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  • Amazing super skilled workers with God Level creativity.
    These amazing people have amazing skills....
    Bedos Leatherworks
    Cricket ball Production
    Metalic Epoxy
    Music by
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  • Jartavious Williams
    Jartavious Williams Prije 6 dana

    Mykel was finna oh oh 🏆🏆🤣🤣

  • Vanna Rocha
    Vanna Rocha Prije 11 dana

    The shoe guy is amazing , made it look so new and perfect . fantastic job !

  • Pat Stokes
    Pat Stokes Prije 14 dana

    The last one, how to make a mold was twice as long as it needed to be. Good heaven we got the idea how to paint and pore. Thumbs down, why too long.

  • mamamaumamam
    mamamaumamam Prije 2 mjeseci +1

    What is that pink Patrick star shit at the end? All the hard work for a piece of decorative pink rubber?

    • Mary Jane Granatin
      Mary Jane Granatin Prije 2 mjeseci

      I think it's silicone, so that they can produce the same design using the mold

  • Sher's Artwork
    Sher's Artwork Prije 3 mjeseci +2

    WAY TOO MANY AD'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Douglas Hamilton
      Douglas Hamilton Prije 2 mjeseci

      Use Chrome with AdBlock otherwise impossible to watch YT content.

  • Sanjo Fanja S
    Sanjo Fanja S Prije 3 mjeseci


  • Sheree Morgan
    Sheree Morgan Prije 4 mjeseci +1

    Love the shoe repair.

    SKYLINE R33 Prije 4 mjeseci

    that guy painting at 2:40 i wish he was standing in front of me.... i would kick him in the face...

  • chandra kumar
    chandra kumar Prije 4 mjeseci

    {F} to post this video on the you tube, do you know the meaning for this

  • Stars on Apollo
    Stars on Apollo Prije 4 mjeseci +2

    the lack of mold registration for that last one is kind of ridiculous???

  • Mark Arnott
    Mark Arnott Prije 4 mjeseci

    👨‍💻😲Lot work stiching goes into a cricket ball 🏏⚾✌😲💲made in england ? yer right 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️😳arnit these guys from india ? etc
    HOW TO MAKE SOME THESE >HRclip find out > start typing haa 😋

  • Shiv Kishor Dixit
    Shiv Kishor Dixit Prije 4 mjeseci

    Very good video

  • Trippy Tactics
    Trippy Tactics Prije 4 mjeseci

    If you came here just to watch the bit from the thumbnail it’s at 13:40

  • Prije 5 mjeseci

    So, some random videos that other people posted, clipped together - with a finale of a tutorial on how to steal someone else's hard work, to presumably replicate it for less, and make money off someone else's artistic talents. Hmmm, God level creativity? Not really. Clever, yes, creative, No. Even the shoe repair, while taking skill, does not take creativity. He takes someone else's shoes, rips off the soles, replaces them, and polishes up the shoes when done, so they look much better. Skill, yes, creative, No. Kinda pointless to watch, really, since half of this was factory manufacturing, with machinery that a normal person would never have access to, and requires zero creativity, just an ability to follow directions - as anyone who ever worked in a factory can attest to. (I've worked in several, so not slamming factory workers, just addressing the 'creativity' ascribed to that endeavor).

  • psidvicious
    psidvicious Prije 5 mjeseci

    Too slow.

  • Papin47
    Papin47 Prije 5 mjeseci +6

    Fab shoe repair/transformation. A craft that should be placed on an endangered skills list in the US, alas!

  • Tim Unknown
    Tim Unknown Prije 5 mjeseci

    Kinda gross to repair old shoes but did great tho

  • Mussawar Hassnain
    Mussawar Hassnain Prije 5 mjeseci +1

    Cricket balls Made in Pakistan

  • zyxwvutsrqponmlkh
    zyxwvutsrqponmlkh Prije 5 mjeseci +6

    This channel is a content vampire.

