Pork Jackson
    Pork Jackson Prije mjesec

    you should not leave Brienne the Beauty

  • michael reynolds
    michael reynolds Prije mjesec

    this show together with the walking dead is deff among the best things i have ever watched

  • MojoMyster
    MojoMyster Prije mjesec

    You guys are retarded if you think they ruined his character.

  • Cult Mechanicus
    Cult Mechanicus Prije mjesec

    RIP Jamie my favorite character

  • CC123
    CC123 Prije mjesec

    What an epic death, killed by a collapsing building. Lol, way to ruin this character GOT

  • Joint Lucas
    Joint Lucas Prije mjesec

    Such a shame he died with his character arc being torn apart.

  • skorpia g
    skorpia g Prije mjesec +1

    Jaime has such a great layered character. From the beginning to the end. You think hes a jerk but then you see courage and kindness. Great acting.

  • Oliver swack
    Oliver swack Prije mjesec +2

    0:36-0:40 the audio sounds edited and combined from different clips lol

  • Kookachulu
    Kookachulu Prije mjesec +15

    The most beautiful character arch in the show built over 7 seasons. Ruined in 3 episodes. Impressive.

  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name Prije mjesec +2

    Rip Ser Jaime, a poor victim of shitty ass writing, along with Cersei

  • Fealcu xd
    Fealcu xd Prije mjesec +2

    And at the last second the fucked it up

    • Fealcu xd
      Fealcu xd Prije mjesec

      “The stupidest Lannister ”