Game of Thrones | Season 8 | Official Tease: Crypts of Winterfell (HBO)

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  • Game of Thrones returns for its final season on April 14. #ForTheThrone
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  • eliocap
    eliocap Prije dan

    Wtf is the point of this

  • Noah Kanku
    Noah Kanku Prije dan

    This Trailer means nothing

  • Mufazzal Mansoor Ali
    Mufazzal Mansoor Ali Prije 3 dana

    All 3 of them survive

  • Tsumii Tsukiyomi
    Tsumii Tsukiyomi Prije 4 dana

    When the tease is so much better than the actual. 😅 Just tease me forever.

  • G.G Marie
    G.G Marie Prije 9 dana

    I fucking wish this happened

  • Moonkin
    Moonkin Prije 11 dana +2

    remember when this trailer had so much meaning to us

  • Dovar
    Dovar Prije 12 dana +2

    One of the greatest disappointments in history...

  •  Prije 12 dana

    Deleted Scenes Breakdown and Finale Alternate Ending : a must watched, enjoy!

  • Abhishek Rawat
    Abhishek Rawat Prije 15 dana +2

    Just tell me when are you releasing the REAL season 8?

  • Mel Skie
    Mel Skie Prije 15 dana

  • Solomon Hernandez
    Solomon Hernandez Prije 16 dana +2

    Surpise! The White Walkers were just a SECONDARY storyline. SuBvErT eXpEcTaTiOnS.

  • This is a load of barnacles
    This is a load of barnacles Prije 17 dana +3

    This trailer is less powerful when you realize all three of them survived.

  • 54markl
    54markl Prije 21 dan +2

    You know Nothing, Jon HBO. Meet AMC.

  • 54markl
    54markl Prije 21 dan +1

    Stick the women and children down in the crypt with a bunch of dead people sure to become zombies? Idiotic.

  • Lapulich
    Lapulich Prije 22 dana just another ending where dany is alive and not mad

  • Vaishnavi Ramesh
    Vaishnavi Ramesh Prije 22 dana +1

    Well if this wasn't pointless...

  • The Night King
    The Night King Prije 22 dana +1

    Woulda made sense to have the night king win in game of thrones and then the prequel would have some meaning because it ruins the fun if both will have the main villain lose so whats the point in a prequel just so we can see the exact thing we saw in ep 3? Oh yea my bad we couldn’t even see anything in ep 3 but seriously even i could write a better season lmao

  • weir wood
    weir wood Prije 23 dana +1

    This trailer gives nothing of any episodes we've seen
    I'm still angry with you

  • Οφελεια
    Οφελεια Prije 25 dana +1

    So now we can agree on the fact that this trailer was useless ? And leading us in a total wrong way

  • salot lipunan
    salot lipunan Prije 25 dana

    This is an awesome thriller
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    • El Soidap
      El Soidap Prije 6 dana

      salot lipunan pre d umuubra ung link ko gaya ng sau.

  • Phil Wilson
    Phil Wilson Prije 26 dana +1

    OK !
    So, Who's Ready For Season 9 ?

  • Zack Tu Nan Zing Hang
    Zack Tu Nan Zing Hang Prije 26 dana +1

    Now we know traitor were just to receive people. What the fuck we got 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ I wish I never watched S8 now I can't unsee it.

  • Augustine Gyan
    Augustine Gyan Prije 28 dana +4

    Okay so this trailer meant absolutely nothing

  • Adam Sigala
    Adam Sigala Prije 29 dana +2

    All of them are still alive so this teaser has nothing of value.

  • Rishabh Pathak
    Rishabh Pathak Prije 29 dana +3

    Wish season 8 had not come

  • Seph flok
    Seph flok Prije 29 dana

    Wow awesome! I cant wait to watch this 😍😊

  • MR nobody
    MR nobody Prije mjesec +2


  • Cinema Klasik
    Cinema Klasik Prije mjesec +1

    Hey,this is an awesome trailer of game of thrones :) But now I am feeling hungry and might you hungry too.
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  • Евана Лара
    Евана Лара Prije mjesec +5

    none of this meansanything now

  • farzad shir
    farzad shir Prije mjesec +1

    Which episode was this one???