  • 3effa
    3effa Prije 5 mjeseci

    Nice music

  • Abida Babida
    Abida Babida Prije 5 mjeseci +2

    shoe repair is a lost art/trade. I remember a shoe repairman in my town back in the 70’s and 80’s. He was great. Fix a pair of engineer boots for u like brand new. Now days everything is made to be disposable. Repairing things is a lost art

    • E Man
      E Man Prije 3 mjeseci

      I bought a cheap toilet brush. Broke taking it out of the bag.

  • Stephen Morgan
    Stephen Morgan Prije 6 mjeseci

    BUT... Why do we put so much creative energy & attention into trite objects, for example the billions raised in one day by the world billionaires for the fire damaged Notre Dame in Paris; but then let a single child die because of international interest debt?

    • Ma Barker VSG
      Ma Barker VSG Prije 5 mjeseci

      The fact is, children die, regardless of how billionaires spend their money. That will always be the case.

  • Ro Storm
    Ro Storm Prije 6 mjeseci +1

    WTF was the last one?

    • Rayyvyn
      Rayyvyn Prije 6 mjeseci +1

      Making a mould from a plaster medallion,so they can make copies of it.They made the block piece as support,so when pouring plaster in the mould won't collapse.(home DIY ppl can do that support part MUCH simpler/cheaper by pressing the medallion into a Styrofoam block,works just as well,takes 2 minutes & costs about $

  • Tyler Rose
    Tyler Rose Prije 6 mjeseci +3

    i found that painting stuff crap

  • Linda B
    Linda B Prije 6 mjeseci +1

    if you see the ad before this video from Dean Graziosi DO NOT BUY into their bs. They will sell and upsell you again and again. Real estate courses are at least $20,000 and if you really want to make money, spend $40,000. They are good sales people, but offer little support. DON'T get scammed!!

  • Frani Dance
    Frani Dance Prije 6 mjeseci

    I iiked the 2nd one, but would have liked to know what he was using to create these pieces. The last one was weird..why a mould..what for?

  • 蔡榮海
    蔡榮海 Prije 6 mjeseci


  • BoltsInNeck1
    BoltsInNeck1 Prije 6 mjeseci

    What is the name and artist of the song on the Shoe Repair video? I'm looking through the linked website, but I'm not sure that I will ever find it.

  • Mariza Undurret
    Mariza Undurret Prije 6 mjeseci

    fabuloso trabajo.

  • dyspraxic rose
    dyspraxic rose Prije 6 mjeseci

  • Evanna Allen
    Evanna Allen Prije 6 mjeseci +1

    Watch on double speed

    • psidvicious
      psidvicious Prije 5 mjeseci

      Right. “Get to the point!”

  • Randomly creepy cruz
    Randomly creepy cruz Prije 6 mjeseci +3

    Ok.... ok my mom showed me this and she saw the last one and said "I wanna eat that" and she kept saying it was good and refused to believe it was rubber cause it was pink.

  • Catharina Hollander
    Catharina Hollander Prije 6 mjeseci +1

    Very interesting and beautiful Craftsmenship!

  • littlebit
    littlebit Prije 6 mjeseci +5

    So confused by the last one..

    • Candice Leila
      Candice Leila Prije 5 mjeseci

      @Karine Fonte was your comment directed at me?

    • Karine Fonte
      Karine Fonte Prije 5 mjeseci +1

      @Candice Leila Very commonplace in architectural restoration. Those decors are no longer produced and need to be copied in order to restore a façade or the interior.

    • Candice Leila
      Candice Leila Prije 6 mjeseci +6

      @littlebit so that there's a hard negative for the soft flexible rubber mould to sit in while the product cures in it so it won't distort during the curing process

    • littlebit
      littlebit Prije 6 mjeseci +1

      I get all that. But why did they make a large block around it. That's what I didnt get.

