Inside Game of Thrones: A Story in Camera Work - BTS (HBO)

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  • Camera operator Sean Savage shares what he’s loved about being behind the camera for 8 seasons.

    Game of Thrones returns for its final season on April 14.
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  • Jacob Caruk
    Jacob Caruk Prije 2 mjeseci

    This was basically a resume video for this guy. He never talked about anything having to do with photography, style, aesthetic..

  • Drake
    Drake Prije 4 mjeseci

    Next time tell him to get more lighting

  • Lane Mosser
    Lane Mosser Prije 4 mjeseci +2

    I doubt any battle scene will ever top the Battle of the Bastards.

  • Eric
    Eric Prije 5 mjeseci +1

    get this man life time of m&ms

  • fefobiz
    fefobiz Prije 5 mjeseci +1

    Sponsored by The North Face

  • Rushil Khokhar
    Rushil Khokhar Prije 5 mjeseci +1

    This is the man who shot Battle of Bastards and every other epic scene in this show? MAD RESPECT. What a visionary.

  • giorgi obolashvili
    giorgi obolashvili Prije 5 mjeseci +1


    A POLAROID STORY Prije 5 mjeseci


  • Emilce Diaz
    Emilce Diaz Prije 5 mjeseci

    I'm glad they show the people behind the cameras. Thanks to their work all this was possible!👏👏

  • Ilham Suhendi
    Ilham Suhendi Prije 5 mjeseci

    I would pay to watch GOT in theatre. Make it happen.

  • Mercy Mathitu
    Mercy Mathitu Prije 5 mjeseci

    Bob? Really, bob? It is the battle of the bloody bastards, show some respect.

  • Fik Shun
    Fik Shun Prije 5 mjeseci


  • Alfred Christanto
    Alfred Christanto Prije 5 mjeseci


  • Liz86000
    Liz86000 Prije 5 mjeseci +1

    What a brilliant man ! Thank you Sir !

  • rohl1979
    rohl1979 Prije 5 mjeseci

    Нужно того кто придумал, снял и вообще одобрил съёмки "битвы бастардов" посадить на кол! Более лютого бреда я не видел за весь сериал! Если более-менее возмущение сериалом определить по десятибальной шкале, то весь сериал она будет где-то в районе 1-3х баллов. И до этого у меня вызывало возмущение появление "вдруг" Ренли Баратеона педиком! Но и это у меня было где-то в районе 3х баллов. Битва бастардов была на уровне 9. Если бы там был ещё более лютый бред, я бы бросил смотреть этот сериал при всей моей к нему любви!
    И в этом ролике показывают съёмки этого дебилизма как нечто хорошее?!

  • Edmund Piunow
    Edmund Piunow Prije 5 mjeseci +1

    Also, this guy could easily play Mance Rayder's brother

  • Edmund Piunow
    Edmund Piunow Prije 5 mjeseci +4

    GOT deserves the LOTR Appendix kind of documentary. Literally hours and hours of content like this. This will inspire the whole generation of filmmakers and creators

  • No Somos Amigos
    No Somos Amigos Prije 5 mjeseci


  • Shane Sahadeo
    Shane Sahadeo Prije 5 mjeseci

    This guy looks like Shane Dawson when he gets old. Wow.

    DAN GODLIFE Prije 5 mjeseci

    good lad

  • Windyl Cabigas
    Windyl Cabigas Prije 5 mjeseci


    FOOD GOD Prije 5 mjeseci


  • Doomsday Channel
    Doomsday Channel Prije 5 mjeseci

    My favorite movie!

  • Soham Khadilkar
    Soham Khadilkar Prije 5 mjeseci

    He looks like mance rayder

  • manpreet meet-k
    manpreet meet-k Prije 5 mjeseci

    No words for the cameramen

  • Muziki media
    Muziki media Prije 5 mjeseci

    Nice one please drop your LIKE here

  • El John Peji
    El John Peji Prije 5 mjeseci

    2:09 did somebody just dodged a speeding horse?!

  • Ali Hamza
    Ali Hamza Prije 5 mjeseci +3

    Mance Rayder that you?

  • harry muli
    harry muli Prije 5 mjeseci

    Good ol' Bob

  • Day Zamaräh Smalys
    Day Zamaräh Smalys Prije 5 mjeseci

    That guy is missing an eyebrow 🤨

  • srilokanath dalai
    srilokanath dalai Prije 5 mjeseci

    These technical teams of GoT are like secret agents of a country those who have given their last drop of blood and sweat but hardly anyone knows or recognizes them...But still they are carrying their elixir of life out of it...