  • 김영재
    김영재 Prije mjesec

    The three who gets the happy ending

  • Rolando Vellon
    Rolando Vellon Prije mjesec +1

    Game of Thrones | Season 8 | Official Tease: Crypts of Winterfell (HBO)

  • Dream Thief
    Dream Thief Prije mjesec +1

    This teaser prepared us for the beautiful final scene with Jon, Arya and Sansa. Love it.

  • Altamash Syed Nigar
    Altamash Syed Nigar Prije mjesec +4

    Who is here after episode 6?

  • TheChosen2030
    TheChosen2030 Prije mjesec +1

    King stannis: a liar take it out

    OLALA Prije mjesec +1

    Netflix be like after 2 years

  • Ess Ji
    Ess Ji Prije mjesec +12

    Too bad these trailers were better than the ACTUAL rushed season!!!! Congratulations to the exceptional cast & crew & incredible cinematography!!!! Only thing that sucked was the piss poor writing!!!!!!! 💩💩💩💩💩

  • Mark
    Mark Prije mjesec +1

    that went by so fast :(

  • Abanop Gerges
    Abanop Gerges Prije mjesec +6

    After episode 6 what is this trailer mean ?😂

  • Alexandra Bento
    Alexandra Bento Prije mjesec +4

    Shame, Shame, Shame.... Winter is over!

  • Boblennon1012
    Boblennon1012 Prije mjesec +220

    It’s sad when the trailers for season 8 are actually better than season 8 itself.

  • Punnily
    Punnily Prije mjesec +1

    I guess this had literally no meaning whatsoever

  • ThEG933
    ThEG933 Prije mjesec +6

    they should call them trollers instead of teasers. here after season 8 finale, what a disrespectful joke

  • Astro Wiz
    Astro Wiz Prije mjesec +4

    All 3 of them survived to the end!!!
    Long live the pack.

  • Amit Singh
    Amit Singh Prije mjesec +1

    I am here after the underwhelming finale!!

  • Sim Singh
    Sim Singh Prije mjesec

    1:24 does anyone know if this is a actual soundtrack??

  • Toni E
    Toni E Prije mjesec +10

    Who is here after Episode 6 and still wondering where is this scene?. I guess they forgot to include it.. I waited till the end to see this, but nothing

    • Tepan
      Tepan Prije 11 dana

      Toni E its promo material so not actually a part of the series unfortunately

  • Kafrawy5
    Kafrawy5 Prije mjesec

    I dont understand why this scene isnt in the show

  • Teresa Angeline
    Teresa Angeline Prije mjesec

    Please tell me what’s the title of the background song

  • Luli 88
    Luli 88 Prije mjesec +1

    I guess this was a spoiler of how season 8 was going to end. The Starks surviving

  • Delyrium
    Delyrium Prije mjesec +5

    None of this ever happened in the show, and it's really disappointing :(

  • Hamza Shah Nawaz
    Hamza Shah Nawaz Prije mjesec +2

    makes no sense #GOTS08Sucks

  • Vaishnavi J
    Vaishnavi J Prije mjesec

    I Still do not understand why this Tease when you had clear idea , that ,no such thing is included in the actual movie. This Tease gave hope for most of the people till the last episode of the season and would end with this scene somehow and a very big twist..but nothing. Disappointed ! :(

  • Emerald Ip
    Emerald Ip Prije mjesec +2

    I was actually looking forward to this scene, after watching season 8 finale be like ???

  • stuart1234
    stuart1234 Prije mjesec +1

    Am i missing something ?, is there another season to come that they are keeping secret ?

  • jeffry sujarwo
    jeffry sujarwo Prije mjesec

    Whats the meaning of this trailer ??????.. I've been finished all season 8 but i've seen nothing about this scene until final episode 6 the iron throne.. Where is this scene in the real movie????