    • Lovin'Life2016
      Lovin'Life2016 Prije 6 mjeseci +3

      They were making a mold to sell. People would buy the mold to reproduce duplicates to sell. Have you ever seen those businesses that have their goods usually sitting outside, would be various concrete forms like statues, gothic, gnomes, fairies, angels, cupids, birdbaths, fancy benches, little memorable objects to give after death to a family, etc.? The mold is the pink thing. After the pink mold was cast, they poured like a liquid styrofoam on top. You have to store the pink mold so it will keep its shape and not dry out and crack. Pink was probably silicone, at a guess. Same principal as making molds for small jewelry.

  • Risse Michaels
    Risse Michaels Prije 6 mjeseci +23

    That show repair was phenomenal. That's a lost skill and most now days don't know how to do that kind of repair. So happy for the dude whose favorite shoes are better than new now. And props to the shoe repair dude!

    • MommyOfZoeAndLiam
      MommyOfZoeAndLiam Prije 4 mjeseci

      Well, those were Allen Edmonds shoes, easily $400, maybe even $700 depending on style, and when thy were purchased and where. So it's worth it to have them repaired. I'm sure people get Louboutins repaired too, but in this day and age many things are cheaper to buy new than get repaired, which is unfortunate because it leads to a lot of waste and sadly, few people know how to fix things anymore.

    • Brooke Goodell
      Brooke Goodell Prije 5 mjeseci

      I believe that's Bedo's Leatherworks, if I'm not mistaken. His repair work is beyond amazing.

  • Helle Kimery
    Helle Kimery Prije 6 mjeseci +9

    My dad was a was like sitting next to him again, watching this shoemaker resole the old shoes, and restoring the leather . I must have seen him do it at least a 100 times. Great to see the craft is still alive :)

    • 2degucitas
      2degucitas Prije 16 dana

      Did you learn his craft? What happened to his shop and equipment?

    • Karen Gord
      Karen Gord Prije 6 mjeseci

      I worked for these guys!

  • J. J.
    J. J. Prije 6 mjeseci +3

    My life was just robbed umteen minutes watching that last one with no rhyme or reason to it whatsoever

    • Karine Fonte
      Karine Fonte Prije 5 mjeseci

      @TheWoodlandpixie Most likely a historical/ hard to find piece. I've seen it a lot of times in building restoration, you remove or piece together a broken/ fallen decoration from a historical building and make a mold to replace it. Can be done using plaster, clay and silicone, if I recall correctly.

    • CJ. De
      CJ. De Prije 6 mjeseci +1

      TheWoodlandpixie ... Yes, for ceiling; I've seen over fireplaces and doors also. A florist cousin of mine started years ago making moulds for crosses, wreaths and other, filling with expanding foam (spray in a can used for insulating around doors, etc.) then, trimmed and painted.
      My old phone has a mind of its own; the word you questioned, "clot", was to have been "coloring".
      One of the most beautiful plaster pours Sharon did was two complete sets of Roman era chess pieces her sons had requested.
      After pour and base coating w/flat black on player pieces and flat white on opponent pieces, she painted including finest, minute authentic detail and applying various leaf colors where appropriate. Then finishing w/layers of sealant.
      The pieces ranged from 2-1/2" to 4" in height.
      Another was a fully functioning cowboy boot lamp. Except for wall plaques, felt was put on the bottom of everything we made. I've made sets of Buddhas 3" tall to one 2' tall.
      No, I'm not as active with pouring plaster and selling at the various craft fairs and functions and let my resale tax license expire.
      Plaster took a back seat when using resin became the rage. Second, people didn't want to pay the value of handmade quality.
      Even soaps, candle and cement pours I did became paisa.
      3d & 4thly, cost of crafting materials jumped as did costs to set up as a vendor at venues.
      5th, a several years ago the government looking for ways to increase tax revenue focused on the last untapped opportunity, crafters (canners to quilters).
      Small 1-2 day hometown events began charging $30-50 a day always in advance for the standard 10'x10' area for a vendor to set up her tables. Vendors had to start charging and pay sales taxes. Then, per government authorization, sales taxes of $50., (at that time), non-refundable, had to be paid in advance to organizing/sponsoring entities, whether the vendor sold anything or not. Anything over $50. in sales tax was turned in at the close of the event. The sponsor/organizer was responsible for sending in sales tax money to the State for the vendor; a system that was somewhat flawed and resulted in the vendor paying taxes again to their State's Tax Commission.
      If a vendor's sales did not equate to the $50. pre-paid sales tax, it was just the vendor's loss, no refunds.
      Dozens of crafters that moved in the same circle as I had to fold up their tables unable to do so much as break, unable to afford doing what they loved.
      I used to etch glass by hand, learned from an old gentleman in Germany. This required diamond tips which are fairly expensive. Etching cream replaced this craft as well as automation. Just as resin and other short cuts has replaced the art and heart of made by hand.