  • Shaheryar
    Shaheryar Prije 5 mjeseci

    It’s such a amazing and hard work of great minds, the directors , actors, camera crew, stunts man and more.
    And then some pricks like me who just steal that hard work with few clicks of torrent, what a shame

  • Layth Barzangi
    Layth Barzangi Prije 5 mjeseci

    Now we know who the Iron Throne really belongs to.

  • R2h BBG
    R2h BBG Prije 5 mjeseci

    Plz Got all season Hindi dub plz

  • sudhanshu ahalawat
    sudhanshu ahalawat Prije 5 mjeseci

    It must be hectic for crew

  • J T
    J T Prije 5 mjeseci

    Im gonna start bing-watching GOT, 😭

  • Raphael
    Raphael Prije 5 mjeseci +1

    Anyone thought sean was mance

  • MCP/ChronicBuzz
    MCP/ChronicBuzz Prije 5 mjeseci

    "The best artists in the world.... saying the best words I've read in a long time"
    Donald Trump be like "THAT'S ME! THE BEST WORDS! SO GREAT!"

  • Psyçhø
    Psyçhø Prije 5 mjeseci

    damn his voice is so irritating 😠

  • Golbon Mol
    Golbon Mol Prije 5 mjeseci

    A girl is looking at their faces through a camera

  • Prince Azor
    Prince Azor Prije 5 mjeseci

    You are all part of the history!

  • I live for suga's chop chop chop in Cyper 3

    I swear, just mad respect for everyone. From the one who cleans the places, feeds the crews, holds the water to the directors and actors. The contributions and efforts and time and skills put into game of thrones is astonishing. I kinda wish their next project is a Harry Potter modern series. That's a challenge. Both the series of the century.
    (sorry had to bring Hp in this, lol, always had this in mind as to when they are ganna think of an HP series)

  • Yep Its me
    Yep Its me Prije 5 mjeseci

    Thank you, Sir.

  • Sxndrx Hfm
    Sxndrx Hfm Prije 5 mjeseci


  • Üz Fermini
    Üz Fermini Prije 5 mjeseci

    *The coolest 📸 man*

  • Jayakrishnan C
    Jayakrishnan C Prije 5 mjeseci

    Where is the main seenss🔥🔥🔥

  • Tikus Keriting
    Tikus Keriting Prije 5 mjeseci

    He's very savage...

  • makarov000008
    makarov000008 Prije 5 mjeseci


  • nota russianspy
    nota russianspy Prije 5 mjeseci

    You know what i have come to realize... I really dont like Jon Snow, Sansa, Arya or Bran.
    The only people I want to survive, ser jorah, the hound, tyrion, Jaime, Bronn and Tormund,

  • Phil Cora
    Phil Cora Prije 5 mjeseci

    I wonder if this video is title 'Inside' Game of Thrones to get viewer numbers now that Inside Gaming is back again and doing really well lol.

  • charles OK
    charles OK Prije 5 mjeseci +2

    Everything about GOT is perfect. Can watch it all time. Movie of the century

  • retarded potatis
    retarded potatis Prije 5 mjeseci

    Sean savage is a savage!,

  • orothien
    orothien Prije 5 mjeseci

    It's true that the trampling of Jon Snow is a major scene. It's symbolically the bottom and -at the same the time- the beginning of the rebirth for the Stark Family and their arc. On top of its symbolic dimension, the emotional aspect of the particular event is extraordinarily captured with all the audio-visual support. Jon's experience was almost fully open to the viewers' empathy. Personally, I had felt suffocated as if I was the one down there. Of course, my subjective alignment with House Stark's codes and its members' behaviors disillusioned the fictional aspect; thus, watching that scene was a comprehensively realistic moment to be in.

  • Khubaib Abbasi
    Khubaib Abbasi Prije 5 mjeseci

    This guy is savege

  • MLK Aq
    MLK Aq Prije 5 mjeseci

    M&Ms chocolate lol 😂

  • vbgggfff
    vbgggfff Prije 5 mjeseci

    Dude's got a very fitting surname.

  • Pvks Maheeth
    Pvks Maheeth Prije 5 mjeseci

    Legendary series

  • Observer 101514120505
    Observer 101514120505 Prije 5 mjeseci

    @03:02 Masie Williams; Movie Director

  • Luis Henrique
    Luis Henrique Prije 5 mjeseci

    It's so amazing!

  • hrithik 47
    hrithik 47 Prije 5 mjeseci

    Imagine a long scene with hell of action nicely done but cameraman says "sorry folks I forgot to hit the record button.."