  • iAhmed
    iAhmed Prije mjesec +1

    What a bad ending for game of thrones

  • Roaring Lion
    Roaring Lion Prije mjesec +1


  • David Cobb
    David Cobb Prije mjesec +1

    Hey GoT and HBO... I was hanging out to see this crypt game-changer... all the way to the end... but nothing!
    This was the biggest disappointment of the series. You tease us, then nothing happens.
    Is there an explanation?

  • Yeet lord
    Yeet lord Prije mjesec


  • Lance Gill
    Lance Gill Prije mjesec +2

    The ol' bait and switch. HBO should be ashamed for ever releasing this teaser. It wasn't in the show, it doesn't fit anywhere into the series, it was a tease. Not a tease of the season to come, but a tease of what the season should have been. What a shame.

  • Rahul Bhise
    Rahul Bhise Prije mjesec +3

    What was the point of this trailer the? Can you explain.

    • Rahul Bhise
      Rahul Bhise Prije mjesec

      @Youte Use I doubt it. Let's hope there is one.

    • Youte Use
      Youte Use Prije mjesec

      further seasons

  • Eduarda Lopes
    Eduarda Lopes Prije mjesec +4

    Esse tease é simplesmente decorativo né? Porque não vi essa cena na 8ª Temporada.

  • Suci Arsih
    Suci Arsih Prije mjesec +1

    so what is this for?... this teaser dont show up in any episodes of season 8

  • Young Khalifa
    Young Khalifa Prije mjesec +8

    For all of those who started watching this show now, stop at season 6, that's the real ending of this "amazing" show

  • Espoire Algerie
    Espoire Algerie Prije mjesec +1

    after 8 season, now I hate this serie

  • Binayak Paul
    Binayak Paul Prije mjesec +2

    What a pathetic season and even a more pathetic ending!!!!!! Damnn man

  • BORZOi Handy
    BORZOi Handy Prije mjesec +1

    now the show has ended, tell me what's this teaser want to tell?

  • Aju Stephen B
    Aju Stephen B Prije mjesec +28

    Shit. I feel cheated after season finale

  • Twiddle Dee
    Twiddle Dee Prije mjesec +24

    Came back after the finale, WHAT WAS THE POINT OF THIS?? These teasers were utter lies

    • Twiddle Dee
      Twiddle Dee Prije mjesec +1

      Simon teasers still have to be somewhat related to the storyline of the show. There can’t be a movie about dogs and show cats in the teaser.

    • Simon
      Simon Prije mjesec

      It’s a teaser. They said it doesn’t have anything to do with the actual season. That’s why it’s a TEASER not a TRAILER

    • Aishwarya Sharma
      Aishwarya Sharma Prije mjesec


  • ifaale Aa
    ifaale Aa Prije mjesec

    It means that their writers killed them. Like Bran, they're something else now.
    Will the foreshadowing ever stop?

  • Tabby's World
    Tabby's World Prije mjesec +1

    So what does this mean now?

  • Dunets
    Dunets Prije mjesec

    I don’t understand.... wtf is that then?

  • Anurag Ghosh
    Anurag Ghosh Prije mjesec

    Don't worry this scene will be there in the next episode !

  • Manas Singh
    Manas Singh Prije mjesec +6

    Anyone after finale ?

    • # TBC
      # TBC Prije mjesec +1

      yah, just came here to change my like to dislike...fuck D&D

    • lusss Lus
      lusss Lus Prije mjesec

      Yes fuck D&D

  • Muhammad Hussain
    Muhammad Hussain Prije mjesec

    Now it all makes sense

  • Kenneth Backpacks
    Kenneth Backpacks Prije mjesec +2

    I don’t understand. Was this scene cut out?

  • kabilesh v
    kabilesh v Prije mjesec +1

    Now that I've watched the final episode,what were you trying to say in this teaser?

  • kabilesh v
    kabilesh v Prije mjesec +1

    Who's here after the last episode?