    • TheWoodlandpixie
      TheWoodlandpixie Prije 6 mjeseci +1

      @CJ. De I know what they are doing, I was telling Trevor. That sounds nice I like the tree bark idea. I think they were making ceiling roses in this video actually, not planters or bowls. I used to make plaster of paris things and paint them as a child but never moulded anything as an adult. Do you still make things? What's clot?

    • CJ. De
      CJ. De Prije 6 mjeseci +1

      TheWoodlandpixie ... My late friend and neighbor and I made our own moulds and holders, as shown, for plaster pours of plaques, statues, chess pieces, etc., etc. which we painted and sealed.
      Also made moulds for shaped homemade soaps and candles. I even made a mould around a piece of barked limb to give candles the same appearance once coloring was added to wax.
      Depending on the type of moulding material used, cement pavers, statues, etc. can be made.

    • TheWoodlandpixie
      TheWoodlandpixie Prije 6 mjeseci +2

      I liked that one. It's a mold so they can make multiples of those bowls or planters or whatever they are. Would have been nice to see how they used them

  • Persian Sandhu
    Persian Sandhu Prije 6 mjeseci +1

    The cricket ball is made by Asian hands....and than they showed English guy cleaning it....

    • Libby Rees
      Libby Rees Prije 6 mjeseci +1

      and just because the hands had a slightly darker colour than white dosent mean they are made in Asia! you know we do have Asians living in the UK! and living in law they can not say they are made in England if they are made in Asia!!!! Oh and you know that English guy polishing the ball at the end, he could have been a Welsh man! or even a Polish man!!!! skin colour dosent mean you are not working in England you know.

  • Julie Jones
    Julie Jones Prije 6 mjeseci +12

    without any explanation as to what all these skills are, I'm afraid it's as clear as mud!

    • Candice Leila
      Candice Leila Prije 6 mjeseci

      Really? How uneducated are you? It was all incredibly obvious to me

    • Lovin'Life2016
      Lovin'Life2016 Prije 6 mjeseci

      The links that explain are all in the description, I think.

  • Dilip Yadav
    Dilip Yadav Prije 6 mjeseci +1

    Price par Litter

  • Sara Karr
    Sara Karr Prije 6 mjeseci +5

    Thats one pair of happy shoes.

  • Read French The Easy Way
    Read French The Easy Way Prije 6 mjeseci +57

    Cricket ball says "Made in England" but the video clips seem to show them being made in India?

    • 2degucitas
      2degucitas Prije 16 dana +1

      @Read French The Easy Way I suspect they wash their feet before working. This may be the best way to hold the ball in the form while working on it with hands. This part of the manufacture doesn't involve heavy machinery, so perhaps they can get away with not wearing steel toed boots. I'm sure the factories are inspected and they follow safety protocol. A clean foot is as good as a clean hand.

    • 2degucitas
      2degucitas Prije 16 dana +1

      @miarosie Did you go to their website? I did. They have 15 different types and grades of cricket balls. I don't doubt they use skilled labor from India or Pakistan, folks who came to England and have been in the trade for decades, teaching their sons to carry on the craft. As for the poorly done foiling.......perhaps you are an expert, I don't know. You seem to have a keen eye, but perhaps you are too demanding.

    • Patrick Banks
      Patrick Banks Prije 3 mjeseci +1

      Well, you see, the company resides in England, they procure the materials and labor from overseas, naturally. So in a way, if you include upper management overseeing the whole thing and visiting once or twice a year to see to it that standards are maintained, it really *is* "Made in England"

    • asfand rao
      asfand rao Prije 3 mjeseci

      made in sailkot Pakistan

    • stealthrtify
      stealthrtify Prije 3 mjeseci

      Maybe is a UK colony so is the same .

  • noregrets7469
    noregrets7469 Prije 6 mjeseci +10

    Shoe making and repair is such a wonderful skill that’s being lost today. Only a few professionals practice this skill today and though it’s expensive it’s worth every penny.

    • Rex Galilae
      Rex Galilae Prije 3 mjeseci

      it still lives on among the street cobblers in India and Pakistan. Sadly, the profession is looked down upon and they struggle to make ends meet for their families

    • Karine Fonte
      Karine Fonte Prije 5 mjeseci

      @TheWoodlandpixie Not only, here in Portugal there are cobblers everywhere - many elderly, sadly, but still working all right.
      Gotta get my boots fixed, by the way - last weekend one of them lost it's "soul" when the sole dettached. (the soul is that small piece of metal every shoe has - see 10:40 -, to maintain it's stability).

    • TheWoodlandpixie
      TheWoodlandpixie Prije 6 mjeseci


    • Nick Doe
      Nick Doe Prije 6 mjeseci

      Many in eastern Europe

  • acid rain
    acid rain Prije 6 mjeseci +3

    Where do you find people that do this nowadays?

  • acid rain
    acid rain Prije 6 mjeseci +1

    What medium is he using in his colors?

    • Fritz G.
      Fritz G. Prije 6 mjeseci

      I think resin?

    • Tina Watts
      Tina Watts Prije 6 mjeseci is an epoxy company for floors, counter tops & more. They also have a HRclip page that shows different ways their epoxy can be used as well as instructions for the DIY person. Here is the website for the colors & data sheets. Hope this helps you.

  • Peggy Staley
    Peggy Staley Prije 7 mjeseci +6

    A cobbler repairing standard shoes and a guy that makes ceiling molds and that's you idea of god-level? No need to ever watch Freeze Lists anymore. Just standard boring videos.

  • Daniel Britton
    Daniel Britton Prije 7 mjeseci +3

    Cricket Balls....... Made in England... Load of bollox!!!!!! And that's the opening video.... Utter rubbish.

  • Darrold Villarreal
    Darrold Villarreal Prije 7 mjeseci +2

    What happened to you all saying in showing new things

  • kobisjeruk
    kobisjeruk Prije 7 mjeseci +5

    A lot of these things can be edited out. As a matter of fact, you can remove the entire video and it will achieve the same thing. This is the biggest creative workers compilation video fail that I've seen. I've seen a lot of shades thrown against Freeze Lists and never took part in any of them because I think people are exaggerating/overreacting but come on guys. You need to step up your game. The only thing remotely creative is that block of acrylic which I still have no idea whats for. The rest are just people doing their job which arguably have been done the same way for generations only with improve tools and whatnot.

    • miarosie
      miarosie Prije 6 mjeseci

      And it seems they’ve taken other folk videos to use. I watch the shoe repair master on his own channel - wonder if he’s aware of this.

    • Cara Weston
      Cara Weston Prije 7 mjeseci

      kobisjeruk look up Leggari. They sell epoxy kits for doing counters and floors. HRclip recommended them to me because I watch DYI stuff.