  • Joseto1945
    Joseto1945 Prije mjesec +5

    They kind of forgot about it

  • Alabi Joshua
    Alabi Joshua Prije mjesec +5

    so this was a f*cking lie

  • Charmaine Wee
    Charmaine Wee Prije mjesec +17

    Ok so where tf was this scene???

    • Astro Wiz
      Astro Wiz Prije mjesec

      It's a teaser not a clip.

  • Xainable7
    Xainable7 Prije mjesec +1

    So what the fuck was that?

  • Dule Jovanovic
    Dule Jovanovic Prije mjesec +1

    Who all here after episode 6?

    NAD GAMER Prije mjesec +33

    After watching the final season, I'm still looking at this... And i have no idea what is this about 😂

    • samo umek
      samo umek Prije mjesec

      Who said the season is over ;)?!;

    • Astro Wiz
      Astro Wiz Prije mjesec

      I think it was just hinting at the episode 3 battle and the Starks surviving, nothing more :/

    • Aishwarya Sharma
      Aishwarya Sharma Prije mjesec

      TRUE 🤔

    • Hamza Shah Nawaz
      Hamza Shah Nawaz Prije mjesec

      For the first time GOT doesn't make sense.

  • Ferit i
    Ferit i Prije mjesec

    Ебали серии

  • garrisonc
    garrisonc Prije mjesec +4

    So this was total bullshit then? Thanks.

  • Infant Jerin
    Infant Jerin Prije mjesec

    Waited till end for this scene.. disappointed

  • Rubén Marín
    Rubén Marín Prije mjesec

    when did this ever happen? episode 6 already ended!!

  • Wal B
    Wal B Prije mjesec +230

    Guess D&D just kinda forgot about this

    • Controversial
      Controversial Prije 20 dana

      @Butterfly Films this was clearly shot for promotion. i was expecting them to show similar situation with other houses as well but nope.

    • 54markl
      54markl Prije 21 dan

      Now we will kind of forget about D&D. And George Martin, we will remember this spiffy ending when it’s time to buy your new books. Oh yeah, we want to Read about Lieutenant Calley too!

    • Butterfly Films
      Butterfly Films Prije mjesec +9

      Looking at it the second time it really seems staged like a commercial rather than the actual series.

    • Rotem mati
      Rotem mati Prije mjesec +3


    • Muzammil Faizi
      Muzammil Faizi Prije mjesec +13

      I KNOW!!! I was so disappointed it would have been so cool!!!

  • Wayne Tech
    Wayne Tech Prije mjesec +2

    Wtf is wrong with you ? Tasak mi geciyorsunuz olum. That was the shittiest final I’ve ever seen. At 4 fuckin a.m, I’ve watched this crap which cost me my fuckin sleep and my fuckin time. Oh man, It’s just UNFUCKINBELIEVABLE !!!

  • Very Nice
    Very Nice Prije mjesec

    Jon' face is like: dafuq is this shit

  • Ct 21- 0408 echo
    Ct 21- 0408 echo Prije mjesec

    I find it funny that this never happened in the episodes

  • Gonzalo Grau
    Gonzalo Grau Prije mjesec +7

    So they kinda forgot they had made this trailer

    • Lizard-Motion Films
      Lizard-Motion Films Prije mjesec

      this was just to show the night king was coming and the crypts would be raised nothing more. The point of this teaser ended with ep3.

  • Lego Qui-Gon Jinn
    Lego Qui-Gon Jinn Prije mjesec +1

    WHAT?? its obviously just a trailer!! How are people so stupid to think this was going to be an actual scene

  • Sweta Kumari
    Sweta Kumari Prije mjesec +1

    This trailer shows that only these will be left

  • simon wilson
    simon wilson Prije mjesec +1

    Is this scene even in an episode? The finale airs tomorrow it's been mixed feelings over the years but what great show!.

  • Floyds0n
    Floyds0n Prije mjesec +1

    What a collosal failure of a season

  • Matthew Young
    Matthew Young Prije mjesec +2

    I knew it the starks will die on the finale.

  • Sayed Hamid Fatimi
    Sayed Hamid Fatimi Prije mjesec +2

    um so... does this happen in the final episode?