  • john d
    john d Prije 7 mjeseci +4

    lol the 1st one say made in england????? are u sure no shoe in the work shop using his feet lmao

  • Rasel Homemade creator
    Rasel Homemade creator Prije 7 mjeseci

    Motorbike runs on water | HHO | hydrogen gas generator | without petrol | with proof

  • Il Cielo in Una Stanza
    Il Cielo in Una Stanza Prije 7 mjeseci +2

    Made in England ? These workers are not from that country for sure.

    • Daniel Britton
      Daniel Britton Prije 6 mjeseci +1


    • Libby Rees
      Libby Rees Prije 6 mjeseci

      @Daniel Britton YOUR comment was all to do with skin tone my dear.....i will send you a shovel so you can continue!!!! moron

    • Daniel Britton
      Daniel Britton Prije 6 mjeseci +1

      @Libby Rees you are digging yourself a large hole. You mentioned skin tone, I didn't, secondly I said to look at the whole thing. The UK doesn't allow many of the practices done in the way they are on the video due to good old health and safety. That is purely where my opinion came from. Hopefully you can now see the bigger picture.

    • Libby Rees
      Libby Rees Prije 6 mjeseci +1

      @Daniel Britton did i mention the word "racist"????? no i are the one who assumed because the skin colour wasnt white that the item was made in Asia when we all know that the UK is a multicultural place to live and there are many many different nationalities working in Enland...By saying that dosent mean i am calling you racist but if that is what you see then you really need to get yourself an education! or supervision while on the internet lmao

    • Daniel Britton
      Daniel Britton Prije 6 mjeseci

      @Libby Rees look beyond skin tone and look at the whole thing. There was nothing racist said so, do not try and turn a genuine comment into something that can be construed as is.

  • Shiraz Pervez
    Shiraz Pervez Prije 7 mjeseci +7

    I have never seen this many ads watching a video... Hence the reason I can't subscribe

    • Autumn Roxie lynn
      Autumn Roxie lynn Prije 5 mjeseci

      pay the 13 bucks to YT and quit being a cheap ass bitching about ads in comments when they already got your view....

  • Odvut Story
    Odvut Story Prije 7 mjeseci

    OMG 😂 😱😂

  • Hans Pierre
    Hans Pierre Prije 7 mjeseci +41

    This was genuinely random shit with a splash of Artsy. Hard work sure but the entire time I was thinking "Why do this?!"

    • Daniel Chamberlain
      Daniel Chamberlain Prije 4 mjeseci

      right.. like if you don't go buy a new pair of shoes.. crazy asf

    • Hans Pierre
      Hans Pierre Prije 5 mjeseci

      Well revisiting this once again, I still have to the respect that I originally had. However these comments made me realize that these were labors of love and Craftsmanship. I could never do this and Kudos to those who can.

    • Roy Daniel Schafer
      Roy Daniel Schafer Prije 5 mjeseci

      I am a german „ Steinmetz und Bildhauer „ this means I am a Stone mason -Cutter-sculpturer and engraver. And there is no machine in the world, that can do what I do with a Hammer and a chisel. Sure modern 3D- Printer can do a lot- like a Fotograf from the Sunset. But I do the sunset you make the Foto

    • dede4004
      dede4004 Prije 6 mjeseci +7

      Hans, I guess your parents never taught you what craftsmanship is. This IS examples of true diligence, hard word, and yes, artistry, but that are functional. No machine can do what a human can do, AND put heart and soul into their work. It's been disastrous for the human spirit to have machines take over the artistry of mankind. We actually loose the mental and physical capabilities to "create" when we rely on machines for everything.

  • 20alphabet
    20alphabet Prije 7 mjeseci +1

    You always say _Another Level,_ but never state which level. There are many levels, and the level to which you're referring may be the level beneath the optimal level required for the job. Ever think of that? Or is your English level below the adequate level for any other phrase?

  • Dadding For Dads
    Dadding For Dads Prije 7 mjeseci +10

    Title is clickbait This is regular grade work... maybe OP never seen real men work and it just blew his mind

  • Ledarius Finnie
    Ledarius Finnie Prije 7 mjeseci

    Good video Amazing Creative Workers That Are On Another Level 1 Like a work of art This From Freeze List

    • Chase Barker
      Chase Barker Prije 7 mjeseci

      Ledarius Finnie they used to be a lot better

  • Kirk Singleton
    Kirk Singleton Prije 7 mjeseci +4

    As a nineteen year old I worked at Totes where we used cold latex to make boots. You could dip your hand in it an let it dry over a 10 minutes and then peal it off like a glove. I then went to work as a Cement Finisher where we set form for all kinds of stuff. After a couple of years of working on my hands and knees I moved to a plasterer where we made molds for crown molding and all kinds of things. I even learned to make shapes with Styrofoam. Crown Molding is awesome when made out of Styrofoam they don't crack and shrink like wood. Today things have change a lot from when I got my training 40 years ago. I wish I was 19 again!

    • 20alphabet
      20alphabet Prije 6 mjeseci

      Oh my, you need a new subscriber! Lol

    • shelbygrl29
      shelbygrl29 Prije 6 mjeseci +1

      @20alphabet I agree also my friend- with a slight caveat. There ARE some people we meet (like yourself and our other posting friend above), who, like fine wine, indeed, get better with age!!! 😉😊

    • 20alphabet
      20alphabet Prije 6 mjeseci +1

      Thank you, and you're right. Things don't
      tend to get better over time.

    • shelbygrl29
      shelbygrl29 Prije 6 mjeseci +1

      @20alphabet if true... Happy early birthday!!!! 🎆🎉🎈🎁🎶🎂
      And you are very correct!!!! I'm an infant in wisdom compared to you (I'm 45), but, even when MY generation was at secondary school level (graduated or not) you could become an apprentice in a trade and earn a decent wage- enough to support a family. Today's generation you need a diploma to work at the corner store!! *sigh* That's IF there is an opening for employment!!!!! Also, the majority of families NEED at least two incomes to support everyday necessities (nevermind "luxuries"!!!!). Lord knows I could go on about this topic!! However, my point is that I would definitely NOT wish to be 19 today!! The world is a much crueler, and difficult place to navigate than even 20 years ago.

    • 20alphabet
      20alphabet Prije 7 mjeseci +4

      Be glad you aren't 19 today. You had a better life and more opportunities back then than 19 year olds do today. Btw, last year I celebrated my 100th birthday, and this May will be 101.

  • USN_Ret 84-05
    USN_Ret 84-05 Prije 7 mjeseci +23

    The last one, what is that? Made no sense to me.

      WQKE WQMAN 2Q2Q Prije 6 mjeseci

      When restoring old homes or furniture sometimes silicone is used to copy undamaged wood work or plaster. By making the mold and Recasting additional pieces the continuity of design and period are kept intact. The mold has to be 100% in contact with the entire surface to get an accurate and useful mold. The concrete forces out any air pockets so the silicone is smushed into all the details of the original, thus making the copy almost indistinguishable from the original.

    • Nick Doe
      Nick Doe Prije 6 mjeseci +1

      @Nikki Heinrich well looks like they are mass-producing it - wonder if they have permission to do so - this is how many designs are stolen

    • Nick Doe
      Nick Doe Prije 6 mjeseci +2

      @Tim datoolman They are making a silicone mold to reproduce it which makes me wonder if they got permission to do so

    • Nick Doe
      Nick Doe Prije 6 mjeseci

      @John Anders Ceiling escutcheon

    • michael pearson
      michael pearson Prije 6 mjeseci +1

      the last thing in the video was a silicone mould being made for a ceiling rose and plaster was pored around the rubber to support its shape when they flip it over to cast more ceiling roses.